Ethical vs Unethical in the digital & tech sector – do they take CSR seriously ? particular video

Posted on July 22, 2013


A report on Sunday stated that spammers are using Harry Potter star Emma Watson to scam people on Facebook via a worm and offering a sex tape of Emma Watson that includes a malicious link, which spreads pornography and other malicious links via infected users’ profiles, according to The Hacker News. This malware  worm has been spread via Facebook profiles  as well as Facebook Groups. Some how it tags others in the same post.

According to Hacker News  this cyber scam includes the text “[VIDEO] Emma Watson star of Harry Potter made a SEX tape  Link in the description.” Users should not click on the link”  and  that the spammers are using Google Translate and other short URL services to keep their links unblocked by Facebook. According to the report this particular worm could allow  the creators to earn  money from advertising networks.

Graham Cluley  cyber security expert said  scammers have used Watson, who played Hermione Granger in the popular movies, many times in the past to lure unsuspecting users on Facebook.

“Whatever the explanation, it’s disturbing to continue to see spams and scams spreading so effectively across the world’s most popular social network,” Cluley wrote last month and I tend to agree with Cluley thinking  some of my thoughts   Private: Scam worm hits #Facebook users according to “Hacker News”