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Posted on January 24, 2012


Ethical digital leaders working towards end user protected tools solutions a win/win for all who have opinions, working towards next generation digital evolution, the future of #allthingsdigital and social media.

My view point, as a women in business and working in the digital infosec sector.

We are using the internet & communication devices every second of our life. As humanity evolves, so do new cyber technologies explode and evolve and with it new cyber digital trends & dangers evolve -the good, the evil and the ethical.

 You figure out? where you fit in the scope of the digital trends & internet digital evolution   “good – evil -or ethical individuals”  digitally speaking!!

We live in a world where our personal and professional lives are digital, have you  figured out how many devices are out in the global markets?  most of us globally live, work and are constantly utilizing digital tools & connecting with each other in cyberspace. Many of us, use the Internet, computers, mobile devices, telephone lines including voip and  phones each day  to connect, talk to our friends, families and associates.  We are all on social sites accessing our connectivity over the internet, text each other, socializing with new people on social sites and at times, we have no idea who some of the people are and yet we connect with each other in the cyber world, we follow each other on twitter, facebook and linkedin, google plus and thousands of other social sites.  

The point I am making here,  is to understand what makes all these systems we all utilze via the internet to access and communicate on various networks and devices, and to satisfy our “needs” to connect. Lately it is known people who are on social sites,using various devices are called  techno zombies.  We humanity pretty much have no control from an end user point of view, when it comes to our information or content, we post on many technology internet sites, many of us are pretty much  innocent and on the mercy of technology companies utilizing their tools, from an end user point of view, we are now vulnerable to cyber threats, dangers, malware & attacks.

Innocent individuals as end users in my opinion get exposed on many of these social media sites and we have no control at times to protect ourselves from many of these dangers cyber tech experts talk about via INFOSEC ISLAND 2012 cyber trends “Sophos Releases Security Threat Report 2012”


IS there a way to solve some of these critical issues? as end users we must have the power to be less vulnerable & avoid human exploits taing place by some of the negative technology out in the market?  

IS there a win/win solution? 

I say yes from an end user point of view to be safe from the dangers currently taking place on internet & social sites. WILL people LISTEN to some of us?

I have been following the The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) story for a while, as I work in the secured digital sector and end user protected tools for content rights. We are all aware, internet has many loopholes, and the big issue for me has always been dangerous individuals who target innocent children and women, and we are all aware of cyber malware and there are unethical hackers GLOBALLY.   This is my opinion.  around the issue of “Online piracy” of any kind, and be it for Hollywood, music and any other forms of entertainment  sector, and  internet tech sector, it is pretty nasty when people steal.  Some who work in the digital sector get it and especially those of us, who are in the “internet digital sector”  “online PIRACY and stealing IP in my opinion is a huge crime and  nasty. People who have worked hard  &  put their heart & soul towards developing  their IP to achieve something in life (hey trust me this has happened to me in Canada when I developed my own digital IP product concept) and in a split moment, we send our documents, information and hardcopy information, although we sign an NDA, someone with big $$$ or someone that has no integrity will  steal it.

Even the big boys get pissed off  check what Steve Jobs said. Via  @rt_com “Steve Jobs was preparing for thermonuclear war with Google”  http://rt.com/usa/news/steve-jobs-war-google-437/

So, my point here is inregards to SOPA & PIPA, as we say read my lips LIVE,   JUST because a proposed solution to a problem is developed, it doesn’t mean it is the right solution, and I speak here, from my  perspective, being in the digital sector I am always looking for “solutions” and a win/win for all parties.  

We who are in the digital or tech sector, NEED TO find ways or come up with unique solutions that benefit ALL globally,  humanity and create a  neutral playing field, this way we have a win/win solution to the current problems for copyright infringement and yet give voice to those activist working to benefit humanity.

 The main issue here is that SOPA and PIPA focus on enforcing copyright infringement laws against host websites, internet technology companies, INSTEAD they should be focusing and going after those criminals, individuals, and people downloading and using the pirated material. (Furthermore and in my opinion,”they should be looking at other dangerous sites such as users who post porn links, dangerous malware on all these social internet sties and they should get the criminals who run their humantrafficking business & acts currently taking place via the internet, again this is my opinion) and would give the government license to shut down websites at their discretion. The”acts” do this by proposing the government receive the power to stop U.S. companies from funding, advertising or linking to these sites. Court orders could also block U.S. web users from being able to read the site.

 Technology internet companies such as YouTube, according an example,  could be shut down almost immediately. We all know on YouTube, users post & publish videos that may have copyright infringements.

Heck it is happening in my opinion at the same time in India’s Bollywood industry, I know for a fact new movies and dvd’s can be bought in North America and in “India Town” in Canada and here in Spain they call them “looky looky street vendors”  and they all sell pirated movies. It is unreasonable to think YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo or any other social networking sites, could police or address these million and millions of videos footage or stolen content hosted on its site, and don’t forget the “non-profit organizations”tend to use a lot of the music, so what happens now?, unless they come up with a whole new structure, of which this would cost billions to the internet tech companies. 

The trouble with the proposed acts is, the US human political powers, focus too much on penalizing the hosting sites or internet technology sites, even though there is darn no way these host sites can monitor all the content published globally.  From internet point of view, we know  virtually anyone can hack anything these days, experts have been predicting these issues for the last decade, just follow the digital 2012 IT threats trends and you will see how dangerous cyber attacks are taking place on the  internet and it is becoming a pain in the darn butt for many of the users and especially for those innocent end users globally on the internet and social sites.



Check this out: http://tabtimes.com/spotlight/ittech-security-privacy/2012/01/20/mcafee-mobile-security-quiet-and-efficient-bodyguard.

