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Posted on April 29, 2012


This is my digital story –

Our digital story and our campaign,  this is my message in case I don’t make it ….fighting the fight since 2004 to find a solution for end point protected & safety solution to keep innocent children, youth and women safe  within the social media & educational sector and during some of  my own digital learning projects I design with youth globally. 

This is one of my digital journey and the work I am doing… will someone listen?  here we go!!!!

As the cyber space becomes the future of all communication and as digital  technologies evolve so do humanity, unfortunately so do criminals looking to take advantage of the innocent humanity.

My vision is simple ….. to keep many innocent children, youth and women safe as we bridge the digital divide via the internet mainly from an end point safety & privacy side yep  – Internet does have a dark side… you don’t believe me – well check out the facts and trends on IT Internet websites for cyber security and cyber law or just catch the news on  Sophos , Hacker News,   ZDnet   and many more websites  trending on cyber threats  –  I agree with  ZDnet quote statement:  Security Let’s face it. Software has holes. And hackers love to exploit them. New vulnerabilities appear almost daily. If you have software in your devices and – we all do – you need to keep tabs on the latest vulnerabilities.

Many sites do give us a  rosy picture of where the digital economy is heading and I agree digital innovation is at its peak and with those who don’t care about users privacy right or protect the innocent humanity,  many do give the facts  around  the dark side of  digital tech  and Internet.

We as a core group of people working in the social media, education,  leadership, business and digital tech sector, believe in sustainability & digital innovation from all levels when it comes to new media, educational sector. Unfortunately we also deal with the dark side of these technologies &  Internet when dealing with designing creative projects or starting up with  new business models.  I have been driven to find a solution to protect innocent end users.

We work with a few technology companies, who  have been  assisting us to solve  some of these critical issues from an end point security side, so we can integrate protected tools during and for our digital projects,  at the same time  protect innocent children, youth and women globally over the internet during some of our projects we design & develop for our campaigns and programs in the   social new media  and educational sector.

I believe as digital technologies evolve,  along with it  comes some major human cost with cyber dangers and cyber criminals lurking to take advantage of innocent users.

” The rapid development in the use of innovative digital information technologies, in particular when it comes to the Internet, has given a new dimension to trafficking in human beings and pedophiles who take advantage of innocent users globally.  The Internet as we have witnessed since early 90’s has evolved very fast, and it is convenient and inexpensive way of connecting people between cities and across borders in the cyber space and as stated by many researchers it possesses the potential to be misused by cyber crime and  criminals. Traffickers now have,  literally at their fingertips, an effective, unrestricted and often anonymous means for recruiting their target and victims.  Online employment agencies, in particular model agencies or artist agencies, or just a online marriage bureaux and agencies, can all be ploys to lure potential innocent children and WOMEN as victims.  Internet chat websites are often used to befriend potential victims, as case studies are shown and the risks for young people to fall into these dangerous intruders and  traffickers’ net have substantially increased” for a full report on some of these case studies you can  contact me and I will expand on how these traffickers follow innocent victims via the Internet” and none of us have the ability to protect ourselves from an end point and this can compromise the ethics of any corporation,  business or global international development organizations working in CSR  sector and where innocent children, youth and women are concerned.

When children and teenagers  connect over the internet and on various social internet sites, they have direct and immediate access to their  friends, peers, groups  and family. Some how with the way the cyber world functions, it is opening cyber boundaries they these innocent children, girls, boys and women  come across strangers.  Behind a social media  profile none of us know who the person is and it can  put innocent children at great danger and risk.  Many innocent children in many parts of the countries  are given computers for education, some are taught how to protect themselves and some at times are  not taught how to protect themselves over the Internet. They assume the stranger they meet be it on any social networking site may be a friend and they start to  accept, meet and communicate with strangers online. These Internet predators have easy and anonymous access to our children our future generations and on  online where these intruders  can conceal their identity and roam, and start to  connect and send links that could pose a threat to the  innocent end user.  Today’s sexual predators search for victims while hiding behind a computer screen, taking advantage of the anonymity utilizing the Internet and  cyber world has to offer.  The dark side of the Internet does exist and we can’t avoid it and with a creative way,  we can solve it from an end point to keep many of us and innocent humanity safe through next generation end point tools.

