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The UN wants to run the INTERNET stated on @Wall Street Journal

July 19, 2012


The U.N. Wants to Run the Internet Authoritarian regimes want to prohibit anonymity on the Web, making it easier to find and arrest dissidents By: Crovitz @  The U.N. Wants to Run the Internet – May 6th  2012 – Here’s a wake-up call for the world’s two billion Web users, who take for granted […]

Facebook – IPO what is your prediction? #moneygame #womenindigital

May 18, 2012


Facebook IPO, what is your prediction?  this is a prediction game taking place on the internet social sites. #womenindigial #moneygame Facebook IPO  day closing price predictions the virtual game currently taking place- #addicted2money!!!! Facebook overvalued at $50 billion the ongoing debate with tech bloggers, end users, investors &  wall street investors, pundits” blah blah […]

The power of humanity @deepakchopra with Oprah Winfrey @supersoulsunday

April 29, 2012


Deepak Chopra and OprahWinfrey  #SUPERSOULSUNDAY – Oprah and Deepak in India (Sunday, April 29 at 11am ET/PT) In a special, one-hour “Super Soul Sunday,” Oprah Winfrey sits down with world-renowned thought leader Dr. Deepak Chopra who was the inspiration for her recent trip to India. Dr. Chopra joins Winfrey for a revealing conversation about his […]

The dark side of Internet @mymulticast #womenindigital #digiinfosec

February 21, 2012


“dark side of the internet” and what various tech bloggers are discussing ?  What is the truth?  understanding the dark side of internet & cyber threats ,when  it comes to dangerous intruders & cyber threats for many end users. Knowledge is power, understanding cyber threats and dangerous intruders is huge power, this digital human story is for those innocent […]

Women who work in the secure digital sector ask? DO YOU BELIEVE this is possible? “Internet will shut down on March 31st”? The awakening of digital humanity.!!! – light vs dark – ethics vs unethical -prosperity vs greed – Humanity vs Digital

February 17, 2012


Anonymous Declares Upcoming  Internet Darkness or should the title be   -“the dark side of unbalanced humanity &  unbalanced internet” this is my opinion. Some how something truly went sideways in the digital world ! I have witnessed individuals who truly have no ethics !!!! and people will sell their soul for the almighty buck. The unbalanced side of digital humanity  light […]

#womenindigital – #endusers #digital info-sec -Viviane Reding commissioner in charge -Europe to issue new data-protection rules, what does this mean for many end users?

January 26, 2012


 The conversation in the digital age is about data & privacy. As a women in digital sector, as began this journey to find end point safety & protection solution from an end user point of view “protecting my personal data and my privacy is critical in the 21st century,  we as end users have privacy rights […]

“humanity in crisis” 4#allthingsdigital #SOPA & #PIPA and the OPEN ACT – #womenindigital have opinions and all points of view do count @mymulticast

January 24, 2012


Ethical digital leaders working towards end user protected tools solutions a win/win for all who have opinions, working towards next generation digital evolution, the future of #allthingsdigital and social media. My view point, as a women in business and working in the digital infosec sector. We are using the internet & communication devices every second of our life. As humanity evolves, so […]