Women & privacy rights in the digital age ?

Posted on January 22, 2013


A Texas attorney and at least 23 women have started a class-action suit against revenge-porn site Texxxan.com and its host, GoDaddy.com,

“Revenge porn” is the most common form of “involuntary porn,” the publication of nude or sexually explicit photos without the subject’s consent or even knowledge. The photos are usually submitted by malicious ex-lovers or occasionally by hackers who broke into the victims’ phone or computer to steal the pictures.

The man most associated with revenge porn is Hunter Moore who arguably invented the genre in 2011 with his website Is Anyone Up?

That site went down in April 2012, and several months later, two different entrepreneurs founded another involuntary-porn website, called Is Anyone Down. It works much the same way and  soliciting anonymous submissions of nude photos, along with the models’ identifying information. Victims who find their photos and information on the site can have them taken down—for a hefty fee.

Texxxan.com operates on a similar concept, but it deals &  let Internet users   post naked pictures of their exes or enemies in  Texas and it limits its involuntary porn submissions to people who may be based or are from Texas,  Beaumont attorney John Morgan is suing under state, rather than federal, law .

class-action lawsuit  against Texxxan.com and its hosting company GoDaddy, claiming the X-rated site violated their privacy when it allowed users to post naked pictures of them without their consent,  reported   Beta Beat  and  the site owner who has made a living hijacking people’s personal lives has fallen prey to an Internet attack on his own privacy according to Business Insider.

Computer hacker group Anonymous is fighting back with Operation Hunt Hunter, which aimed to “take down Hunter Moore,” the group said in a statement.

The hijack, which was first reported  by BetaBeat, attacked Moore’s servers and his merchandise chain, and it defaced Moore’s site.

Anonymous claims to have evidence Moore that doesn’t verify he isn’t posting pictures of minors, as well as proof that Moore uses drugs and drinks and drives and an   Court Ruling Might Totally Destroy A New ‘Revenge Porn’ Site

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updated: Jan 24th
Revenge-Porn Website Victims Launch Action Against Texxxan and GoDaddy
5:24:41 PM Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai

Victims of a so-called “revenge porn” website, which allows users to upload naked pictures of other people, identifying them by their name and hometown, have sued the site as well as its hosting company, GoDaddy.

Last week, a class-action lawsuit was brought against the hosting giant and the website Texxxan.com. The plaintiffs are arguing that that these kind of “involuntary” or “revenge” porn websites violate Texas State privacy laws and are a “blight upon society” that serve “no useful, social or economic purpose,” the lawsuit states