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Posted on November 9, 2011


Preview of exclusive interview with Facebook Leadership: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO/Co-Founder & Sheryl Sandberg, COO

Mark Zuckerberg: Google, Microsoft Are Violating Your Privacy–Not Us (VIDEO)

myTwitC : Preview of Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg.

Click below on going opinions from all points of view – about cyber security

My SHOUTS…..below are some  interesting FACTS of what is happening in the  wild wild wild #cyber world, click below. WELL  I say knowledge & wisdom is power right on and- UNDERSTANDING  knowledge mainly around the world of cyber space & why security is important, the game changes & yes it is a different ball game  & monster we dealing with, and I say it more from an end user point of view,  understanding what is going around the cyber world  is huge power for many end users who work on the internet & busy busy with  social media insights, hey this is just my opinion.  

– Feds: Cyber Criminals Hijacked 4 Million Computers – ABC News  #cyber #malware

“FBI – International Cyber Ring That Infected Millions of Computers Dismantled”

AND whilst you catching up _ MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS

18 Child Porn Websites Shut Down
Result of Joint U.S.-China Cooperation

Meanwhile: lets not forget the world of social networking sites – HOW DO WE KEEP innocent children & women safe from the current dangers? and should we have a way to ALERT authorities if we see dangerous individuals lurking on LINE ?  is there a solution?

 “FBI – Online Friendships Can Mean Offline Peril”

My opinion: WHEN it comes to end user protection & privacy rights,  hey some of our OPINIONS do MATTER, mainly from end user point of views, & how can we actually protect ourselves & innocent individuals. I work with many youth & women for my own digital learning projects and each day MY  concern is how do I KEEP these young individuals I work with SAFE, when we organize  our social media projects @a GEM of AN IDEA  & making sure that they understand the dangerous in the cyber world.  SOME of the young adults , I work with are not equipped to understand many of these dangerous and as they are working towards their own  sustainable goals & projects in their communities,  I make huge efforts & make sure they also, understand that technology can be put to good use, as long as they are aware that there are  many dangers taking place on many of these sites and if we work with innocent children it is my duty and their duty to keep members safe whilst designing some of my goodwill projects with them.

I do my best & work in ethics & I work with several ethical leaders, & we are ethical leaders working towards &  4 cyber end user  protection & security solution. We believe & some of us must have end user protection rights on the internet when we join all these social networking sites. It is not always about the bottom line.

So what is the solution? well I have found a solution after 7 years of hardwork.

Ethical leaders in the tech digital secure space & ICT4m innovation, we  are a group of individuals, working to change the game mainly in the secure cloud space from an end user point of view. The future of digital landscape is going to be a win for all and 4 #enduser protection on the internet & inclusion in the space for digital learning.  I believe ultimately the  end users drive allthingsdigital & end users start cyber revolutions.  Hey don’t get me wrong,  I am women &  #women4tech in #leadership  & #ethicalleader working towards #endusers for #digiinfosec & hard at work, inspite of challenges I have faced financially &  bringing a cool solution for end user protection whilst we are all ON  the wild  internet.

This link is my  pick for business leadership for today

Want to know more about my digital work?  I am working with a few cool new emerging tech leaders, my work is being supported today to find end user protected tools.  Some of us believe in holistic approach for neutrality. If you want to contact me leave a message here or catch me via @mymulticast. 

Join me during some of our  digital conversations for security & learning.  #digitalleaders #leadersintech #women4tech  and #womenindigital, Ethical leaders 4#endusers #privacy protection &  follow me as I speak of the  next generation emerging tech leaders, who work in the secure digital cloud sector & my insights where the digital trends are heading here or over my banner called a  GEM of an IDEA digital evolution & internet.

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