“Flame” cyber intruder – ‘Flame’ malware is far more complex than Stuxnet and Duqu, according to Kaspersky Lab.

Posted on May 28, 2012


FLAME – cyber intruder -cyber security & privacy we deal with many intrusions and how safe are we all as end users? on the internet and off course we click click & click as we surf with all our devices?

‘Flame’ super-virus attack’ and ‘No country is safe from the Flame super-virus’ says @ Eugene Kaspersky Labs  security company.

‘No country is safe from the ‘Flame’ super-virus’  

  • Kaspersky Labs discovers ‘Flame’ super-virus
  • Infecting government computers for five years
  • The most malevolent of all known viruses to date

A POWERFUL new virus has been uncovered which has been sabotaging government systems say Kaspersky Labs!

flame intruder virus  via @mymulticast

flame intruder virus via @mymulticast

Flame was discovered by security company Kaspersky, which claims it has been mining Middle East government systems since at least 2010.

Speaking in Sydney,  Kaspersky CEO Eugene Kaspersky said cyber weapons can cause as much real damage as conventional attacks and there is nothing technology can do to save us.

 Kaspersky Lab and Symantec have discovered a major new family of sophisticated cyber-malware to rival Stuxnet and Duqu. This malware, nicknamed Flame, is said to be targeting countries across the Middle East and Africa including Iran, Israel, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. It is searching for any kind of intelligence,  such as emails, documents and even instant message conversations.

Experts know that there is undoubtedly more cyber-malware out there than has yet been found and now they have a new name to add to a small but infamous list,  according to this link. ” Worm.Win32.Flame, or plain ‘Flame’ (or ‘Flamer’ or SkyWiper”.

What is Flame and what does it do? Kaspersky describes it as an “attack toolkit”, which means that it has enough components to do anything and everything it wants to, from opening a backdoor, deploying Trojans with various purposes and then spreading it as a  worm-like features,  and allowing it to replicate in a local network and on removable media if it is commanded so.”

I am not a total IT tech geek, imagine the boldness of  this intruder can do to your data pretty nasty.

@ Kaspersky Lab they state:  ” Flame has been described as incredibly complex” and reveal details of the malware, as “one of the most complex threats ever discovered. It’s big and incredibly sophisticated. It pretty much redefines the notion of cyberwar and cyber-espionage, ” and because of the complexity,  it is one reason why it was undetected for so long,  Kaspersky goes on to say and they believe ” Flame” has been operating since August 2010.

For more information about the  Flame -cyber intruder Kaspersky & experts explain further &  hey just  read the post: “Flame” cyber weapon found in Middle East.

“While Stuxnet and Duqu were targeted at government organizations and facilities, it is not so clear who or what Flame is targeting. Victims detected by Kaspersky include individuals and educational institutions, suggesting this is a more general piece of malware that could be used to target institutions beyond the government. In terms of who or what is behind Flame, Kaspersky makes it very clear that this is state-sponsored cyber espionage. “Currently there are three known classes of players who develop malware and spyware: hacktivists, cybercriminals and nation states,” Kaspersky said. “Flame is not designed to steal money from bank accounts. It is also different from rather simple hack tools and malware used by the hacktivists.” “So by excluding cyber criminals and hacktivists, we come to conclusion that it most likely belongs to the third group. In addition, the geography of the targets (certain states are in the Middle East) and also the complexity of the threat leaves no doubt about it being a nation state that sponsored the research that went into it,”  holy cow…

Symantec has also been looking into the malware in conjunction with CrySys. They have dubbed it Skywiper. They too say it is likely to have a well-funded party behind it. “This code was not likely to have been written by a single individual but by an organized & well-funded group of people working to a clear set of directives,” stated by Symantec.

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My rant for today  and to read more about  ITU.  One wonders… why ITU and UN tend to  ignore  individuals like us, some of us are working  towards solving some of these issues mainly for many  innocent children and women in developing  & developed countries. I am sure you read about my work here I have been doing since 2005-2007 and as of today, why my  fight for end user protected tools.

The  story behind flame ITU International Telecommunication Union so why do they ignore these issues especially  when it comes to innocent children and women in developing countries?  – unless we all fight together for end user protected tools & our rights together in my opinion we have power as activists working in the digital or tech sector….. .. as we all know internet does have a dark side!  is there a solution for many of us from an end user point to be able to protect ourselves and without being compromised..- heck  yes, my fight is mainly from an end user point of view to protect innocent humanity and those of us who work in the education, social media and activists  on the internet.

Unless ITU makes the effort to talk to us and include us in their ” closed conferences”  we  would be happy to expand further &  show them the solutions and how  some of the tech companies  are  solving these critical issues  mainly from the dangers and threats over the internet to protect innocent children and women.

As we on this subject,  United Nations and ITU want to regulate the internet, well this will get a lot of  of folks and activists pretty angry and those of us,  who work within the innovation &  secure digital sector for end user protected tools and rights side…- have you ever wondered?  how we are all truly constantly being controlled on the internet, and as end users we truly have no end user rights folks….

Governments or bureaucratic bodies regulating internet and why many are against: India’s proposal for a UN Committee for Internet-Related Policies (CIRP)

Any sort of a  proposal that strings together the words ‘regulation’ and ‘internet’ almost immediately makes me want to scream out loud…I sense ‘control’   and wanting to  impose authority and control of power on many end users.  I am not that surprised,  do you all realize,  that  regulating the internet often begins some how from certain countries, and they pretty much don’t believe in the  freedom of voice nor end user rights.

Although my work is about protected tools & end user rights  for all innocent children and women over the internet,   I believe strongly  in the power of freedom to voice,  freedom to communicate and end user right in the context of identity protection rights and to  be safe in the cyber world.

Catch this cool post   ” A Daily Digest of IT Blogs from Richi Jennings  posted on May 29, 2012.

Flame virus is mid-east cyber-broiler

Supposedly, the Flame virus is the biggest cyber-weapon yet discovered. The malware is targeting middle-eastern countries and stealing information, but who wrote it, and why?  In IT Blogwatch, bloggers toss out their theories  Flame virus is mid-east cyber-broiler

Flame cyber fire malware machine to machine and something to think about! is there a human cost to all this as end users  and civil society? . It is truly odd that no one is speaking of the human cost, as end users or to innocent children, youth and women not only in the developed countries and  in the developing countries, when it comes to cyber threats, cyber criminals and cyber dangers.  Ultimately the internet does have a positive side and has created innovation and advanced us in many ways,  unfortunately it is highly unprotected system ever created from an end user point of view and we as end users pretty much have no end user rights to protect ourselves.  Odd we tend to protect ourselves in the real world, so why not in the cyber world don’t we all have a right as an end user? I should have a right to protect myself on the internet!!!