MySpace Rupert Murdoch paid 580million in 2005 – I am sure some of you saying I could have used these funds in 2005

Posted on August 25, 2012


Rupert Murdoch paid 580million in 2005 – I am sure some of you saying, I could have used this kind of funds and I am saying heck I could have used this kind of funds in 2005 when I first set up Asita Informatica Inc (co-founded by a few people) I constantly keep saying holy cow what if someone with that kind of money – gave me the time and the day – I can show them the hottest revenue model – I will be creating for my start-up!

When I began building my start-up vision for the digital divide sector and working away to find a end point solution for secure digital multimedia communication and Internet sector, I have always questioned … why is it so difficult to raise funds in spite of creating something quite cutting edge in 2004 when I first showcased in Vancouver and again at the Human Forum.  Have you ever wondered, why some start ups or idea get funded fast, I must have sent my plans to many start up angel investors and yet could not get into the pitch entrance.  Some people get it very easy – is it because they know the right people, or is it just luck on their side or is it because,  you have a darn good business plan with revenue cash flow projections. No matter how I see this playing out in the world of start-up, one  could be setting something revolutionary and it could  change the course of history and when it comes to, what is next after Internet!!! in the world of mobile and security.  My life mission is “ empowering and making sure all the innocent children, youth and women are safe when it comes to Internet and various devices – a solution I have been working away to find for end point safety as a protected tool.

If you reading this post and are in the start-up phase or  even at a pre-revenue phase , you probably asking how do I fringin  raise funds to the right group – who is open to listening my view as to where we heading in the scope of digital evolution I n the secure cloud sector – and from my point of view

Man it has not been a piece of cake from all levels. You could speak to someone – unless he is truly seeing where this sector for cyber security is heading – only will you be open to listening and yet I see some large sums of money get poured into some of these companies and years later – some can sustain the revenues, users and the management.  Others somehow don’t make it or do than change the game plan.

Could it be that a bad management cannot sustain the revenues or a vision of the new start -up  or is there  something else…I keep questioning  myself, as I plug away and keep building my company and vision  … I am more of  social entrepreneur  and a very creative person when it comes to creating global event campaigns – I see the big picture and I tend to be at times ahead of the curve – in many ways… and it has not been easy to get, that ONE ETHICAL  INVESTOR or a few SAVVY ETHICAL INVESTORS for them to  see the big picture of what I am doing – in the scope of the digital sector in the context of “secure cloud computing” I am not a geek at all but I am a Visionary and a  Director for a Technical Support Company called Asita Informatica Inc.

Imagine if I had been given the funds that were given to My Space in 2005 where could I have been today???? but then who wants to sell the soul away – to the highest bidder?

MySpace has been losing everything from traffic to CEOs.

In February,  MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta stepped down after less than a year on the job and there’s been speculation that MySpace may now be worth less than what Rupert Murdoch paid  -“if it’s worth anything at all” off course I think it can still be saved if they want to understand how – contact me  and will give you a vision of the future  in the cloud computing sector. 

The  parent company NewsCorp had admitted they were considering selling the company,  one day after announcing layoffs that will eliminate almost half the staff.

“News Corp. is assessing a number of possibilities including a sale, a merger and a spinout,” stated on Bloomberg. “The process has just started.” Keep in mind here that ” NewsCorp’s  media baron Rupert Murdoch purchased  MySpace for  $580 million in 2005, but the site’s performance in recent years has proven unsustainable. The division of NewsCorp that owns MySpace lost $156 million in the last quarter holy cow – imagine if some of these investors speak to creative people – how it could have solved their issue – according to  “Current losses are not acceptable or sustainable,”  posted on PC NewsCorp COO Chase Carey in November.

MySpace fires nearly  500 people of their 1,100 staff and this caused an  outrage from disgruntled ex-employees one of the staff member according to  TechCrunch  accuses  the NewsCorp of being “a failed company, in the hands of leadership lacking competence and ethics, and motivated primarily by personal gain.”  …pretty much to the point.

When we speak of  various social networking sites  I recall in 2005 it was quite revolutionary  as we know technologies evolve and so do human and when other social networking sites get launched technology companies have to keep up with what is out in the global arena and it needs to keep up with new ways to bring new ideas of marketing and advertising – here is a interesting site – I am looking at for my own business speaks of  marketing  and the tag line states  “the leading social entertainment destination powered by the passion of fans.” and as I have always said end users drive your market to the next step.

MySpace attracts many  musician community–and many of the users do share their music and their love message inviting friends and users to connect…branding is everything and how to attract users in the  digital sector is an art in it self we dealing with mainstream media merging with new media  an  interest article posted by  GigaOM  brings some attention and points out  ” Rupert Murdoch’s great skill has been in “selling exclusivity”–something the nature of the Internet has a way of destroying gleefully According to  Forbes  and stats  MySpace has roughly 65 million users,  compared to over 500  million Facebook  and got to  the  IPO stage  as  News Corp. 20% Undervalued Even Though MySpace  Goes From Gem To Junk  puts MySpace at just around $1 billion.

A great quote I read on Forbes sums up sometimes   The truth of the matter is that muggers are very interesting people ” by Michael Winner

How News Corp got lost in MySpace – in a recent post by The Globe and Mail and According to a tweet from PaidContent editor Robert Andrews during a NewsCorp earnings call “Murdoch fessed up to having “made some mistakes” with MySpace and Murdoch has clearly lost his affection for MySpace.