Women who work in the secure digital sector ask? DO YOU BELIEVE this is possible? “Internet will shut down on March 31st”? The awakening of digital humanity.!!! – light vs dark – ethics vs unethical -prosperity vs greed – Humanity vs Digital

Posted on February 17, 2012


Anonymous Declares Upcoming  Internet Darkness

or should the title be   -“the dark side of unbalanced humanity &  unbalanced internet” this is my opinion.

Some how something truly went sideways in the digital world ! I have witnessed individuals who truly have no ethics !!!! and people will sell their soul for the almighty buck.

The unbalanced side of digital humanity  light vs dark – ethics vs unethical – prosperity vs. greed – abundance vs lack, freedom vs control and the list goes on….

Anonymous, or someone  claiming to be involved as part of this internet’s elusive hacktivist group and its network, has made a bold statement in their press release and is threatening to launch a coordinated cyber attack that would effectively shut down the worldwide Internet.

There were, however,  a few notable errors in the group’s press statement announcing the mission which may reveal this to be merely some sort of April Fools’ Day joke or scare. An announcement on Sunday appeared on a  file-hosting site called Pastebin declaring an internet protest that will take place on March 31st as the day that “anonymous will shut the Internet down  globally, a day of darkness called “ Operation Global Blackout,”  This cyber attack, according to the claims made by anonymous’ in their message is a protest against “SOPA, Wall street, our irresponsible leaders and the beloved bankers who are starving the world for their own selfish needs out of sheer sadistic fun”. It’s not designed to kill the Internet, but to temporarily take it down to prove the hackers’ point.

It is certainly an interesting read by some of the tech bloggers if you care to follow some of their thoughts regarding all of this

Ultimately how safe are we all as end users to access the internet? Everyone is advocating, protesting, demanding and fighting for something these days, and they are doing so in the name of humanity. I am advocating for end users and the safety of innocent children and women on internet.

Ultimately how safe are we all as end users to access the internet? Everyone is advocating, protesting, demanding and fighting for something these days, and they are doing so in the name of humanity. Everyone is fighting for something these days and  I am advocating for end users and the safety of innocent humanity, children and women on internet.

Back to my question DO YOU BELIEVE if this is possible?

According to the  Business International Times blog written by  Jacob Kleinman on February 16, 2012

“Anonymous, Hackers Take Credit for Knocking NASDAQ Website Offline, Announce ‘Global Internet Blackout’ for March 31”

Following the success of their hack attack on NASDAQ’s website, Anonymous has announced that March 31 will be “Global Blackout Day.” Their attack will take place exactly six weeks from today, according to the statement and will target 13 main servers that together support the Internet globally through DDoS attacks similar to the ones used against NASDAQ but on a much larger scale.

In their statement, Anonymous makes it clear that they are not anti-internet. Rather they are using their most powerful form of expression to draw attention to the corruption of government and capitalism.

“To protest [the Stop Online Piracy Act], Wall Street, our irresponsible leaders and the beloved bankers who are starving the world for their own selfish needs out of sheer sadistic fun, On March 31, anonymous will shut the Internet down,” reads the statement. “Remember, this is a protest, we are not trying to ‘kill’ the Internet, we are only temporarily shutting it down where it hurts the most…It may only last one hour, maybe more, maybe even a few days. No matter what, it will be global. It will be known.”

In an article for Forbes magazine, Andy Greenberg argues that it is unlikely the cyber-attack will actually happen, and that Anonymous is simply doing what they do best, trolling us (making absurd claims to get a reaction out of the public).

According to security consultant Rob Graham one could never take down the Internet with one fell swoop because the thirteen targeted servers, which are scattered in different locations ranging from the Pentagon and NASA to Maryland University, each function differently and would react in a different way to a uniformed DDoS attack.

“A technique that might take out one of them likely won’t affect the other twelve. To have a serious shot at taking out all 13, a hacker would have to test out attacks on each one,” he writes. “But, the owners of the systems would notice the effectiveness of the attacks, and start mitigating them before the coordinate attack against all 13 could be launched.”