“People who do not believe that their children could ever become victimized online are living in an unrealistic world.  Regardless of if your child makes ‘As’ or not, that child has the potential to become victimized through online technologies.  I think it is very important for parents of all socioeconomic status and with all different roles in society to take this problem very seriously.”—Melissa Morrow, Supervisory Special Agent, Child Exploitation Squad, FBI

The children are our future. Really?

The children are our future. What future? A future of pornography or one of social and economic prosperity? How secure is that future? How vulnerable is that future? Is cyberspace safe and secure for future generations? The need for safe computing, online practices have never been greater. More people now access to the Internet, more children are going online. The Internet has become a much needed resource.

However, the vulnerable, especially children are increasingly being targeted and exposed to danger online. You will be shocked at some of the activities children are exposed to when accessing the Internet. E-mail, chat rooms, online forums have become the targets of hackers, online predators, pedophiles and cyber bandits. Hoping for the best is handing over the initiative to the predators. It’s easy to see why proactive measures are needed. Children and young people need access to the Internet and online resources for growth and development in a safe and secure environment by African Children Cyber Safety

mobile attackers @mymulticast

mobile attackers @mymulticast

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ITU online children protection @mymulticast

Current 2012  digital projects I am designing and  developing with  groups  of young change leaders.

As we embark on our collective journey, as ethical change leaders we strive to adopt best practice standard tools and  bring awareness of many cyber crimes and current dangers  taking place online when it comes to cyber threats.

As a founder of   “A gem of an Idea” I  bring awareness of cyber dangers and cyber  intruders  my goal is work with leaders who believe in protecting human cost and not focus on the monetary cost when they are working with innocent humanity globally.  At the same time,  my work is about  empowering  women & young change leaders and by way of bringing best practice standard  digital tools to develop on going digital projects.

By providing digital  multimedia  tools to groups I support it  can be  very empowering and providing knowledge around the dangers of internet is always  “powerful knowledge”  speaks of human cost vs monetary cost and we must protect all innocent children, youth and women,  we cannot compromise human costs for the sake of profits and monetary cost  especially when it comes to the internet & unprotected devices tools.

Through our collaborative vision, we also work with our technology supporters, these technology partners support our digital projects. These technology leaders and groups will  further support our projects and  assist us, with developing  end user secure cloud protected tools for various digital new media learning projects.
To this date all these projects are all self funded by me and no outside financial resources have been given to me since 2004. One could send a grant application – chances are these grant foundations tend to look at an application and in few moments, send you an email and decline you the grant nor do they take the time to  understand the grave dangers of internet from all point of education or social media.

We are a group of ethical change leaders, we believe  the digital sector is growing and trends have shown  end-users moving towards and becoming more comfortable with a form of SaaS referred to as “in-the-cloud  computing” Our long term goal for the interactive digital multicast projects are showcased  via a Gem of an Idea and how we aim to solve the end point safety issue will be posted @agemofanidea with the support of several technology companies supporting our work.

2012 current digital projects:

A Gem of An Idea, Thumbs Up Africa & Spektor Storytelling – will be igniting a sustainable digital  vision and with several participating youth and groups working towards impacting ideas for sustainability.

As we  develop our own projects, vision we strive to adopt  best practice standards tools within the  new media  digital sector  programs. @ A  Gem of an Idea believes  end users cannot be compromised over the internet with cyber criminals or dangerous intruders, making sure we don’t compromise innocent humanity at the same time.

Many organizations  fund various  innovation technologies projects  and we believe funding can come to projects like ours,  we believe in empowering many and those who may not have the funds to access or be at major conferences.  our mission is simple,  making sure and we must protect innocent users to join some of our digital project in a safe and secure environment.

To do this – we have to work with many technology companies to support our vision and mission, alone we can’t, together we can avoid human costs when it comes to cyber crime, cyber dangers and cyber fraud, we believe in empowering those who may not have a  voice and we believe that change is visible for sustainability with next generation secure device tools and we have to start somewhere to achieve this.

Human Trafficking is a huge issue and if we are truly working in a ethical way, we must prepare ourselves when working with children, youth and women to also protect them within the digital divide sector.

Cybercriminals are moving away from hacking into personal computers to attack personal mobile devices,  says a new study of the top cyber threats for 2012.

