via Forbes @ by Adrian Kingsley – Hughes”Emergency Flash Update Fixes Security Vulnerability Used To Hijack Windows PCs!

Posted on May 6, 2012


Via FORBES by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes 

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Adobe has released a security update for the Flash Player that fixes a vulnerability that is currently being exploited by the bad guys to hijack Windows PCs.

The vulnerability, which is described by Adobe as an “object confusion vulnerability,” exists in the Windows, Mac, Linux and Android versions of the Flash Player. The vulnerability can be used to crash applications and take control of the affected system.

This vulnerability is already being exploited. Malicious files are being sent in email messages which target Flash Player on Internet Explorer for Windows. While this attack is currently limited to the Windows platform, given the high profile and highly successful Flashback attacks against Mac, which netter over 600,000 Macs into its botnet, it’s quite possible that we’ll see this attack being extended OS X.

Android device are also not immune to malware either, so it’s wise to update those smartphones and tablets too.

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