Canada’s spy agency CSEC tracking airport users – Snowden leaks! welcome to Canada

Posted on February 2, 2014


Don’t you just love this….Holy Shit! people thought they had end point rights!!!Canada’s spy agency #CSEC tracked users at the airport #Snowden LEAK.
The Canadian intelligence agency extended a helping hand to the NSA and helped it test a system that tracked travelers passing through one of the country’s major airports via the WiFi connection. According to CBC News, another set of Snowden documents reveal that the CSEC (Communications Security Establishment Canada) implemented a system that allowed it to track the devices connected to the airport’s WiFi days after it left the terminal. According to sources, this was most likely illegal, since, according to Canadian law, the agency is prohibited from targeting Canadians or anyone in the country without a judicial warrant.
In the document, CSEC called the new technologies “game-changing,” and said they could be used for tracking “any target that makes occasional forays into other cities/regions.” More on PandaWhale

And we as users of technology and devices thought we had end point digital protection rights in Canada – I guess not.

Update: Feb 6th 2014
More on the CSEC-NSA relation politically speaking catch the post on World Socialist Web Site:
Whistleblower Edward Snowden—exposed a CSEC-NSA pilot metadata-surveillance program. In 2012, CSEC collected all Wi-Fi traffic at a Canadian airport then monitored the cellphone and computer use of those whose communications they had intercepted for up to two additional weeks.
In response to the public outcry provoked by the CBC report, the Conservative government and Canada’s national-security apparatus are baldly asserting that the state has the unfettered right to collect and analyze Canadians’ metadata. Such spying is a flagrant violation of Canadians’ constitutionally-protected privacy rights, but they have loudly proclaimed it “lawful,” citing top-secret directives issued by the Defence Minister.
The government and CSEC officials have also angrily denounced Edward Snowden and the CBC, charging that their “unauthorized” and “illegal” leaks of classified information are undermining Canadians’ security.
Prime Minster Stephen Harper’s National Security Advisor, Stephen Rigby, told a meeting of the Senate security and intelligence committee Monday that it “is a well-known fact” that CSEC spies on Canadians’ metadata. “It does not … compromise (Canadians’) private communications,” asserted Rigby. “It’s data about data and so is well within the parameters of CSEC’s operations.”
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