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#humantrafficking #sextrafficking is a global issue #darksideofinternet in the digital age

July 29, 2013


FBI BUSTS NATIONWIDE CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING RING, RESCUES 105 VICTIMS IN ‘OPERATION CROSS COUNTRY’ The FBI has rescued 105 child sex-trafficking victims, FBI Assistant Director Ronald Hosko announced Monday. The youngest of the rescued children was 9 years old, according to Reuters. One underage victim told officials she became involved with prostitution when she was […]

via @Declan McCullagh “Feds tell Web firms to turn over user account passwords”

July 25, 2013


Do we really have end point safety, privacy and protection rights? in the digital information age as users of  Internet, technology networks and devices….. question I have been asking tech leaders as we use various web tools for our communication purposes,  as we access the Internet to connect over various  social networking sites. So as […]

Technology companies need to make extra efforts to protect “innocent digital users”

July 22, 2013


How the NSA threatens America’s universities Paul Woodward War in Context USA July 17, 2013 The sooner that flaws in computer code can be found, the sooner they can be fixed — these are the fixes required to reduce the vulnerability that all networks face from cyberattacks. The problem is that government agencies such as […]

Ethical vs Unethical in the digital & tech sector – do they take CSR seriously ? particular video

July 22, 2013


A report on Sunday stated that spammers are using Harry Potter star Emma Watson to scam people on Facebook via a worm and offering a sex tape of Emma Watson that includes a malicious link, which spreads pornography and other malicious links via infected users’ profiles, according to The Hacker News. This malware  worm has […]

Snowden may end up Nicaragua

July 6, 2013


  Former NSA  employee Edward Snowden has carried out one of the biggest leaks in US history, exposing a top-secret NSA surveillance program to the media  Nicaragua’s president says he’s willing to give Edward ‎#Snowden asylum Venezuela’s president Maduro says he has decided to offer asylum to ‎#NSA- leaker ‎#EdwardSnowden, Reuters reports. “I have decided […]

Mass survellance Edward Snowden are you pissed off catch the Fight for the Future

July 3, 2013


Fight for the Future shouts and sends another message   Our last email was long and this one is short   ” mass survellance Edward Snowden are you pissed of ?”   Tomorrow is the 4th of July. A formidable coalition of Internet Defense League members will launch the largest online protest since SOPA, to amplify the […]

Mass survellance Edward Snowden are you pissed off ? law vs humanrights

July 1, 2013


Fight for the Future sends an email out to all the members (see below) and if you are an American  you will want to follow them. “The important email we’re going to send you this month. As you know, recent leaks have revealed that the U.S. Government has turned the Internet into the most massive […]