Hurricane Sandy – “communication is power” in the 21st century we are truly attached to our little communication devices & to the”power on earth”

Posted on November 1, 2012


Hurricane Sandy-and her WILD dance takes down “cell sites down”  mobile, laptop, tablet and computer device users grasp to connect – the digital world of communication and we are addicted to it – “communication is power”

Mainstream  media, social internet sites, tech bloggers all report the news that “connectivity is improving in the Northeast as charging phones become a major priority”

As you may be reading this post and I am not all that sure, who you may be! anyways thank you for showing up here most of my post are just my own opinions and my digital journey and my thoughts and the work I do.  The posts I write is more about the cyber world.

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New Yorkers finding ways to get their mobile Phones charged after Hurricane Sandy -One thought comes to mind each time we hear of devastation globally,  how we all in a way depend on a few things for our survival -like drinking water, water to clean, food, heat, fire and some  basics things like our clothes, shelter a warm bed, talking to our families first and friends – a some money to buy us that freedom to get a few more things for our survival. How interesting that we also  need our communication devices and some form of  connection to communicate !!!!  via our devices  with access point .. Sometimes I do wonder how many  people in many parts of the developing countries feel when they have a devastation and no form of communication available  and at times they can’t access their power lines for electricity or access their internet!  Imagine  power to communicate is important for many of us in the 21st century @mymulticast

 “Wireless coverage is gradually recovering in the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy, but millions of Northeasterners are still grappling with spotty or no cellular connection  according to reports One in five cell sites still not working, Northeasterners scramble to charge phones and Wireless carriers avail charging stations”

Some cell sites are still underwater, and wireless operators are unable to deliver and connect the generators that are needed to power them. Other sites are not operational because of damages to nearby landline connections that help deliver wireless calls.

“We’re seeing both continued improvement in communications networks and also that much work remains to be done to restore service fully,” Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski said in a statement.

Wireless companies say they have brought in generators and deployed cell-towers-on-wheel trucks. But replenishing fuel supplies for generators remains a critical challenge, says  FCC Public Safety & Homeland Security Bureau Chief David Turetsky. “Restoration efforts in the hardest-hit areas  including New York and New Jersey  continues to be more difficult.”

Verizon Wireless, the largest wireless carrier, says 96% of cell sites in the affected areas are working, slightly up from 94% Wednesday.

Sprint’s announcement follows earlier news that AT&T and T-Mobile were enabling roaming on their networks to customers of both networks impacted by the path of the storm. This means data and voice traffic can be shared across the two networks without any changes to customers’ current rate plans and  Sprint  states 80% of cell sites in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut were working as of Thursday afternoon.

AT & T  – T-Mobile  didn’t disclose the overall cell site operation status, states  about 85% and 80% of cell sites were working in the New York City areas and Staten Island, respectively

With power outages not functioning many New Yorkers are searching to get their cellphones charged and continues to be a huge priority and  New Yorkers  are using all the various methods  to keep themselves connected  to the world  some took to going to Starbucks to take advantage of power outlets and Wi-Fi.  A group of about a dozen people in New York Midtown plugged cellphones and laptops into electrical outlets and near a bank ATM and many community centers and a high school in Fair Lawn, N.J., opened doors for people to charge their communication mobile devices.

Verizon Wireless set up communication centers on Staten Island, at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, N.J., and at two locations in Toms River, N.J., to provide public access to charging stations and Internet-connected computers.  Its retail stores are also letting customers charge devices and Verizon says Sandy effects could be ‘significant’

According to Washington Post  it states that FCC   -Federal regulators say wireless networks depend on – Fuel supplies critical for cell towers in stormhit areas, to replenish diesel tanks at backup generators.

