A GEM of an IDEA – all things digital 4 #enduser #protected tool 4 innocent children, youth and women globally, the dark side of internet & my quest for what I stand for. Support my campaign

“A Gem of an Idea’

It begins towards the end of 2008 early 2009 when I finally need to make another dramatic change in my life after moving to France.

I am having a conversation with Asita Informatica Inc’s CEO and he said what about this name for your women

it is about the wisdom aspect of my work and this is how a GEM of an IDEA begins.

My name is Ashie Hirji & I am the founder of “a gem of an idea” social new media division of Heart In Action Enterprises Ltd a goodwill new media social enterprise and I am one of the  director & co-founder of Asita Informatica Inc.


Thank you for reading my post. I am truly not a  savvy blogger, These pages are more about my journey, my advocacy  and the fight to find a solution,  for end user protected tools for digital divide and internet.

My  work is around finding a solution as some of us bridge the digital divide and the quest to find  end user protected tools and adopting best practice standards, within the informal education, digital education  & social new media sector

I take a neutral stand, and my view points are mine from an end user point of view within the digital landscape four all things related to the digital divide and  my  advocacy & fight mainly for finding a solution   “end user protection tools”  as I support and work with many innocent children, youth and women within the digital learning space and  social innovation new media prospective. “A Gem of an Idea’  ethical leaders for change & utilizing best practice.

I invite you to support me in my  advocacy & my campaign for digital safety & privacy for end user protected tools  for  the internet,  protecting ALL  innocent children and women globally, not just for the developed countries and  mainly for the developing countries.

Some of you are probably wondering, what is she talking about! end user protected tools?

If you have time, just  follow my work & some of my digital social media projects and my story how I began this journey since 2004 and why the fight for end user protection and end user protected tools.

I am an tech activist, evangelist & advocating bringing awareness to many tech leaders, foundations and NGOS.  WHY end user protection tools for many of us on the internet. Especially those of us working with innocent children, youth and women is important on the internet.

Why the fight for end user protected tools & protection on the internet.

All communication devices are great tools & a great way to keep us all connected globally. Telephones, computers, mobiles  & many other high tech gadgets are being adopted each day & these amazing devices have made things possible for many to keep lines of communication open. We are creatures, who tend to love beautiful things & love cool gadgets and love to social network globally and these tools no matter what gender we are, we all utilize them for our individual purposes and for what ever reasons.

Since early 80’s we have seen internet explode, and many of us have become addicted to these gadgets, tools and devices and connecting on many of these internet social networking sites.

Devices for me,  is just another tool to keep me connected to my children, family, friends and business associates, and makes my life easy, whilst I hide behind my computer, devices and tools & as I open my social sites, I find I start to connect with many people,  make more friends in through the  cyber world on many of these social networking sites.

Through these devices, I learn a lot & it pretty much teaches me how to explore another world outside my own world, and whilst I explore a world through the lens of my device the more I learn about everything. Unfortunately I also learn about the dangers many of us are facing……

Many of us who are  educators, teachers, mentors, leaders, run companies and the list goes on and on and we all uses these devices in our every day life.

I am one of those  baby boomer generation my first computer I purchased was in the early 90s,  my love for these device was simple…I was intrigued by what these devices could do for me, teach me & these devices  taught me a lot..at times it also reminded me of a typewriter I first used when I was kid.

about the digital journey:  As time evolved,  I kept asking myself how do I empower many youth in developing countries and connect them to the youth in the west.

Today these devices are used on many of the social networking sites for social media and my view point,  was how to develop a medium between two individuals or groups in real time secure user protected digitally speaking , whilst being on social networking sites.

I realized in 2002 – 2004, as I began a new journey in my career and setting up my goodwill organization called Heart In Action Enterprises, I had a dream and vision. The vision for empowering many youth and I  realized, there were some major issues in the developing countries around internet connectivity.  I was born, raised & schooled in East Africa and later in the mid 70s  studied in –Belgium, London and moved to Canada.

In 2004 –Many East African schools did not have internet or easy internet connectivity –many schools in fact today,  don’t have internet and many  don’t have the resources to even get internet or the internet available is limited during certain times.

