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Internet’s Future! who wants to control the internet do we have any rights as end users?

May 31, 2012


My digital journey story these are my opinions -” power of internet and new media from all points” This petition I am a supporter, and I am absolutely in agreement with Access Now.  My thoughts and  my opinion this will never take place…some of us will fight this one out…. This is how the digital […]

“Flame” cyber intruder – ‘Flame’ malware is far more complex than Stuxnet and Duqu, according to Kaspersky Lab.

May 28, 2012


FLAME – cyber intruder -cyber security & privacy we deal with many intrusions and how safe are we all as end users? on the internet and off course we click click & click as we surf with all our devices? ‘Flame’ super-virus attack’ and ‘No country is safe from the Flame super-virus’ says @ Eugene […]

Facebook – IPO what is your prediction? #moneygame #womenindigital

May 18, 2012


Facebook IPO, what is your prediction?  this is a prediction game taking place on the internet social sites. #womenindigial #moneygame Facebook IPO  day closing price predictions the virtual game currently taking place- #addicted2money!!!! Facebook overvalued at $50 billion the ongoing debate with tech bloggers, end users, investors &  wall street investors, pundits” blah blah […]

SOCIAL MEDIA Breaches and dangers will grow in 2012 as experts have been reporting these trends

May 8, 2012


‘Fake Justin Bieber’ Arrested for Sextortion 03 May 2012  by Matt Liebowitz, Security Daily News – alert An Alabama man is being held without bond for allegedly posing as Justin Bieber on Facebook, and persuading teenage girls to send him sexually explicit pictures and videos of themselves in exchange for concert tickets. Christopher Patrick Gunn, […]

via Forbes @ by Adrian Kingsley – Hughes”Emergency Flash Update Fixes Security Vulnerability Used To Hijack Windows PCs!

May 6, 2012


Via FORBES by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes  Tech For the Rest of us  none geeks. Adobe has released a security update for the Flash Player that fixes a vulnerability that is currently being exploited by the bad guys to hijack Windows PCs. The vulnerability, which is described by Adobe as an “object confusion vulnerability,” exists in the […]

This is not April’s fool joke related to communication in UK

May 5, 2012


The UK Government revealed on April Fools’ Day that it’s planning to offer law enforcement agencies unprecedented access to private communications. British Cellphone operators and ISPs will be required to harvest packet data — containing the parties to all calls, emails and social media communication, as well as the time and duration of each message. […]