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Madonna, Sting, Red Hot Chili Pepers and Peter Gabriel support for Russian Artists Pussy Riot

August 2, 2012


Sting, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Peter Gabriel showed support for Russian Artists Pussy Riot Sting, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Madonna and Peter Gabriel have  added their voices to the growing  of support for jailed Russian punk rockers Pussy Riot, who face seven years in prison if convicted of inciting religious hatred  according to the  […]

The Revised Cybersecurity Act 2012.

July 20, 2012


By Barack Obama “Taking the Cyberattack Threat Seriously” In a future conflict, an adversary unable to match our military supremacy on the battlefield might seek to exploit our computer vulnerabilities here at home. “Last month I convened an emergency meeting of my cabinet and top homeland security, intelligence and defense officials. Across the country trains […]

Cyber Crime are we as end users prepared? 5 top cyber threats for 2012 & beyond.

June 26, 2012


Cybercriminals are moving away from hacking into personal computers to attack personal mobile devices,  says a new study of the top cyber threats for 2012. Cybercriminals will move away from breaking into personal computers and increase their focus on mobile devices,  according to a report on cyber security for 2012 we are fast approaching 2013 […]

Facebook – IPO what is your prediction? #moneygame #womenindigital

May 18, 2012


Facebook IPO, what is your prediction?  this is a prediction game taking place on the internet social sites. #womenindigial #moneygame Facebook IPO  day closing price predictions the virtual game currently taking place- #addicted2money!!!! Facebook overvalued at $50 billion the ongoing debate with tech bloggers, end users, investors &  wall street investors, pundits” blah blah […]

SOCIAL MEDIA Breaches and dangers will grow in 2012 as experts have been reporting these trends

May 8, 2012


‘Fake Justin Bieber’ Arrested for Sextortion 03 May 2012  by Matt Liebowitz, Security Daily News – alert An Alabama man is being held without bond for allegedly posing as Justin Bieber on Facebook, and persuading teenage girls to send him sexually explicit pictures and videos of themselves in exchange for concert tickets. Christopher Patrick Gunn, […]

#enduser rights? cybersecurity vs internet freedom? the Internet saga #CISPA BILL – @ RT the act, if passed, would grant permission to the US government to monitor any online communications

April 16, 2012


A coalition of advocacy groups have begun intensive protests against the latest attack on free and open internet, called The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act.   This is what some of the mainstream & many social media activist are saying and voicing out. “The draconian legislation would force companies to ignore existing privacy laws and […]

The power of CISPA the new cyber bill emerging – new kid on the block! “internet of things” #womenindigital

April 15, 2012


Digital Freedom vs Power & Control the on going Internet debate SOPA, PIPA & the new kid on the block is CISPA! A new bill is emerging and making its way through Congress and could allow  powers to be such as US government to snoop on private data!!! CISPA is a U.S. House bill introduced […]