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United Nations ITU – can they control the Internet the big ?

November 21, 2012


The Internet empowers users to interact, share, connect and communicate virtually with their communities of interest in various ways, this creates extraordinary value, sharing information, methods of digital learning, it gives many who have broadband access to the Internet and it puts them on the cyber  map.. today  with the click of a mouse,  key […]

@mymulticast a huge ? “Will UN Take Over the Internet?” advocacy groups “Previewing the World Conference on International Telecommunication”!!!!!!!!!!! why is “Access Now & Fight for the Future, Advocacy Groups & activists concerned about the UN & ITU!! various conversations taking place on Internet sites “regulating the Internet”.

November 19, 2012


Protect Internet image on  Access Now @mymulticast We have until Friday to tell the ITU Council Working Group to release planning documents detailing proposals that could shape our internet. You’ve signed the petition – now send an email directly to your region’s representative and demand the member states release their plans! A few weeks ago […]

Internet …who are the players behind ITU & Google wants #freeandopen Internet could this be a play for digital domination play?

November 18, 2012


This digital blog & journal … is about my own research, my opinions and thoughts and awareness …as we all try to make sense of this utility called “Internet” and why some of us have no end point rights mainly around the dark side of the Internet. At times it is not a fair game […]

Prime Minister David Cameron “Combating poverty at its roots”

November 2, 2012


David Cameron “Combating poverty at its roots – economic development requires aid, but also sound institutions.” – Prime Minister David Cameron co-chairs UN High Level Panel to shape the future of international development: PM co-chairs UN High Level Panel Prime Minister is co-chairing a UN High Level Panel which is meeting in London […]

Hurricane Sandy – “communication is power” in the 21st century we are truly attached to our little communication devices & to the”power on earth”

November 1, 2012


Hurricane Sandy-and her WILD dance takes down “cell sites down”  mobile, laptop, tablet and computer device users grasp to connect – the digital world of communication and we are addicted to it – “communication is power” Mainstream  media, social internet sites, tech bloggers all report the news that “connectivity is improving in the Northeast as […]