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@fightfortheftr states it is making the Internet more secure #ResetTheNet on June 5th.

May 29, 2014


@fightfortheftr is making the Internet more secure and I am taking part in #ResetTheNe on June 5th. Something to think about when it comes to our digital end point rights, we as innocent users of all the devices, technology and internet, never had any end point digital rights nor did we have safety and protection […]

Turkey blocks access to the Internet

February 22, 2014


Turkey’s president Abdullah Gul signed a controversial bill allowing Turkish authorities to block websites without a court order. This law enables Turkish officials to monitor telecommunications and ISPs, allowing the government to block online communication and content it thinks is illegal or to be in violation of someone’s privacy. Under the new law, ISPs must […]

#DigitalRights from an end point of view? N.S.A. Devises Radio Pathway Into Computers

January 15, 2014


As I was reading the post on “N.S.A Devises Radio Pathway into Computers” one thought that keeps coming up each time when I read about the mass surveillance, we as innocent users of the Internet and devices have no digital privacy rights nor do we have “protection rights” nor safety rights in many of our […]

United Nations and the digital age for Mass Spying is there a solution? I would say yes

November 28, 2013


Mass Spying is definitely a Human Rights Violation and off course many of us knew this, unfortunately companies care about the monetary cost and not the human cost. United Nations is waking up, but what about many of the innocent activists, journalists and innocent humanity who also need their digital end point protection? Is there […]

Ethical vs Unethical in the digital & tech sector – do they take CSR seriously ? particular video

July 22, 2013


A report on Sunday stated that spammers are using Harry Potter star Emma Watson to scam people on Facebook via a worm and offering a sex tape of Emma Watson that includes a malicious link, which spreads pornography and other malicious links via infected users’ profiles, according to The Hacker News. This malware  worm has […]

In the case of #prism #nsa #snowden – why is everyone surprised ? we never had any end point rights as users of communication technologies!

June 9, 2013


From  an end point of view,  innocent users of digital age do not have any end point safety & privacy  rights ….. 2013 is another defining moment in the digital information age and may be the old 20th century technologies time has come to an end? The worst fears of many Americans were confirmed when […]

#cyber intruders Celebs & government officials compromised – the dark side of the cyber & digital landscape

March 12, 2013


Cyber Hackers expose private financial information that include Michelle Obama, officials and celebs  according to several online digital magazine sites….. real or hoax, you make the decision …knowledge & understanding about this issue is power   @mymulticast Authorities and celebrities  private information was compromised and exposed   March 11th 2013  and they were frantically wondering how to […]