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Posted on February 11, 2014


International Community Unites to Protest Mass Surveillance

February 11th is The Day We All Fight Back. From Uganda to Poland, from Colombia to the Philippines, the people of the Internet have united to fight back. The Day We Fight Back’s main international action is to sign and promote the 13 Principles. The 13 Principles outline how communications surveillance can be conducted consistent with human rights and serve as a model for surveillance reform. Over the past year, nearly 370 organizations have come together to support it. Today, these Principles are about to receive their most important endorsement: the people’s. The Principles make clear:

“The Day We Fight Back” campaign, more than 6,000 websites are taking part in the protest, with sites like Demand Progress, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Reddit putting banners at the bottom of the screen to encourage people to participate. Companies like Google, Twitter, and Mozilla have joined. Participating websites carried a highly visible banner on Tuesday bearing the motif “Today we fight back.” The banner encouraged readers to enter their phone numbers and email addresses to contact members of Congress and urge them to back the Support USA Freedom Act, which would end the bulk collection of Americans’ records, and oppose the Fisa Improvements Act, which seeks to legalise and extend the NSA’s surveillance programs.

Google, Yahoo and Facebook revealed the extent of the data they had been forced to hand over to US government authorities earlier this month. The disclosures showed that between them the internet giants had disclosed details pertaining to tens of thousands of accounts.

Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft and others are behind the Reform Government Surveillance push which calls for governments around the world to have their ability to monitor users’ information limited.

I received an email from Open Media an organization based in Canada, I had supported them for a project that took place in 2009 and gave them access point for social new media concept part of my good will project with youth leaders globally to showcase what innovation was all about. Goodwill Project

BC Civil Liberties Association [info @mymulticast stop-spying-infographic CMYK

BC Civil Liberties Association [info @mymulticast stop-spying-infographic CMYK

The BCCLA is working to protect the privacy of Canadians from all angles.
They filed legal complaintsagainst CSIS and the RCMP for spying on opponents of the Northern Gateway pipeline project; standing up for the democratic rights all Canadians.
In October of 2013, they filed a historic lawsuit historic lawsuit against the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) for violating the constitutional rights of Canadians to be free from search and seizure.
Today, they are counting on people power. As members of the Protect Our Privacy coalition, the largest pro-privacy coalition in Canadian history, standing up to demand an end to mass surveillance. asking people to email MPs and raise the voice to oppose mass surveillance. Email your MP and raise your voice to oppose mass surveillance.

The day the world fought back

Canadians, call on your MPs to put an end to mass surveillance today: https://eff.org/canada #stopspying #daywefightback

Great to see Facebook join its users in calling for government surveillance reform on #TheDayWeFightBack https://eff.org/r.sc20

New from the @Guardian: How Internet protests worldwide are fighting mass surveillance https://eff.org/r.ysol #TheDayWeFightBack