Graham also points out that there are far more than the supposed 13 servers, thousands of computers share that load, and taking them all out would be near to impossible.

In order to pull off a successful attack Anonymous would need to both increase the number of people participating and tailor individual attacks to each of the 13 servers without letting the details of the plans leak to the targeted victims. Announcing their intentions so far in advance may give Anonymous time to organize a successful global internet blackout with massive support, but it will also give its opposition time to prepare. Then again, the foreboding announcement may just be an attempt to rile their targets, the media and the world into a self-induced frenzy. SOURCE: http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/299921/20120216/anonymous-hackers-occupy-wall-street-global-blackout.htm

According to The Next Web blog written by  Brad McCarty  February 16th 2012  #OpGlobalBlackoutis a ploy to blackout the entire Internet,

If #OpGlobalBlackout is a ploy to blackout the entire Internet, could it work?

According to Information Week’s blog written by  Mathew J. Schwartz February 16, 2012

Anonymous-Backed Attacks Took Nasdaq Website Offline

NASDAQ and BATS stock exchanges, and the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), were knocked offline earlier this week by hacktivists. Nasdaq emphasizes that stock trading remained unaffected. 

(question from women in digital sector  asks: –I am wondering  what about individual investors though, did it possibly affect your trading that day? Did you miss any buy/sell opportunities as a result?)

NASDAQ confirmed that cyber-attacks on its public website made it temporarily unreachable for some users, but claimed that they had little to no effect on the stock exchange.

“The website wasn’t hacked, nobody got any information. What they did was try to block access for our users,” NASDAQ spokesman Joseph Christinat told Reuters.

Source @InformationWeek http://www.informationweek.com/news/security/attacks/232600975

Anonymous Takes Down FTC Sites

According to  RT.com  FBI might shutdown the Internet on March 8th  allthings related to internet & cyber security is power https://mymulticast.wordpress.com/2012/02/21/the-dark-side-of-internet-women-in-digital-mymulticast/?preview=true

ANONYMOUS whoever they are, they are fighting their audience on their own terms and

for the world to be balanced this is my opinion and their method is through the internet. Their goal is to communicate to the world and humanity about the injustice humanity is experiencing at the hands of corrupt leaders, greed, abuse of power and total ignorance of humanities suffering and the list goes on, I am confident you get my point here. These are my opinions & thoughts, why not BE the light towards humanity and be anonymous4good and  4equality & impact all  innocent humanity, children, young adults and women as they are our future generations & keepers of this earth. If we all worked towards a common goal, towards a purpose in life, we will witness much prosperity and  equal balance in the digital world and do some good collectively work towards impacting humanity. however we put it, “ANONYMOUS4good” in my opinion can ignite prosperity and balance out the darkness and bring abundance to humanity, just so humanity can  flourish as time evolves. Ultimately the choice is yours. I choose to work towards the good for all humanity within the digital technologies sector. BE  safe, protect keep innocent humanity safe in this world both offline & over the internet.

Insight on the growing threats of cyber crime from an end user view point and this is my digital journey towards advocating for end user protected tools.

WHAT is wrong with this big picture?

As we on this subject, here are my opinions & thoughts about the World Economic Forum (WEF) DAVOS is a place where only the high level elite rub shoulders and gather, well nothing wrong with it. At one time  I have had a dream to be at  WEF DAVOS just so I could talk &  meet  with SOROS, and it is still my dream, who knows one day the opportunity may take place.

As I read reports on cyber dangers my inquiry goes around the World Economic Forum (WEF) and their new  initiative on cyber security that was recently launched at the World Economic Forum to strengthen efforts to combat rising cyber risks, and as you follow my story you will understand why I am now asking _ why all of a sudden they are so concerned about cyber global risks? and when I connected their organization, they declined me and my work.

WEF – The initiative ‘Partnering for Cyber Resilience’ is a set of shared principles, endorsed by chief executives of firms that recognise interdependence of organisations in tackling cyber risks, according to a statement from the WEF.

