Wikileaks exposes 5 Million Emails – dark side of the digital & internet world

Wikileaks exposes  5 Million Emails:

According to Assange, over 150 private sector organizations  in 25 countries have the ability to not only track mobile devices, but  intercept messages and listen to calls,  so my point  here is,  are we all that  safe or secured on the internet  or our devices from an end user point of view?

According to many internet bloggers, mainstream  media, social media sites & outlets many have their  own opinions when it comes to

 I am not endorsing any individuals, organization, certain technology companies,  websites nor any  companies in technology, unless I have a legal binding agreement with the technology company I work with,  nor am I endorsing wikileaks site, my point I am making is that none of us on the internet are all that secured from an end user point of view nor do we have any rights and  if we are working with many innocent children, women & youth, as educators or have them on our fan pages or groups on the websites – unfortunately we as humanity compromise them and put them in danger.

 Many people will say Assange is their hero,  to me Assange made my job a little  easy from an end user point of view and my quest to keep finding  end  users  protected tools.

The War of Words   Assange vs  media keeps getting  heated and I guess Assange had the balls to expose how many companies and  their technology is being used against the world.

Since 2004 I have been speaking, bringing awareness about the danger of internet from an end user point of view.

I had spoken to  many investors in Canada, USA and individuals, seeking investments and funds expanding about my projects  & that we are  not all that safe on the internet,  mainly from an end user.  I send countless business plans to potential investors for funding & attending meetings online and sending  documents to groups, especially to some of the larger institutions and NGOs about the kind of work I was doing and currently doing, as I was  raising funds  for my idea concept and had a proof of concept for my corporate company,  most did not a give a rats ass.

Most of these groups & individuals could not  comprehend the dark side of the internet & where the digital sector was heading or evolving.

As I read about Assange and how he has exposed technology glitches,  I have a big smile,  maybe some these humanitarian organizations & individuals running their organizations will take these issues of security and privacy  seriously and if they are working with innocent individuals  within their organization, will need to pay a bit of attention not to put  innocent individuals in a compromising situation or danger in the cyber world.   Although many don’t care !!!!!!! and I have a few examples.

I am not a technology geek of sort more of a new media corporate and social business strategist. I  have an interest when it comes to all things related to internet, by now you know  I work with groups, youth , women & some  global organization that I  provide support or utilize my services. When I take a project I tend to  make sure their safety comes first,  for all my social media &  digital learning  projects as I have been utilizing social sites for many of my own projects & campaigns.  Since 2004  when I first began my vision & work  for digital learning – I also focused on  security,  safety for youth & this was a strong  core issue for me.

In regards to Wikileaks, like  we say READ MY LIPS LIVE  here are my view points,  I have been screaming out since 2004 about how critical it is to have “end user protected tools”  especially if  NGOs & global  institutions working with many innocent humanity globally. Within the documents I was also addressing the dangers on the internet & that many have no end user rights, countless documents were provided and given  to many of these global humanitarian organizations,  explaining  in the world of internet we are truly not all that safe and if you folks work with innocent children, women and youth in the developed or developing countries, are you being ethical and protecting them from an end user point of view.   I am sure  all these organizations & many technologies companies and global institutions,  may have their own reasons, views  around their own technologies and how they run their organizations or even if they give a damn about their members rights.

One wonders how some of these larger global institutions,  NGOs UN, UNESCO or global foundation view security for their internal staff or their members who work with them,  now that Assange clearly is speaking out it does prove that the internet is not all that safe, and it sure has a dark side from an end user point.

Lately everyone has  become an expert when it comes to  social media & many have written books, many are hosting global conferences and discussing about  future trends and around the  next big thing for internet or  within the  technology sector. Others have boldly published the future of open digital democracy, all good things for us……and May be we should ask – is there a solution to protect ourselves as end users if we are working within the humanitarian sector and do we have end user rights! How do we as humanity help those that truly need to understand that there are many dangers taking place on the internet.  If we push technology as a way to express our freedom or our rights, at least please make sure all innocent children and women in many of these countries do have end user rights.

So no matter how much I tried to get funding or be given the opportunity to speak – most organizations have  ignore these topics or just block individuals like us who are fighting for end user rights and protected tools.

HERE IS MY RANT it has not been easy to get  funding,  no matter how many  documents one can send – unless people understand the dark side of the internet and non of us are truly  protected on the internet & from an end user point of view,  many can’t  comprehend the dangers of internet.

Assange is a hero to many people ,  to me he just made my advocacy case easy for me and importance of how unsafe we all are. 

Oh well like they say in the  stock market – everything that goes up has to come down

Ethics vs UNETHICAL practices from various points of view.

Ethics in the digital technology sector,  some play by the rules, others don’t play by the rules.


Here we go!!! “Wikileaks was apparently ‘blocked’  according to the whistle blowing website’s Twitter account, after the site released 287 files exposing what it claims to be widespread surveillance of civilians

Assange has the balls and  Wikileaks is here, and the target is Strategic Forecasting Inc.( Stratfor), an Austin Texas-based global security think tank.

In its latest high-profile data dump, Wikileaks’ plans to reveal 5 million internal and external emails from Stratfor,  Wikileaks has yet to confirm, but Anonymous is also claiming involvement:

The Wikileaks press release reads:

[The files] reveal the inner workings of a company that fronts as an intelligence publisher, but provides confidential intelligence services to large corporations, such as Bhopal’s Dow Chemical Co., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and government agencies, including the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defense Intelligence Agency. The emails show Stratfor’s web of informers, pay-off structure, payment-laundering techniques and psychological methods.

Stratfor’s website describes itself as “a subscription-based provider of geopolitical analysis.” It was attacked  last December, as well, when hackers stole credit card details for 30,000 of their subscribers and posted them online. CEO and founder George Friedman was quick to dismiss the new leaks as inconsequential:

“God knows what a hundred employees writing endless emails might say that is embarrassing, stupid or subject to misinterpretation… As they search our emails for signs of a vast conspiracy, they will be disappointed,” he told Reuters.

It may not be going to grand jury, but an early highlight tweeted by the anonymous features an extensive joke glossary of terms used by Stratfor. Among the best:

NSA: National Security Agency.  Also called The Fort.  Owns Sigint and Elint.  Completely out of control.  It is so compartmentalized they refer to other offices as B1 or D8and genuinely don’t know what anyone else does.

As with previous Wikileaks dumps, acquiring the information is only half of the equation: the real work comes as media begins to sift through the mountains of data and starts to pull stories out. As Friedman says, the bulk of the emails will likely be LOLcats and reminders to refill the coffee. But it’s hard to imagine that there won’t be a few scandals in there. Assange in particular, has said that he wants to look at Stratfor’s information gathering against activist organizations.

SECRET AND LIES the documentary

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