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LivingSocial Hacked #dark side of internet of things & users against #CISPA double edge sword

April 26, 2013


In the digital age end users of various technology tools and  those of us not all that technically savvy are going to experience some harsh realities………concerning cyber threats, cyber dangers & our own end user privacy rights. LivingSocial Hacked — More Than 50 Million Customer Names, Emails, Birthdates and Encrypted Passwords Accessed (Internal Memo)  LivingSocial […]

#mymulticast April 22 2013 #CISPA protest via @ Geek Republic

April 22, 2013


How to join today’s April 22 CISPA protest  #CISPA Blackout The proposed Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) heads to the Senate this week for a vote. Today April 22, has been declared a day of protest. As of this writing, around 400 websites have gone dark for the “CISPA Blackout.” #StopCISPA is trending at #7 on Twitter. […]

#CispaBlackout online protest #anonymous #activists & #advocacy groups unite digitally speaking “Internet Blackout On April 22 To Protest CISPA”

April 20, 2013


Since 2004 I have been working away to  find a solution for end point safety & privacy protection tools,  mainly for some of my own digital projects I design for the education & new media sector and the journey has not been a piece of cake….. One of the topics concerning privacy rights is taking […]

Justice for Rehtaeh

April 16, 2013


, When I received a link to sign a petition for  Rehtaeh: Demanding  an independent inquiry  Question asked on the petition site was   (why is this important to you?) You must be joking!!!asking us “Why is this important to you?” off course THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT topic that governments have to address & at the […]