I learnt fast during my first project I supported Aiding Youth For Life click to watch how we empower university students in the WEST working in Africa http://www.heartinaction.com/aiding.htm that the internet was an issue & was not  safe mainly from the end user point of view, and by 2006 I further realized as internet will eventually hit Africa as time evolves, and as social networking sites  start to explode, along with it will come nasty dangers, and this was my concern,  if I was to support and empower many youth. I  needed to find a solution for their safety, my safety and especially the safety of my own kids and if I was to work with youth & women and children in their communities or globally, who were aiming towards becoming change makers …to solve humanities critical issues,  I must find a solution for my projects 4multimedia end user protection,  in order to empower youth and women working in their communities and keep them safe.

Digital journey

My journey & work began starting in 2003 – I was supporting several youth in Canada & US “Aiding Youth for LIFE” view link about, and helped them to fund raise for connecting them on the internet for their projects in East Africa, the work was based around digital arts education & for HIV Aids protection. I was supporting them by bringing innovative technology learning tools  for digital multimedia and at the same time, I was raising funds to develop further solutions and create more educational digital learning projects for their programs & curriculums. This is how my quest began around finding solutions for multimedia end user protection.

We were at the same time following the message of His Highness The Agakhan – around education and the role of education in the developing countries.

Since 2004, I have been bringing awareness & working towards finding solutions for end user protection for digital divide and speaking about these issues of cyber dangers and that are still taking place over the internet. I addressed & spoke of these same dangers & the dangers of social networking sites, mainly from an end user point of view, not from technology point, only from an end user point of view and it was not easy for people to grasp why end user protected tools were important.

As time evolved,  many ignored me, many were intrigued, many were inspired by what I was doing & developing, and youth were given tools and many stole my concepts, and many further destroyed & sabotaged my work & my dream to make cyber world a safe place in the educational sector.

AND  I never gave up the fight to find end user protected tools

As I mentioned above about the work I was doing & I realized the way I was developing these tools, would pose dangers to many innocent children, youth and women, unless there was a safe solution for them for their educational and social media projects.

This is how my journey began to find tools for end user protection.

After facing many obstacles, financial challenges, in 2009, a few tech leaders heard me & my vision. Some of the technology leaders are now supporting me to solve this critical issue for end user protection on the internet.


Since 2004 I developed over 40 digital forums & I  design many of my own digital learning  social media projects supporting some of the  youth & women globally.

As I mentioned above my  vision began whilst I was looking for digital learning end user protected solutions and understanding internet  with the unversity students called  “Aiding Youth for LIFE students and later we were invited to showcase our work at the  Human Forum of Puerto Rico  http://www.heartinaction.com/Power%20to%20Touch%20The%20World%20Alliance%20Conference.pdf or http://anhglobal.org/en/who

About Aiding Youth for Life project http://www.heartinaction.com/past.htm

More can be done to support thousands and thousands for digital learning with security.

To view more about my portfolio & multimedia work please visit a GEM of an IDEA banner site http:// www.agemofanidea.com.  I have some case studies of why, end user protection tools are critical to keep many of us safe and protect many innocent children and women on internet.

I have now reached out and  am speaking with a few tech leaders, to help me solve these cyber security issues and find solutions multimedia digital learning  end user protected tools,  not just for my own projects  I develop and with many youth and their organizations I work with, especially for a solution for developing countries.

About the solution can be viewed on my a GEM of an IDEA banner site and who some of the tech leaders I am working with them for assisting me for end user protection tools.

This end user protected tools  solution is work in progress. I am just about getting there 85%, and with further cash infusion I could get their faster.

I have been addressing these issues to many organizations, institutions & foundations since 2004, and it has not been an easy task, for many to understand! The scope of how severe and dangerous these issues are in the 21st century.

Institutions, NGOS, foundations, social media activists, & educators,  who teach and utilizing digital mediums & who are working with many innocent  children, youth and women, within their communities or groups, must also make sure and be accountable, whilst they work with their members, friends, schools, groups & organizations, be it on the internet or on social networking sites, & be aware of the many dangers that are currently taking place on many  of these social networking sites & internet.

STAY TUNED for more information to join some of our digital learning & end user protected tools  projects & dialogues  #allthingsdigital, to solve humanities global issues.