Cybercriminals will move away from breaking into personal computers and increase their focus on mobile devices,  according to a report on cyber security for 2012 we are fast approaching 2013

In the quest to find a solution “a gem of an idea” working to find a secure end point security solution, for education and social media solution as we innocent users’ of tech  bridging the digital divide to protect our data. 

With self-defending data at the network core and the only unbreakable encryption secure solution is needed to solve end users’ data rights.

“In the 21st Century, we have a global climate, highly mobile and more technologically savvy users

than at any other time in history. Individuals and institutions take for granted, the ability to

instantly communicate anytime, anyplace with anyone over a worldwide heterogeneous

technological environment into which more data is transmitted in a single hour than the sum total

of the entire Library of Congress. The Internet is a severely under protected network

and storage environment where people are lulled into the misplaced belief that their information is

safe and secure. With the rising incidence of threats to sensitive data, and increasing requirements to protect that

data, many global international organizations must focus squarely on their security infrastructure. Protecting sensitive and

critical data, no matter where it resides, and ensuring that only the appropriate persons have access to that data, must be a

core requirement of every company’s security strategy”  Copyright Absolute ID

WHY safety for innocent humanity  should be taken serious by many organizations working with innocent children, women and youth and victims of abuse and their security is a priority and why it is critical from an end point of view follow the dangerous intruders and how it will affect end users the digital innocent human side of the cost  as research states around the the future of cyber threats 2012.

Our current 2012 collaborative digital projects as we ignite and empower many youth and  innocent women and their children globally to have equal opportunity and another way to include all for informal education within the social media sector and give meaning to “change is visible” you are welcome to view some of our upcoming projects and if you care to support or donate funds to our vision  @agemofanidea   THE first Gem-Thumbs Up Africa takes place August 2012 …..we believe in sustainability and inclusion FOR the safety of all innocent children, youth and women globally as we bridge the digital divide….

A great quote from His Highness The Agakhan in the context of  Pluralism

“Three concepts seem to me to be essential in creating, stabilizing and strengthening democracy around the world, including among the people of Africa and Asia with whom I have worked in the past. These concepts are meritocracy, pluralism and civil society. In particular, I will ask, what role can Canada play, drawing upon her national genius, in creating or enhancing these great underpinnings of democracy in the developing world” by His Highness The Agakhan 

“A secure pluralistic society requires communities that are educated and confident both in the identity and depth of their own traditions and in those of their neighbours. Democracies must be educated if they are to express themselves competently, and their electorates are to reach informed opinions about the great issues at stake. Perhaps the greatest obstacle to pluralism and democracy, however, is the lacuna in the general education of the populations involved by His Highness The Agakhan

the darkest hour – there is hope @agemofanidea

Here on this page, what I am  trying to say could we do both, protect the innocent users and at the same time create a medium for a pluralist digital medium? and  we can teach and give hope to  many innocent  future generations, as we break down these cultural barriers?

Alone I can’t together we can and change the digital game.

Keep an eye on the mobile sector threats & trends.  I am writing a simple post  it will be posted sometimes in  October or November 2012 as the technology leaders launch their products for end point safety – there is a NEED  to keep innocent humanity safe when it comes to the Internet in the  21st century…

@ A  Gem of an Idea – Thumbs Up Africa -Spektor Story Telling

message from “ashie hirji” we speak for those who don’t have a voice and include their voices we cannot compromise innocent humanity,  just for the benefit of money  and put innocent humanity and  especially innocent children, youth and women in many of these developing countries and developed countries and put them  @  risk & danger over the internet.  We have to come up with effective  solutions & best practice standard tools and include a vision of   sustainable solutions to ignite change within the  sustainability  sector – OUR collective vision began with young  adults  and many women  globally :  Our current 2012 project :  WHO we are collectively & working to empower ethical change leaders for digital innovation & for end user safety as we include many globally to be included with our  campaign & vision  @  GEM-Thumbs Up Africa,  PEACE DAY Sept 21st projects and to view several projects Click   Here “a Gem Of An Idea        to view the upcoming   “a  Gem of an Idea -Thumbs Up Africa project click HERE

Ashie Hirji Flame of HOPE @agemofanidea