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Posted on April 21, 2012


I don’t endorse any groups or organizations (unless I am directly working or involved with them during any of my digital projects) Everyone has a right to their opinions. Although, when it comes to end user privacy rights,  I do speak up and  I do support the fight  for end user protected tools & privacy rights for internet.  WE must  give people the freedom to VOICE  and we must empower those that need support – the world would be a safer place for all.  Ashie Hirji

Anti-CISPA groups starts the #tweet bomb   ‘Stop Cyber Spying Week’ protests and it is under way on their websites and social media sites.

Hacktivist group Anonymous have slammed SOPA’s successor-bill The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), which is due to go before the US House of Representatives early  next week.  According to advocacy group, Access Now  on their petition they write: “That’s what the US government and certain companies appear to be telling the world with the latest CISPA bill before the US Congress”

OR could there be more to all this for governments & internet technology companies .

WHY the fight for privacy rights by Anti CISPA Groups?

On April 1 2012 I wrote a post:  Power of Information: Freedom vs. Privacy in the digital information age. This is no April Fools’ joke!! British government proposing new legislation which would allow the police & secret service to monitor internet users’ online activity http://wp.me/pK5kQ-pF

As CISPA picks ground this week , bloggers, activists speak of open net, freedom, privacy rights,  democracy and their privacy rights.  Over The Guardian website, some very interesting debates & opinions are taking place about the “Battle for the Internet”.  Tim Berners Lee” inventor of the internet speaks of “data sharing on the web” Berners-Lee is considered an expert on how the web works,

Berners-Lee is adding his voice to the debate over a controversial Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act “CISPA” bill concerning security and the internet and he address this over the audio tape Cispa causes concern to internet privacy advocates. .

“[It] is threatening the rights of people in America, and effectively rights everywhere, because what happens in America tends to affect people all over the world.  Even though the SOPA and PIPA acts were stopped by huge public outcry, it’s staggering how quickly the US government has come back with a new, different, threat to the rights of its citizens,”  as part of a weeklong series on the battle for control of the Internet and  how open is your internet?  and during this week-long series  on the battle for control of the internet,  lee expands and is  examining how states, companies and technological developments are challenging the principles of openness and universal access on which the net was built.

Berners-Lee has been an outspoken defender of the “open internet”, warning in 2010 that web freedom was under threat from the rise of social network  silos such as Facebook, “closed world” apps such as those released by Apple, and governments’ attempts to monitor people’s online behavior and goes on to saying  ‘Protest necessary’ and he urges government to stop the snooping bill   

CISPA is mostly concerned with cooperation between private and government organizations in the sharing of information related to cyber crime and security. For supporters, CISPA is necessary legislation that will allow government agencies to adapt their services to the interconnected world of the 21st century. Protesters are worried about overstepping, however, and say that broad legislation could easily be used to bring draconian control to cyberspace.

While Lee and others have already added their voices to the protests over #CISPA, this fight isn’t going to be nearly as clean as the one that took place over SOPA and PIPA. Large companies like Facebook, which trended against SOPA, have come out in support of CISPA:

Facebook vice President of US Policy has published an open letter justifying his company’s support for CISPA, Lee argues that the bill isn’t going to force Facebook to do anything with private data.

  • “More than 845 million people trust Facebook with their information, and maintaining that trust is at the core of everything we do. Keeping the site secure to protect our users and their information requires a combination of technological innovations; around-the-clock coverage from our dedicated staff; and relationships within the broader security community”
  • A successful defense against bad actors also requires that we have timely information about cyber threats. One challenge we and other companies have had is in our ability to share information with each other about cyber attacks. When one company detects an attack, sharing information about that attack promptly with other companies can help protect those other companies and their users from being victimized by the same attack. Similarly, if the government learns of an intrusion or other attack, the more it can share about that attack with private companies (and the faster it can share the information), the better the protection for users and our systems, this allows  companies unprecedented access to personnel information, severely violating privacy laws.”

Okay I now get this, but as we all know SOPA and PIPA  created a massive opposition, but the underlying problems are still there and the bills will keep coming back under new names until something finally will be carved in stone. SOPA was the pet of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA); despite SOPA’s failure, the MPAA will have their piracy & copy rights concerns related to  Copyright: This Generation’s Prohibition  addressed with this new bill CISPA.  CISPA labels a threat as “Efforts to degrade, disrupt, or destroy government or private systems or networks,” stay with me as I now get it….. “Theft or misappropriation of private or government information, intellectual property or personally identifiable information” whereas CISPA legalizes the sharing of user data without the user’s permission so long as there is a perceived security threat.

The advocacy group “The Center for Democracy and Technology” brings light to this matter for those of us who are not United States Citizen, they state that the vagueness of this bill,  “CISPA has a very broad, almost unlimited definition of the information that can be shared with government agencies and it supersedes all other privacy laws.” In order to make CISPA’s procedures transparent, the bill goes on to mandate that an annual, unclassified report be submitted to Congress detailing  any and all information shared under CISPA  and to  make recommendations for improvements to the law”. “Such amendments, however, have done little to quiet the opposition. Raising the eyebrows of some internet activists, one proposed amendment would include in the definition of “cyber intelligence” the “theft or misappropriation of private or government information, intellectual property, or personally identifiable information.”

Okay so far I get it, and now the Congress is making amendments to the bill to clarify the vague language. House Intelligence Committee Restructures Cyber Security Bill  ‘CISPA & drops Language on Intellectual Property.

Although, many social media web activists say this definition is proof that CISPA is, indeed, a new SOPA and would be used to enforce copyright law and as CISPA supersedes existing privacy laws, it leaves open the possibility for companies and the government to monitor private email, chat or Facebook messages as long as they claim it’s for the purpose of protecting cyber security. As there is no built in judicial oversight, these claims of a threat don’t need to be proven before the sharing of data can take place.

HOLY COW WOW so where our privacy RIGHTS as  end user? Something to think about!

I highly recommend you visit their website “The Center for Democracy and Technology” and catch this post “Concerns Mount Over Unresolved Privacy Issues in CISPA.


Anonymous Plans “24 Hour Tweet Bomb” To Fight CISPA    “Anonymous have dubbed the new legislation as “rampant government spying” even worse than SOPA. The collective called on their supporters to initiate a “24-hour Anti-CISPA tweet bomb” to boycott the new legislation. The action started on Friday at midnight (EST While it’s not the hot-button issue SOPA and PIPA became, there is something of an outcry concerning CISPA, and with the Congress preparing to vote on the bill next week (Monday, 4/23), there’s been a push from those opposing the bill to increase the opposition chatter. At the front and center of this latest rallying cry is the Anonymous hacker group, and to spread the word, the group has jumped on their Twitter account to announce the 24-hour tweet bomb that protests the bill, while raising awareness for those who may not know about CISPA”.  Source  @WebProNews

Source:  RT Tweet bomb ticking: Anonymous rounds on CISPA — RT http://bit.ly/HUY5X5  CISPA: say ‘goodbye’ to privacy and freedom: http://youtu.be/OpIP71dDufw via RT youtube