If you or your organization, or know of ethical funding groups and are called to action and inspired, and  would like to support this advocacy with us  or join us in any way or would like to partner and create a campaign,  I would appreciate your support and assistance.

Once again, thank you all for reading this message, and join me to raise the bar for bringing awareness for end user protection to many tech leaders.

I strive and work towards ethics and inclusion.

If you believe in my work, and would like to contribute in any way – please contact me via my website or on twitter @my multicast.


A GEM OF AN IDEA – CHANGING THE GAME within the digital landscape.

Visionaries & Ethical Leaders working towards equal access,  safety & convergence

We are change leaders, we have come together as we believe in not just change, we believe in empowering each other and igniting dialogues and a dream  for a better safe cyber world with  end user protected tools.

Be inspired get involved this is our digital  new media movement,  ignite change and join some of our  dialogues and debates.

A revolution for social media end user protected tools & protection to protect innocent children & women globally on the internet.

I began this  vision in 2003,  focusing on digital tools for learning  & developing end user protection safety tools, within the ICT sector,  as I was  working with youth to  bridge the digital divide, and bringing awareness to many organizations, individuals and groups …. To hear  their /our voices of those silent heroes in many developing countries who needed educational  end user protected tools.

We continue TO FIGHT, THE DANGEROUS CYBER THREATS each day, and currently we are also facing many dangers taking place over the internet & on many of these internet  social networking sites ….

Most of the issues, I have studied & we can read on many –reputable websites

UNFORTUNATELY NO ONE in the tech sector  IS COMING UP WITH A SOLUTION –to protect us who are “none geeks” and  innocent, and how they plan to protect ALL global  innocent children , women and young adults, especially  on all these social networking sites via the  internet.

Below are articles written by a reputable website Washington POST

http://voices.washingtonpost.com/securityfix/ about cyber threats from malware and how our user names /passwords are being compromised.


Social networking has hidden dangers for teens – SFGate http://articles.sfgate.com/2009-08-10/news/17175229_1_social-networking-sites-social-networking-teens

AND, This is why I have been fighting the fight, for end user protected tools, since 2004  for many of us, who believe in a BETTER SAFE CYBER WORLD, as we protect ourselves, our children, our families, our friends, our business associates, whilst we develop our marketing skills, connect online to watch live streams work on our projects, join many social media dialogues, whilst we all connect, collaborate, communicate  and inspire many to be also be safe, whilst we teach and learn  by utilizing social sites and  share our digital stories.

Below: are just a few pointers of what is happening over the internet & social networking sites.

Social networking has hidden dangers for teens – SFGate http://articles.sfgate.com/2009-08-10/news/17175229_1_social-networking-sites-social-networking-teens

THE RECENT news September 2011 was posted on


I searched more information and a group in South Africa and the founder of this website has created a “face book page” to bring awareness of this issue

Please join me and the founder of http://www.eblockwatch.co.za/

Join me in my campaign & support my advocacy & campaign

For more information about Help eblockwatch catch the FB rapist, Face Book fan page, to read more about this RAPIST.

Imagine if we all supported &  helped each other, we will truly empower & make the cyber world a better place, for our future generation and together OUR VOICES, will be heard,  no matter what challenges we all face, together we can fight this global  internet cyber threat dangers. Together we can impact change for humanity and future generations.

Together we can truly protect many innocent children and women for their rights, our rights to be safe on social networking sites….

End user protected tools is our human rights issue, so we can all stop another dangerous situation to take  place, in other parts of the world, especially in the developing countries when children and women are using  their devices.

Africa – Help eblockwatch catch the FB rapist


2011 “RAPIST ON FACEBOOK: mainstream media has not picked this story in the west as yet, this is truly tragic

Few of us, have given our life to making sure – we find solutions & are fighting for the  rights of humanity to protect many innocent women and children to keep them safe, to keep all educators and many of the “humanitarian organizations” safe.

There are a few organizations, (will not names at this moment)  that I have supported in the past  between 2008 – 2011 and inspite of the conversation I had with one of their councils members during a project I supported them in India…. did not listen to me,  inspite of me supporting many of their initiatives for the last 3 years and they refused to clearly understand the dangers.