Citing the importance of the initiative, India’s largest software exporter TCS CEO and MD N Chandrasekaran underlined the need for consistent processes and uniform policy framework in the digital world that can be implemented internationally.

A new initiative has been launched at the World Economic Forum to strengthen efforts to combat rising cyber risks. The new programme would engage the corporate firms into working towards a safer digital environment.

“We need to recognize that making the world more resilient to cyber-risks is a challenge that can only be addressed collectively by policy-makers, business and civil society,” Alan Marcus, senior director and head of Information Technology and Telecommunications Industries at WEF USA, said.

“Everything attached to a network can be hacked and everything is being attached to a network,” Rod A Beckstrom, president and chief executive officer of the Internet Corp of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), said.

US consultancy major Deloitte LLP was project advisor to the programme, developed through multi-stakeholder dialogue across the globe.

According to BBC News – United Nations agency ‘hacking attack’ investigated. The United Nations Development Programme says it is “in the process of validating this claim”

Continue reading the main story Related Stories

A group of hackers has posted more than 100 email addresses and login details which it claimed to have extracted from the United Nations.

Many of the emails involved appear to belong to members of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). source BBC News http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-15951883 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-16352891

I keep asking myself,  what is wrong with the overall global picture? why do some of these organizations & their decision makers keep ignoring some of us? something I can’t figure out any more, this includes many other  institutional foundations, NGOS & humanitarian organizations I have mentioned in my posts.

2012 GLOBAL RISKS – all of a sudden!! a new initiative to tackle cyber threats was launched at WEF

@mymulticast – why do some of the global leaders ignore our work?


The dark side of the internet & social sites, all the hyperconnectivity in the digital world is making us vulnerable to cyber threats and cyber dangers.

As humanity evolves, hey so do the digital world. My question has always been are we as end users safe and secured on the internet – are innocent children and women safe on the internet –  is there a SECURED end user solution to protect innocent children and women on the  internet?  HECK YES and I will show you what we have been doing to solve  this  issue from an end user point of view – and my work is  in progress. or click  here : http://about.me/ashiehirji 

I encourage all to learn and gather some insight (as much as possible) into the growing threat of digital cyber crime. As end users, we all need to be much more aware as we continue to dramatically increase our connectivity, as more and more gadgets and devices and items that were previously just regular old entertainment or household products become integrated with and connected to the online world. This is our digital journey together. It is my digital journey to continue advocating for end user protected tools to ensure that we are all safe, secured and that our offline or online rights are not diminished in any way as everything continues to expand   into the digital  new media & internet landscape. (follow some of the  cyber crime interviews and debates by experts on some of my posts)

WISH UPON A STAR for the safety of all  innocent humanity over the internet to be safe and protected from an end user point of view as we work within the new media & digital informal learning sector, and again I say most of these web tools do not have an end user protection for privacy rights.

– My work & vision is about  digital divide for secure digital education for all and it includes end users protected tools with security.

My digital HUMAN journey WISH UPON A STAR -is about #allthingsinternet & end user protected tools #anonymous4good #4light

THE DARK side of internet & the digital freedom there is a cost to it.

My digital HUMAN journey, is more about end user and protected tools – I am WISHING UPON A STAR – is about my hopes and aspirations for the digital end user quest and  4allthingsinternet as I work towards bringing end user protected tools solutions to many change makers and the work I my work began in 2004.

Now that you have read my digital rants and read some of the  tech blogs & posts that are being published by reputable tech bloggers and IT experts in the web media outlets and on many of the web internet sites, one would assume that  many of these global humanitarian foundations (United Nations, NGO’s, UNESCO, Educators or even large global institutions) who are working with innocent humanity via the internet globally, would take steps  to address how they would keep their members  and and innocent children and women safe from all these cyber dangers that have been, and are still, taking  place over the internet! YES – so what is wrong with the picture? when I keep sending some of the  decision makers all my document and information about my work my and I keep getting declined to be given an opportunity to expand further about the end user protected toolss & solution I am working towards.

My journey is about making sure I am working with ethics & truth.

