LivingSocial Hacked #dark side of internet of things & users against #CISPA double edge sword

Posted on April 26, 2013


In the digital age end users of various technology tools and  those of us not all that technically savvy are going to experience some harsh realities………concerning cyber threats, cyber dangers & our own end user privacy rights.

LivingSocial Hacked — More Than 50 Million Customer Names, Emails, Birthdates and Encrypted Passwords Accessed (Internal Memo)  LivingSocial HackedMore Than 50 Million Customer Names, Emails, Birthdates and Encrypted Passwords Accessed

LiquidWeb Sends Customers Alert about WordPress Plugin Critical Security Vulnerability

” In a recent email from LiquidWeb, one of the largest web hosting providers on the Internet, they notified their customers about a recent security vulnerability in two popular WordPress plugins.

WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache.

We have become aware of a critical security vulnerability in very commonly used plug-ins for the popular WordPress blogging platform that present a risk to our customers. All customers using WordPress with either the W3 Total Cache plug-in or the WP Super Cache plug-in are encouraged to update their plug-ins as soon as possible. This upgrade is necessary even if the plug-in is installed but not currently active. WordPress plug-ins can be easily updated from within the WordPress admin interface’s plug-in section. If you require assistance with this please contact our support team via email at or by phone at (800)580-4985.

Props to their team for helping their customers be aware of the ongoing security threats around WordPress.

You can read more at the Sucuri blog

Understanding  #CISPA the double edge sword as users of Internet fight for their own privacy rights

#mymulticast April 22 2013 #CISPA protest via @ Geek Republic

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cispablackout @mymulticast