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Posted on July 15, 2012


ITU Governing Council to post some planning materials, rejects full open access

2:27pm | 11 July 2012,

At its meeting today the ITU Governing Council rejected Secretary General Toure’s recommendation to open up access to all WCIT planning documents to the public and to create a consultation process that would give all stakeholders an opportunity to submit comments and proposals.

The Council has decided to publicly post the document CWC-WCIT TD-64 – “the anticipated final draft of the ITRs [International Telecommunications Regulations]” which does not attribute changes to the countries that proposed them — on its website along with an open forum to submit comments on the draft. It’s worth noting that this document was previously leaked already (along with several others), and that Council decided against making public any of the other preparatory documents.

While releasing TD 64 and providing a platform for some public comment are positive developments, we are disappointed the Council has chosen to reject many of the Secretary General’s recommendations, disregarding a global outcry for full transparency and accountability in the WCIT process, including a petition signed by over 35,000 Access members. Multistakeholder debate has long been best practice in internet policymaking, but this decision to forgo an inclusive process and deny full public access to any future documents significantly limits the open conversation that has been so vital in the growth of the internet and the information society to date.

Now it’s incumbent on ITU member states to facilitate open public consultations about the WCIT on the national level. We urge all member states to publicize their proposals and planning documents and to engage all who will be affected by the WCIT throughout this process.

SOURCE https://www.accessnow.org/policy-activism/press-blog