Some of these organizations keep inviting young people to join their organizations, without adopting  tools that are safe… to connect their members online, AND I could go on and on about some of these organizations, who don’t care about the safety of their members & are not taking responsibility, they will  be putting many  innocent children, women and youth in danger via the internet.  THIS is very sad to watch, after 3 years of me supporting them, that a bunch of youth have no clue by using tools that truly will put many in danger.

In spite of many grief’s & challenges I face each day and the lack of resources to further develop  safe tools, I am now reaching out to all  technology leaders to please listen to me and if we are going to  develop software please make sure we have end user protection.

I believe Face Book, Google & Twitter will have to also solve some of these issues for us -for end users to join their social sites &  tech leaders, wll have to pay attention, and support in this transition.

Please join my  campaign, as I am reaching out to you all tech leaders,  please provide us with safe tools so we as end users are protected and so are innocent children and women.

Technology leaders and companies, have to do more about providing us all with SAFE TOOLS and not just LOOK  at the bottom line ….

Many people talk about a better world, many talk about ethical pactices,

I am talking about a safe cyber world for future generations.

DO YOU ALL agree with me?

We need to  pay attention by making sure the internet CYBER WORLD is included whilst we all fight for democracy, fight for climate change, fight for education, equal accessibility – we need to fight TO KEEP  future generations safe, especially innocent children and women, not just in the developed world, also in the developing countries…..

SOCIAL MEDIA is great – but we need to have safe tools from an end user point of view….


Ashie is bringing this awareness AS AN ADVOCATE for end user protection to many technology leaders to solve this critical issue. And keep us all safe – from end users points of view, who love social media, whilst some of us truly empower many globally for our projects.

IF WE don’t solve this issue, we as parents, ethical leaders will experience the worst threats for innocent humanity.

& criminal acts such as HUMAN TRAFFICKING activities will take place & PHEDOPHILES lurking on social networking sites, and yes, currently taking place on internet and on some of these social networking sites.

As ethical leaders – how do we prevent these atrocities, which are taking place over the internet?

I AM ADVOCATING as a voice for many innocent children and women.  We as leaders & technology leaders especially those of us working with innocent women and children, must apply best practice and must demand for technology leaders to bring us END USER PROTECTED tools on social networking sites

Please, join me in this fight.

WE must as leaders, have solutions to protect innocent children, women and youth globally as we bridge the digital divide.

Thank you Ashie Hirji – founder

A GEM of an IDEA @mymulticast

“Great leaders have a vision, and the ability to manifest it. Defining your own vision begins with looking and listening” By Deepak Chopra.

JUST imagine  a “safe digital cyber world” for end users, far in the future of the digital world,  where many younger generations,  innocent chidlren, women & young adults are all SAFE,  IMAGINE what, tech leaders would have contributed to the  cyber digital world will look like, and contributed to us all to keep us safe ….. way far in the future, 5 years, 10 years, 20 years……30 years from today,  whilst we all utilize their devices, their tools on their devices …… to connect and impact humanity whilst we, tell our stories,  inspire millions,  empower millions to be safe… technology leaders, must listen to us and they must adopt best practice, in order to  keep us all  safe & protected from the dangers of internet cyber world.

My insights, inspirations, leadership skills come from my mentor  “His Highness The Agakhan” his speech for the importantance for education for all and in the developing countries. http://www.ntv.co.ke/News/Aga%20Khan%20to%20launch%20media%20school/-/471778/882164/-/10jpo2wz/-/index.html

“a  gem of an idea” empowering youth & women change leaders in Africa  CHANGE IS VISIBLE project.

a GEM of an IDEA – “read my lips live – SHOUTS change is visible ” our social digital learning project with women & young leaders in UGANDA a revolution platform by Bavubuka YOUTH community young change leaders for digital learning  & inclusion & 4 end user protected tools. Our MDG digital learming was co-organized by a Gem of an IDEA with leaders 4 change & innovation WOUGNET & BUILDINGFUTURES Worldwide & Bavubuka Community


a GEM of an IDEA & BUILDING FUTURES WORLD wide is a grass roots digital learning vision.

More about the project visit www.agemofanidea.com  & http://bavubukacommunity.blogspot.com/2011/07/uganda-mdg-conference-exhibition-august.html

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