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Posted on January 17, 2014


Last month, we learned that so-called “security” company RSA secretly accepted a $10 million dollar payoff from the NSA to put a backdoor in one of the most widely used encryption products ever. RSA betrayed everything that a security company should stand for, and undermined the security of Internet users everywhere. The revelation was so outrageous that 11 prominent security experts have canceled their talks and launched a boycott of this year’s RSA conference.

But guess who — of all people — is still scheduled to be the keynote speaker this year? Stephen Colbert.

Tell Stephen Colbert he can score a big win for online privacy by joining the boycott of this NSA tainted conference.

We know what you’re thinking. If there’s anyone with the guts to stand up and totally roast the NSA on stage, it’s Stephen Colbert. And yes, we’re sure his speech would be hilarious. But here’s the thing: RSA has said that there won’t be any video of Colbert’s speech. So if he roasts them, no one will hear it. But if he does the right thing and cancels many others will follow — and he’ll bring a huge amount of attention to a really important, but also complex aspect of the NSA story.

We’d like to hear what Stephen has to say too — we just hope we get to hear him say it on the air after he boycotts the conference. That will hit RSA where it really hurts: in their NSA-lined pockets.

Thousands are signing the petition. Click here to ask Stephen to stand up to the NSA. click here

No company or individual who undermines our trust and assists the NSA should be getting off easy. We need to make sure RSA feels all the backlash they deserve.

Will Stephen Colbert be a hero for democracy, privacy, and security by taking a public stand against NSA spying? Ask him for yourself.

Support the RSA boycott, and make companies that collaborate with the NSA pay.

Make sure to share this with your friends and forward this email. Based on the response so far, this one is going to be epic.
From: Fight for the Future

P.S. The media is already picking up on our campaign with articles in The Guardian and the Boston Globe. They’re calling Colbert to ask his opinion. So no matter what, we know that he’s aware of the issue and will act accordingly. RSA and the NSA can’t win this one.

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