Facebook – IPO what is your prediction? #moneygame #womenindigital

Posted on May 18, 2012


Facebook IPO, what is your prediction?  this is a prediction game taking place on the internet social sites.

#womenindigial #moneygame

Facebook IPO  day closing price predictions the virtual game currently taking place- http://www.facebookipodayclosingprice.com


FACEBOOK IPO  the money game #womenindigital @mymulticast

FACEBOOK IPO the money game #womenindigital @mymulticast

Facebook overvalued at $50 billion the ongoing debate with tech bloggers, end users, investors &  wall street investors, pundits” blah blah

Facebook releases few details about its financial situation. It is said to have annual revenues of around $2 billion, and presumably its huge numbers of users, and the long periods they spend logged in to the site, offer it much scope for boosting its earnings. According to the Financial Times there are some reasons for skepticism. “ The Financial Times’s Lex column stated “most of Facebook’s revenue so far is coming from generic online advertising, which has not proved  particularly profitable for other media organizations and that it does not yet seem to have come up with a brilliant money-spinning plan, as Google did when it offered advertisers the ability to place their messages alongside search-engine results. One Facebook shareholder, Thomas Heilmann, a German advertising mogul,  saying that the current valuation of the company is “crazy”

Facebook IPO.  I am sure FACEBOOK IPO stock will run up for a few days, and like we say everything that goes up eventually comes back down stock market is a money making machine and a game.

Day traders will make money.

Many will buy at various price levels,

Many will be chasing the stock.

Many will take their wins.

Many will take a loss and  depending on how long they can sustain if they purchased it at a  high price.

and who knows,  a few may just end up sitting with stock for a few years and sell it @ a high price.

Many will hope  it will go up, up and up.

Many may take a risk and a chance at what ever price they get.

We know –  stock market is a lucrative money game!  ” buy low, sell high”

Many will end up buying on emotions and the list goes on

But that Savvy INVESTORS knows  the game.

Stock market is a lucrative money making machine & a game.

To make a win in the  stock market  we say “be in the deal or you are history “

Savvy Investors use a method and it is an art.

Any savvy investor looks at the  bottom line “revenue and asset”,  their motto ” what is  in it for me”  &  ” show me the money”

Investors, retail buyers @Wall Street and some of  social networking users want to know this key question, “how will Facebook,  generate revenues in the future ” Facebook showed of some pretty impressive financial & usage figures, many are wondering how the company plans to make and generate huge revenues in the future of its extraordinary large user base,  the end user base (it is us)  we as end users  drive the markets for many of these internet technology companies, ultimately we are the products without us – social sites would have nothing without us the end users.

Question:   What are your insights and thoughts?  how will FACEBOOK as a company generate revenues in the future? 

WHAT are your prediction where will the stock  price  close at, on the first day?

 Ultimately shareholders and investors look at  profits & revenue this is the bottom line.

As I am in the secure digital sector and a social media addict, I joined  the Facebook IPO prediction close  site via  twitter and joined the  game, a prediction social media site taking place and this prediction game has been inspired  by a tweet from angel investor Chris Sacca Tuesday night,  and a programmer named  James Proud  created a site to track tweets with closing predictions.

A bunch of  end users joined the site via  Twitter users  predicting the close of the day  If you like investing, like the  stock market, addicted to money,  enjoy the world of stock market and the game of making money, hey get involved and add your prediction to the mix and watch the average prediction by clicking here .

These  predictions for FACEBOOK IPO is not carved in stone,  it is a  GAME taking place on social  internet sites.

My prediction between 2014 -2015 the stock will be in the range of $70 + as long as they address their security privacy rights for end users & mobile sector.


Meanwhile around the Facebook privacy &  end user rights issue on internet and many social internet sites,  I keep fighting the fight  from an end user point of view,  we pretty much don’t have any rights as “end users” when it comes to these subjects as I explained have explained in some of my posts.

As we are on Facebook IPO subject, a story post came a few days prior to the Facebook IPO and taking place in the US, but what about non US citizen what rights do we all have, interesting post on Bloomberg  ” real world vs cyber world” – users vs Facebook 

Privacy from all aspect will be key struggle for Facebook and for many internet tech companies for  end user side, I believe if Facebook is to create further revenues and bring innovation to Facebook, they may have to work closely around end user security side,  be it protected tools  or ways to work with other technology companies to help them solve some of these key issues for end user for protected tools and  within the secure mobile side in my opinion and I am confident Facebook shareholders may just want to protect themselves.

Facebook Suit Over Subscriber Tracking Seeks $15 Billion

Facebook Inc., the social network operator whose shares began trading today, was sued for $15 billion in an amended complaint by subscribers who claim the company invaded their privacy by tracking their Internet use.