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Posted on February 21, 2012


“dark side of the internet” and what various tech bloggers are discussing ? 

What is the truth?  understanding the dark side of internet & cyber threats ,when  it comes to dangerous intruders & cyber threats for many end users.

Knowledge is power, understanding cyber threats and dangerous intruders is huge power, this digital human story is for those innocent people fighting for their  freedom and human rights.  Please keep in mind if the dictators and  dictators of the world and notorious tyrants want to shut internet connectivity in their countries- they can and nothing you can do about it, this is my point of view when it comes to all things internet.

The word out on the web and what is circulating around March 8 & March 31 about INTERNET !

The dark side of Internet:

FBI plans to shut down Internet! and understanding what is going on over the web.

Computers & IT experts around the world are blogging and warning that, in an attempt to stop the damage inflicted by a Trojan virus that has infected millions of computers worldwide, the feds (FBI ) plans to shut down Internet Service Providers (ISPs) whose administrators have not yet cleared their systems. FBI plans to unplug the temporary network on March 8, and when that happens, “computers infected with DNSChanger will not be able to access the Internet,” explained PCWorld. “The malware will send requests to servers that will no longer be online.”

The computer tech expert  Krebs on Security reported that although the FBI has been warning of the impending shutoff and of the importance of companies and individuals to clean up their computers and servers, as of the first of February the DNSChanger Trojan was still active on computers at half of Fortune 500 companies, as well as on PCs at 50 percent of federal government agencies.

“The Internet could go dark for millions of users as early as March 8 because of a virus that has corrupted computers in more than 100 countries. FBI is planning to unplug DNS servers it set up to help eliminate malware from over half of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies still infected in early 2012.

The change could potentially leave a great number of Internet users without access to the Web.
according to InfoWorld reports: the feds replaced the criminals’ servers with clean ones that would push along traffic to its intended destination. Without the surrogate servers in place, infected PCs would have continued trying to send requests to aim at the now-unplugged rogue servers, resulting in DNS errors.

The malware, called DNSChanger Trojan, is said to illegally redirect traffic and prevent users from accessing the updates necessary to remove it. Without access to these critical patches, these large companies, government agencies, and home users are said to be more susceptible to hackers

 FBI might shutdown the Internet on March 8 post written on ‎Feb 15, 2012‎  “Millions of computer users across the world could be blocked off from the Internet as early as March 8 if the FBI follows through with plans to yank a series of servers originally installed to combat corruption.  

“So it appears that many will not have access or connectivity ?  Internet could go dark for millions of users as early as March 8 because of a virus that has corrupted computers in more than 100 countries. I am wondering how many people know about this  The computer script, called  DNSChangerTrojan, taps into fraudulent servers, sending users of the Web to unintended – and sometimes illegal – sites. Though the FBI has shut down the DNSChanger network and put up surrogate servers, they warned the solution was only temporary – and the court-ordered deadline is March 8 2012 –

According to  The Hacker News – via @TheHackersNews

THE TRUTH according to PC world’s post Truth About the March 8 Internet Doomsday according to  PC WORLD

No matter what tech experts, tech bloggers, IT groups or internet technology websites write – off course it has  knowledge and information for many who are non tech geeks, sorry I just can’t quite get the coders -though they are pretty smart.

I wonder though, there must be another solution to keep ourselves as end users safe & protected from the various cyber threats, dangers of malware and keep these dangerous intruders away, when we connect online or off line over the  internet & on many social sites!!!

IS THERE A end user protected tools solution? heck YES

Follow my digital work and why I am asking a few technology leaders to help me solve these critical issues for global innocent humanity – just so I can keep dangerous intruders away during my digital projects. Ashie Hirji

THE REASON why my fight for end user protected tools – as you know there are many dangerous intruders on the social sites and internet and our information is all over the web and some of us have no control how to even delete our information on many of these  roguewebsites and endanger many innocent victims.

There is a dark side of internet and it is dangerous for many  innocent children, girls, youth and women and some of you many not care and I DO, as I have no idea half of these individuals who connect with me and no way to even figure out what part of the world they are based and how some of these unethical individuals are able to even hack us on some of these social sites.

I  have been following a story about Ruth Jeffery.

Ruth Jeffery is a student and tells how ‘caring boyfriend’ was malicious and vile stalker who posted sexually explicit photos of her online

Shane Webber sent naked pictures of girlfriend to friends and family – Ruth Jeffery was made so ill by online abuse campaign she contemplated suicide -He subjected me to ‘sustained mental torture’ and She calls for update to law to act as a deterrent to internet stalkers. This took place in UK

A student whose boyfriend secretly bombarded her with sexually explicit photos for over three years yesterday told of her ‘sustained mental torture’.

Ruth Jeffery said she never believed Shane Webber could be behind the ‘vile and malicious’ hate campaign and assumed she was the victim of a sinister mystery stalker.

Her unemployed boyfriend even posted naked images of her on adult websites and sent them to her family and friends, including her horrified parents.

Internet stalker jailed for putting explicit pictures of girlfriend onlineShane Webber, 23, admitted harassment after sending images of his girlfriend to her family, then trying to implicate a friend more about this story

Last night, I finally got to watch Ruth’s  documentary on channel 4. As a mother and as a women, I felt for this young girl and her pain & what her family must have gone through.  More about this documentary is posted on Channel 4 site
Women in  digital sector, who are fighting against cyber intruders & cyber threats on the internet   -“THE dark side of internet ” are we all that safe as end users? on the internet & internet technology sites, many tend to ignore  these issues – WILL many global leaders listen to some of us and our concerns.

Invitation to follow my digital human stories and the quest to bring end user protected tools – DO WOMEN support women ? or is it about the ELITE who support the ELITE ? will  you as women leaders – support my quest & campaign.  I fight each day to bring awareness about why -end user protected tools is important to many innocent humanity – will you join me in this fight  about the “THE DARK SIDE OF THE INTERNET  and it is important, that we all need to join forces and support women leaders, who work in the digital sector and fight this fight together – will you  support my work ? @mymulticast.

Thanks for visiting – hey  don’t forget to read my #womenindigital  ethics vs unethical  digital humanity”  will be posted here soon.

I am sure, by now you know that I am a  tech and digital activist and a driven as a  ethical fighter and I took a stand for innocent humanity, children, youth and women  in 2004 at the Alliance for a New Humanity Conference and to bring a solution when I presented my work at the Human Forum in 2004 –  Some of us women are in the digital sector and we need to be heard by many global leaders – around these cyber dangers currently taking place on the internet – next gen digital women working in the digital infosec sector need to be heard and keep an eye -for this upcoming post . It is about ethics vs unethical acts – the TRUTH