TECH CYBER TRENDS  https://mymulticast.wordpress.com/2012/01/29/womenindigital-2012-cyber-trends-4-allthingsdigital/?preview=true

  Let’s also remember and keep this in mind, the acts would not prevent people from downloading anything and especially the illegal content, hey come on we talking about the wild wild west called the internet. We all know, if you are a damn good IT /coder, hey there are ways of getting around the internet these days from your devices and anything can be done.  The powers to be these days,  in my opinion want way to much control.  From what I understand, these acts are not promoting censorship, unfortunately it is causing a big cyber revolution now and when it effects “our freedom of speech and by blocking sites that involve user-developed content on  Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo or  Wikipedia. well you just let the cyber tigers out. If we keep talking about digital “democracy” well people, we all need to walk the walk and talk the talk. POWERS to be, be it little or big all need to find a different digital solution and make it a win/win for all, that includes the end users, end users drive the bottom line, and we as  cyber social media activists, who are working in the new media digital sector and  citizen journalists HAVE rights from end users point of view to be included in many of these conversations.

BIG Hollywood giants, entertainment studios and music labels and internet technology companies, should all sit as adults and hash these problems out, and find ways to make piracy work for them instead of blocking  or shutting ethical sites down.  They all need to work together and come up with a new game plan. The sites or individuals who are dangerous or threat  to innocent women & children and innocent humanity,  in my opinion their sites should be shut down.

Imagine the power of end users on the internet?  and because of the internet yes end users have the power , they had and still have the power to make things happen, when done right and they were able to mass circulate the links, get people involved and ability to stop the SOPA & PIPA act.

Imagine, the power of social new media END USERS who drive social sites to the next level, unfortunately along with it comes many cyber dangers if innocent humanity is not well educated.

SOPA & PIPA  was the biggest event in the history of internet, I believe over 8.5million posts were going virally and because of the end users,  these acts were stopped by the overwhelming public’s reaction.

 Although this act is in the USA,  globally everyone joined to support American people, the citizens of USA and global bloggers, citizen journalists, social media activists and #womenindigital tech activists shouts, voice, social media links went crazy a new kind of cyber revolution demanded to be heard and these end users in one way, were heard in the USA government.

So what is taking place in India and technology sector according to The Times of India

Wikipedia founder: Curbing Net will scare away investors – The Times of India http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/tech/internet/curbing-net-will-scare-away-investors-believes-wikipedia-founder-jimmy-wales/articleshow/11572108.cms


According CNN whatsnext On Jan. 18, an alternative act was brought forward and proposed  

The OPEN Act as an experiment in digital democracy 

it is an Online Protection and Enforcement of

Digital Trade Act (OPEN).

This act was published to the internet & web, and  people in the new era for  cyber internet, the world & internet technology groups were given the opportunity to respond.

According to Forbes

According to Forbes website Dave Thier, Contributor wrote a interesting article

The Reddit Revolution: How a Site for Sharing

 Lolcats Became a Major Political Player

HEY FOLKS  although many say “don’t break the internet” forgive me for my ignorance, the wild wild west called the internet ummm!! keep in mind is a patch up job in my opinion and although end users who drive things to the next level 🙂 please keep this in mind , because of the social media end users, humanitarian activists, and  tech activist of all kind and many citizen journalists globally will not allow the internet to be divide, nor will the internet break in my opinion,  but do keep in mind “internet has reached  capacity” according to experts, and of these experts did warn us in 2007 -8 (catch my post on internet). Oh well, in my opinion, we as social media & internet technology leaders collectively still need to  come up with different solutions, to keep the social media techno addicts & digital zombies 🙂  connected over the  internet, and give the end users the POWER TO win -and a win/win for all internet technology companies. I believe technology leaders will have to  find a medium ground and dialogue with the SOPA & PIPA  folks. Sometime humanity has to evolve to the next level  & work as a collective whole  for the future of internet. I am hoping this will be a new era where human beings working in all digital sectors, will  find a win/win solutions for the digital, internet evolution can get to the next level.  Keep in mind it is always early adopters that drive all markets & social media to the next level .

In my opinion, the future as we all tend to agree and YES, it about digital, data innovation, inclusion & convergence and ultimately a solution for end user safety .  The cyber security evolution within the cloud or  new media sector will keep evolving and along with it, we will see some new innovative digital trends and users will demand for  social media tools, apps and many I believe some users, will demand for privacy & security on social sites and internet  and some will not give a damn about their security, I speak mainly from end user point of view.

Many young & early adopters will be the driving force, who will utlize new devices that will have many of these security features available.   In my humble opinion we have not seen or heard  who and what some of the new emerging  innovators & tech leaders are doing in the digital & mobile sector.  KEEP an eye here, as time evolves in the next year or so, I tell you who these new game changers will be? when it comes to cyber security sector.

 We  are on the tipping point  of something revolutionary in the digital security sector, mainly for end users…….2012 -2013  will change the course of digital history and as time evolves, end users will be in power as they may own their information & their content, when it comes to the informal digital educational sector, information vs news sector.

I can’t solve all global  humanities crisis although, I can solve innocent humanities digital crisis for end users safety!!

Knowledge is power and cyber digital end user protected tool is huge power and it gives us innocent humanity massive power & freedom over the internet.  

@mymulticast “follow my digital human story” and why I am fighting for next gen end user protected tools for innocent children and women and their safety. GLOBALLY.

 DID you KNOW???? Europe’s “data protection”  -a new regulations  taking place in Europe  On  Janaury 2012 European data protection regulation announced, it won’t just affect the 700 million Europeans. U.S. companies with European users. https://mymulticast.wordpress.com/2012/01/26/endusers-europe-to-issue-new-data-protection-rules/?preview=true