Madonna, Sting, Red Hot Chili Pepers and Peter Gabriel support for Russian Artists Pussy Riot

Posted on August 2, 2012


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Sting, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Peter Gabriel

showed support for Russian Artists Pussy Riot

Sting, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Madonna and Peter Gabriel have  added their voices to the growing  of support for jailed Russian punk rockers Pussy Riot, who face seven years in prison if convicted of inciting religious hatred  according to the  Rolling Stone website and Pussy Riot Punk Artists are on trial in Moscow after a performance in February at which they played a song protesting Russian President Vladimir Putin on the altar of Moscow’s main Orthodox cathedral. The words in the song  said….“Holy Mother, send Putin packing!”

Anthony Kiedis and Flea from the Chili Peppers presented letters of support to Pyotr Verzilov, the husband of accused Pussy Riot musician Nadezhda Tolokonnikova,  and Kiedis wore a Pussy Riot T-shirt on stage during a performance on Sunday in Moscow.

“It’s appalling that the musicians from Pussy Riot could face prison sentences of up to seven years in jail. Dissent is a legitimate and essential right in any democracy and modern politicians must accept this fact with tolerance ”  catch more on this on Sting’s official web site    “Amnesty International And Sting Call For Release Of Pussy Riot Bandmembers In Moscow” “A sense of proportion — and a sense of humor — is a sign of strength, not a sign of weakness. Surely the Russian authorities will completely drop these spurious charges and allow the women, these artists, to get back to their lives and to their children.”

Peter Gabriel  wrote a  letter of support  image on Alexander Cheparukhin facebook profile   saying, “You have the right to make your own prayers from the heart. I hope you will be released very, very soon. We are all watching.” Billy Bragg wrote a message on Alexander Cheparukhin’s facebook  “can music change the world? Only in very special circumstance once in a generation a band can create a moment on which a society turns. Through your brave actions, you have provide Russia with such a moment your fellow musicians stand with you ”

During opening arguments of their trial in July 2012  Tolokonnikova and her band mates, Maria Alyokhina and Yekaterina Samutsevich, denied any criminal intent with their free  actions to sing and “If someone was offended by our performance in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, I am ready to recognize that we committed an ethical mistake,” Tolokonnikova said in a statement her lawyer read aloud in open court posted on the  New York Times website “This is exactly the error, since we did not have the conscious intention to offend anyone.” source New York Times

One surely wonders about  freedom to voice or even  express from a  human rights point of view, as  human beings I have always wondered why people control women and children? something to think about mainly from the  human side of all the point of views…There is truly something severely wrong here on this planet earth – I have my reason what happened to us all along the way as we entered this earth…and somehow…we lost sight of being humans. I am a women and I constantly fighting for my own rights and rights of many innocent children and women and yes I believe we do have  rights to be free spirited and given the rights to voice  and freedom to express within their own communities or the  countries we all live in, be protected and stay safe and over the Internet…

To show support and if  you all believe ALL women have rights, make sure you get your voice added below .

I believe as women and mothers and if you see the point here,  I don’t believe these women committed any crime
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Tell Russia To Release Pussy Riot

Protect the Human @agemofanidea called to action and if you are a women and mother – we and ALL women have rights …

Update : August 17th  -2012  I have been following this story in Spain …
and the verdict:    “Three women from the Russian punk band Pussy Riot were sentenced to two years in jail on Friday for staging a protest against President Vladimir Putin in a church, a ruling supporters described as his “personal revenge”.

The group’s backers burst into chants of “Shame” outside the Moscow courthouse and said the case showed Putin was cracking down on dissent in his new six-year term as president. Dozens were detained by police when scuffles broke out.

The United States and the European Union condemned the sentence as disproportionate and asked for it to be reviewed, although state prosecutors had demanded a three-year jail term and the maximum sentence possible was seven years.

But while the women have support abroad, where their case has been taken up by a long list of celebrities including Madonna, Paul McCartney and Sting, opinion polls show few Russians sympathize with them.

“The girls’ actions were sacrilegious, blasphemous and broke the church’s rules,” Judge Marina Syrova told the court as she spent three hours reading the verdict while the women stood watching in handcuffs inside a glass courtroom cage.

To follow the story   @Reuters… Europeans express outrage over Pussy Riot verdict –