For me, the difficulty has been to avoid the dark side of the internet and to stay within the “universal divine energy field of light”, and to continue to be able to truly impact humanity in a positive way – through next generation digital secure technologies within the  new media or as known social media,  informal digital learning education sector, be it for digital story telling over the internet.

There are enough people on this spaceship called “the earth” who have huge resources, power, wealth & the capacity to give back, to uplift humanity in a positive way.  Some of us are not that lucky to be showered with the kind of wealth some have, and some of us keep fighting obstacles so we can keep innocent humanities safe on the internet.

Each day I get cyber threats from dangerous individuals who send me dangerous cyber links, malware links, etc. Each day I get links that are very nasty, each day hackers and dangerous groups tend to target me, just because I am voicing hope for those innocent souls of humanity and trying to warn and educate them about some of the inherent dangers of the internet.

YET, I keep fighting the fight. I continue advocating for the push to find secure solutions for end user protected tools.

Not many VC, angel investors or funding groups throw money at me. Trust me on this bit of information; and it has not been a piece of cake – believe me! I can share many stories around unethical people who claim to be spiritual or speak of humanity – yet their actions are unethical. I work hard to keep my vision alive that I started in 2004.

Each day I contact individuals who have, or may have, the capacity to assist me. Each day I send documents to individuals who, in my opinion, can or could assist me. Each day I keep phoning individuals requesting for a meeting. Each day I send emails – expanding on the work and what I am doing – to possible investors, start-up funding groups, institutional organizations groups and those who have financial resources. And I get a reply via email that I don’t fit within their criteria, or they are not looking at new opportunities – or they give a few poor excuses of some kind.

WHAT is wrong with this picture? why are some of these global insititutions ignoring the cyber dangers to keep innocent children, girls, youth  & women safe?  from an end user point of view.

There are many individuals, I know who can & could assist me – unfortunately most have turned their backs .If you are reading this post – I can show you a sustainable & a  financial model that would impact humanity – in a huge way and create jobs at the same time and at the same time keep innocent children, women and young adults safe in the developed and developing world and future generations working in the humanitarian sector.Well, I am definitely not giving up my vision, mission and my quest, I will keep fighting the fight for many innocent humanity, that need end user protected tools (and there is a big reason why this issue is close to my heart) just so I can keep empowering many change makers globally & keep innocent children & humanity as end users safe from the current dangers, that are taking place on the internet & much more.

Someone with an insight will see the big picture in what I am saying and may just get hold of me.  These individuals or groups  may realize the opportunity & the vision far in the future and in my opinion, may have the guts,  compassion and resources to take the risk in me and my work and take a chance in investing in  my work, in me and ultimately be opent to hearing  my story. It is a matter of time and who knows, they may decide to give me one huge push or a hand one of these days – it is a matter of time and this will give me the power to make an huge impact for innocent end users towards a secure digital divide – and believe me it may just about  ignite next step in the Digital Evolution so we can truly keep innocent children and women safe on internet.

This is my digital human story -the ups vs. downs, the negative vs. positive, the challenges vs. opportunities, the light vs. darkness, some ask what is the ” meaning of life is? For me life is like experiencing. The only way I can describe  life is – it is like one big box of delicious chocolates, experiencing the different flavors as I meet some interesting souls – humanity –  and as long as I don’t get a “silly nut” during my digital  journey – – and  just to keep my vision alive, just to  bring end user protected tools for innocent humanity.

On a final note – one of my mentor is His Highness the Agakhan and because of his vision & the work he is doing in developing countries, was my reason, why I began with the digital new media journey in 2003-4 to empower youth and women globally & to find a end user protected tools solution for them as we were bridging the  digital divide and my vision behind end user protected tools within the new media sector.

@mymulticast – How do we win and capture the audience & keep innocent children, youth and women safe on the internet.

Thank you for reading my digital human journey.  My work is based on impacting those who need my assistance and keeping innocent humanity in many parts of the world & developing countries safe on the internet, and as I develop my own informal digital new media educational projects for and within the social media sector.  Ashie Hirji