  • A Look inside Verizon’s Flooded Communications Hub –
    Eleven years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Verizon Communications Inc is once again scrambling to repair severe damage to a key switching facility inside its historic headquarters building in lower Manhattan. The massive facility for interconnecting key communications lines sustained heavy damage after planes struck the Twin Towers more than a decade ago.
    AT&T says its stores are open for charging, too, and it has deployed a fleet of RVs with charging plugs throughout New York’s  five
    boroughs.  Source ZDNet‎   Mobility

    Although not everyone had shortage of power  Goldman’s Headquarters, an Oasis of Electricity  and Goldman opened its offices to employees on Wednesday, after closing Monday and Tuesday as stock and bond markets were shut because of the storm. Heaps of sandbags lined the building early in the week — a barrier against flooding that helped shield local businesses as well.We used our generators to ensure that our employees would be able to work and that the small businesses on our ground floor would, too,” David Wells, a Goldman spokesman, said in an e-mail. The shops and restaurants surrounding Goldman Sachs’s 200 West Street headquarters were doing brisk business on Friday, even as the …

    Outside all the cell phone sites & towers what comes to mind and is  a bit scary after listening to many bulletins around cyber threats, how well are  many governments globally  prepared  to face  cyber threats,  a very  interesting post  on RT website  “Power lines and infrastructure were ravaged this week from a pummeling by Hurricane Sandy, emulating what experts warn cyber-terrorists might soon do to America’s grid. Despite those fears, though, a new report says the feds are as unready as ever”  more @ RT US admits to lack of cybersecurity professionals as war drums beat louder  .

As we all  watched in horror all the images, videos, news,  read blogs posts and images on social networking sties being posted,  I was truly  in shock …as I had just returned back from Spain and witnessed a fire massive fire in Costa del Sol  in Malaga take away peoples properties and this  was truly a reminder to me again,  how we  can’t take things for granted and truly can’t get attached to everything on earth, something I have been realizing after I started building my company and since Cameron the CEO of Asita Informatica Inc passed away. Keep in mind I there is nothing wrong in making money, owning a home,  nothing wrong in having a beautiful life  here,  enjoying the luxuries in life…blah blah blah as the French would say, nothing wrong  at all……just a reminder that  a hurricane, floods  or earth quake  etc can also take things away from us… in instant moment,  Sandy’s power  left  Millions of people waiting for  power to come back on Tuesday, and New Yorkers found themselves all but cut off from the modern world as the U.S. death toll from Super storm Sandy climbed to 40, many of the victims killed by falling trees in addition the  damage in New Jersey the storm destroyed peoples homes and life became precious for many and the power of  hurricane-force winds of 80 mph, became the focus knocking the  foundation of people homes and buildings,  boardwalks wrecked and amusement pier rides cast into the sea  for more about these visuals   expands further   CLICK HERE

Well we can hope & prayer for everyone to be safe  and where ever people are in the United States  and the world Hurricane Sandy Leaves Destruction In Her WakeABC News ” THE ‘OTHER SIDE’ OF SANDY NOT SEEN ON TV OR IN NEWSPAPERS Sandy  struck CUBA, JAMAICA, HAITI AND THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Images that you will not see in the newspapers or on TV. There are now many more homeless people in Cuba, Jamaica n Reflecting and understanding the  power of nature & THE POWER of this universe we take for granted most of the time,  in a few seconds, moments or hours can with its wild dance take everything insight and destroy things into pieces on planet earth. We hear some very sad and touching stories and how it has effected so many people in the United States, lets please not forget  similar devastation in other parts of the world are also taking place, unfortunately we don’t hear all this all the time – mainstream media does not report most of these  stories. either …sometimes we need to think of the human cost involved vs. monetary cost in situations like these. Sometimes we all take things for granted ….and at what expense does humanity globally also go through similar situations that include poverty, lack of so many things outside just the technologies. A touching story about a woman and her two children  Black Mom’s Neighbors Refused to Help as Sandy Colorlines  

New York - After Sandy Gas Shortage  @mymulticast

New York – After Sandy Gas Shortages  @mymulticast