FACEBOOK & opinions of Tina Brown, Jeff Jarvis and Andrew Sullivan Talk Privacy

Posted on November 8, 2011


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 and #WOMENINDIGITAL for enduser protected tools

DO OPINIONS MATTER? from all points of view!!!!

OUR OPINIONS at times do MATTER 4 the future of digital privacy & the solution 4 #end user  #protected tools for interent.

WHAT is the  solution!!!! mainly from an end user point of view in the #digiinfosec sector.

ALL OPINIONS matter from all points of view?

OKAY who is right and who is wrong  OR  is there a neutral point of view to a solution , so we can  please everyone ?

SO HOW do we solve theses critical cyber threats, privacy, security & end user protection privacy rights  MAINLY from an end user point of view – ???

These are my opinions.

Some of us are on the mercy of  many big technology companies, they own our passwords & usernames, they own our content, they control us on the  internet, and lately all we see, some individuals who are unethical and keep sending us links that have malware or links that take us to their “unethical sites” and SOME of us, don’t have a choice but to keep blocking them on social sites via the internet.  I have people asking me to connect on social sites and have no idea, at times who they are, many want to  connect with me on other social sites. EXAMPEL check these screen shots:

My question to you is, how do we want to manage our privacy rights from an end user point of view and  protection on the internet.

How do we protect ourselves from an end user point of view? and how do we  control our privacy, content, our rights?

I BELIEVE there is a solution for many of us on social sites – from an end user point of view.

Follow my digital journey

– why the fight for end user protected tools  4 #allthingsdigital.  I speak mainly from  my view points on #aGEMofanIDEA.com.

SOME of us, have been  working towards #enduser protected tools in the digital cloud space.

AND OUR OPINIONS MATTER, we are  ethical  leaders working towards changing the game & I am working towards a cool end user protected tool solution with a few technology leaders.

Follow the opinions  during CYBER SECURITY CONFERENCE and many view points https://mymulticast.wordpress.com/2011/10/31/women4tech-digit-talking-all-things-digital/

Well EVERYONE has an opinion these days and we  have our opinions.

According to this article : written byThe Huffington Post    November 9, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg: Google, Microsoft Are Violating Your Privacy–Not Us

The above debate is their view point.

Tina Brown, Jeff Jarvis and Andrew Sullivan Talk Privacy.

Question : WILL security play a huge role in the coming future ?

I say yes, in my opinion  cloud has become so  blurred & lately a risky business for some of us.

Since 2010 experts are now speaking about these issues in the cloud computing sector.

The Cybercrime Boom:

It’s A Good Time To Be A

Hacker written by Eric Savitz The Tech Trade


The Cybercrime Boom: It’s A Good Time To Be A Hacker via  Forbes http://onforb.es/snBHsp

Like some of us  “knowledge is power and end user protected tools is huge power” and understanding knowledge  & wisdom is powerful when it comes to internet for end user security.

According to this post their opinions are coming from experts in the security cyber sector:

‘Cyber attacks moving to mobile, social sites’ – The Economic Times – http://toi.in/rPfa9r

ROBERT SICILIANO, CEO of http://www.IDTheftSecurity.com is fiercely committed to informing, educating, and empowering Americans so they can be protected from violence and crime in the physical and virtual worlds. speak during a conference http://youtu.be/p_ikx0_erfU

British Foreign Secretary Hague ‘Nobody Controls the Internet’ @SPIEGEL ONLINE

British Foreign Secretary William Hague wants to make the Internet safer. In a guest editorial, he calls for politicians, the business world and civil society to address problems including cyber crime, digital repression and terror networks at an international conference seeking to find solutions to these problems. more…


SO WHAT IS THE SOLUTION from an end user point of view?

I have my own opinion, how to solve these critical issues, and unless you talk to us, we can show you what we doing in this sector.  I am working with a  group leading this solution, emerging new technologies are on the move to solve, end user protection solution.

My work is based on a  vision I started in 2004 after my fashion career came to an end early 2000. My vision was about how I could and can impact humanity for digital learning & digital divide & at the same time keep  innocent children, women & youth and many educators working globally safe  on the internet.

My goal is to help those that need tools, and my bigger vision is to  create jobs for younger adults & empower many globally.

A great video worth listening below, around why women should  empower women spoken by Sheryl Sandberg.

My current portfolio is on the”A Gem of an Idea”  social media projects division of Heart In Action Enterprises.

AND yes, I have inspired many NGOS, organizations & many individual youth & women -globally, each day I hope that a ethical investor or philanthropic investor will be inspired & would see the vision to further support me and my global campaign.

I am an ethical change leader and I may have couple of negative strikes against me, 1)  I am a women 2) I am women of color & 3) I am women in business, 4) I am women for technology, and who believes technology for a better world and a safe cyber world.

Being women of color and women in business makes it 10 times difficult to be heard and at times to be accepted in many communities.

WHY do women overall have a harder time to raise funds or be heard? I question & keep asking myself – and I am speaking & fighting for gender equality in business.

Here is a great video worth listening, around why women should  empower women by Sheryl Sandberg. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg on Why We Need More Women Engineers [LIVE] – Yahoo! News http://news.yahoo.com/facebook-coo-sheryl-sandberg-why-more-women-engineers-115506367.html via @YahooNews

HERE is my view point  “women are ambitious” unfortunately funding is a critical issues these days & many high profile women, who have access to funds, in my opinion don’t support women or assist women to find or access funding.  Should empower women, who are working in the digital tech sector? and  give them a push to get to the next level?

I am a women leader in the digital sector. I am working towards changing the digital divide landscape, towards solving to bring safe & secured digital tools for inclusion.   Silent women in digital sector &  leadership  https://mymulticast.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=561&action=edit