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via Fight for the Future #SOPA is back 2013 how it will effect users?

August 27, 2013


  Message from Fight For The Future   SOPA is back. Well, one of the harshest and most ridiculous parts of it, anyway. The Obama Administration wants to make unauthorized streaming a felony — with years of jail time. If this passes, sharing a video of yourself singing karaoke could land you in prison. Singing […]

Nothing to hide privacy matters ?

August 22, 2013


Google has come under fire after admitting that it scans the content of incoming Gmail messages from users on third-party service providers, and cannot promise confidentiality. The web giant has filed a motion to dismiss a US lawsuit that claims the firm has violated privacy laws by serving tailored adverts based on the contents of […]

Selling highend #luxury it has a price tag and can get cloudy with the “perception of racism”

August 13, 2013


I believe at times, some celeb forget to come to a ground level and again why should they ? with that kind power and money they are entitled to feel like they are “GOD” and think about it,  some people think they are like “God”  The price of #luxury sure Oprah can afford anything,  Oprah […]

Leaked NSA Dox Damaged Relations with Hackers

August 7, 2013


The U.S. government’s efforts to recruit talented hackers could suffer from the recent revelations about its vast domestic surveillance programs, as many private researchers express disillusionment with the National Security Agency. Though hackers tend to be anti-establishment by nature, the NSA and other intelligence agencies had made major inroads in recent years in hiring some […]