Privacy & Cyber Security is a concern globally

Posted on December 1, 2013


I agree privacy and security isn’t about just fighting cybercrime only in the 21st century, the issue now is about our end point rights and who views our data and it is being used for monetary cost without considering the human cost. According to Michael Geist, Canada’s research chair on the Internet and e-commerce law he says: “Thanks to Edward Snowden and his leaks of the National Security Agency (NSA)’s surveillance activities, people are increasingly on their guard and there are probably many more stunning revelations on Canada’s role in all this, waiting to come to light, he said”.Privacy and Data unfortunately “information technology” can’t solve this issue from an end point in my opinion.

Catch Michael Geist video here, I never made to the conference although Michael Geist brings several important points.. I am working with several technologist to help me with the end point privacy, protection and safety rights issue now within the mobile sector for education and the rights of innocent children, women and activists as we bridge the digital divide and how to keep our data protected at the same time…. a long journey to get to the finishing point.
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