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The ‘Silk Road’ Black Market website busted as FBI Shuts Down – what is next in the 21st century #digitalage

October 2, 2013


An online black market website used by ‘several thousand drug dealers’ has been shut down, the FBI has said.  Silk Road was taken offline after the underground site’s alleged owner, Ross William Ulbricht, 29, was arrested at a public library in San Francisco on Tuesday. Federal authorities said Wednesday they had seized a website that […]

via Fight for the Future #SOPA is back 2013 how it will effect users?

August 27, 2013


  Message from Fight For The Future   SOPA is back. Well, one of the harshest and most ridiculous parts of it, anyway. The Obama Administration wants to make unauthorized streaming a felony — with years of jail time. If this passes, sharing a video of yourself singing karaoke could land you in prison. Singing […]

Human rights ! hoax who to believe on social media truth, facts or hoax – the future of Internet

December 18, 2012


An alleged statement attributed to actor Morgan Freeman in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., school shooting that left 20 children and 6 adults dead has been deemed a hoax. Elite Daily first posted this statement and noticed many twitter feeds had the statement going viral on Sunday The comments — which went viral this […]

Internet …who are the players behind ITU & Google wants #freeandopen Internet could this be a play for digital domination play?

November 18, 2012


This digital blog & journal … is about my own research, my opinions and thoughts and awareness …as we all try to make sense of this utility called “Internet” and why some of us have no end point rights mainly around the dark side of the Internet. At times it is not a fair game […]

Hurricane Sandy – “communication is power” in the 21st century we are truly attached to our little communication devices & to the”power on earth”

November 1, 2012


Hurricane Sandy-and her WILD dance takes down “cell sites down”  mobile, laptop, tablet and computer device users grasp to connect – the digital world of communication and we are addicted to it – “communication is power” Mainstream  media, social internet sites, tech bloggers all report the news that “connectivity is improving in the Northeast as […]

Google vs French Media content & advertising the money game

October 21, 2012


Internet giant Google has threatened to stop linking to French media sites to protest against a proposed French law that would force search engines to pay for content, sparking an angry reaction from the Socialist government in return. Internet technology company Google has threatened that if France goes ahead with its plans to charge the […]

Digital Innovation for inclusion & end user safety digital project in collaboration with “a Gem of an Idea, Thumbs Up Africa and Spektor Storytelling” communities globally FLAME and the POWER OF HOPE

April 29, 2012


This is my digital story – Our digital story and our campaign,  this is my message in case I don’t make it ….fighting the fight since 2004 to find a solution for end point protected & safety solution to keep innocent children, youth and women safe  within the social media & educational sector and during […]