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Posted on October 31, 2011


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BEFORE you read my posts – I should  warn you, I am border line dyslexic and did you know many famous people have been successful and are dyslexic and that includes Richard Branson http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLHtyAsKDkQ  and many others. (When Time magazine asked Richard Branson, the media mogul and founder of Virgin, whether his dyslexia hindered his businesses abilities, Branson had a pointedly candid response. “Strangely, I think my dyslexia has helped,”  he said. “When I launch a new company, I need to understand the advertising. If I can understand it, then I believe anybody can. Virgin speaks in normal language instead of using phrases that nobody understands, like ‘financial-service industry.”)  

 SO forgive me, as I am not a savvy blogger like some of you although I do my best and paint a picture for you to understand my advocacy and what I am doing in the digital sector on blog page and my material  is more about my opinions and my own digital journey about the digital divide and my quest to find end user protected tools solution. My critical mission is around the subject related to all things digital & the future of secure digital cloud mainly, from an end user point of view my thoughts and my these are my view points.

Is there a solution from an end users point of view to keep end users safe and protected from the dangers currently taking place on the internet?

My critical mission since I first began my work in 2003 -2004 has been to push the boundaries & bringing awareness to technology leaders to support my advocacy, and my campaign    for end user protected tools.

More about what I do with groups globally is posted on my banner site

Called “a GEM of an IDEA” + other banner such as READ MY LIPS LIVE shout it out.

I speak from a non tech geek point of view, internet has some nasty darn holes and many of us, change leaders are wanting solutions to be safe on the internet.

As  #Leaders 4 change, some of us are starting to demand & focusing towards finding solution mainly from an end user point of view.


ARE TECHNOLOGY LEADERS really LISTENING to some of us? we are concerned about these cyber threats and dangerous individuals lurking on social sites – are you folks  listening to us?

According to an article posted on FORBES”Security In A World Of Instant-On Computing – Forbes http://onforb.es/tnKfKi great post.

MY concerns, as technology evolves in the 21st century &  as social networking sites keep exploding with  speed of light , ummm, along with it come many kinds of  cyber threats, criminal individuals &  dangerous individuals lurking on many of these social sites.  AND I am not the only one, voicing these ISSUES, many end users are struggling to keep these dangerous intruders out may be take the time, to listen to some of us.

SO IS there an end user protection solution for us on the internet, who are not technically that savvy but more who work in the humanitarian sector and highly creative when it comes to social media digital innovative ways to create digital learning social media projects.

Each DAY, I keep experiencing nasty  intruders on internet and on many occasions on my social sites. I get links that are posted on my profile pages through many other social networking sites and  I receive them via my email, casestudies available.

SO WHAT IS THE END USER PROTECTION SOLUTION -tech leaders MUST start to listen to some of our concerns about these FRINGIN annoying issues.

AGAIN, MY SHOUT, what is the darn solution, mainly from an end user point of view? and don’t get me wrong I AM 4 tech & digital innovation and for  #digiinfosec  4 #endusers , as a women I have rights on the internet and am totally for  #women4tech & digital innovation.

HERE are my observations.

It is interesting when I send information to organization who are  hosting their global conferences, and I send  information about  my work and / or speak about these issues to them in a form of application  or these issues on my social profiles…MANY  truly  tend to ignore these issue.

AND I COUD NAME A FEW OF THESE global foundations, educational institutes and groups

When I send emails or contact some of these foundations & NGOs  admin staff  during a global conference, and point out these issues as they are also working with many children and  women in  the educational sector or social media sector, THESE same people  tend to totally ignore me and the issues that I raise

Whilst I speak to these groups, individuals or even whilst I seek for funds or speak with key funders…they think I am out to lunch & something I have lost my mind.  To me it looks like, they just don’t give a rats ass, & SOME are, totally clueless about these issues and threats.

Since 2004, I have been working away, and trying to get the attention of many individuals explaining to them why “security from an end user point is so critical” although it has not been easy to get a investor to support many of my own projects I develop and design with many children, youth and women globally, I work 24/7 – supporting a lot of campaigns and social media projects without much funds….and I am working away to  find the  “end user protected tools &  solution  for my projects.

HERE is some good news:  I am sure by now, you are wondering if I have made progress

WELL I am getting there just about 80% getting closer to finding a solution more about this will be posted in a few months. The technology leaders who are supporting me, will  be completing new tech. developments.

SOME OF THE Experts are talking  about these issues.

According to these articles below 

1) According to this post written by By Tim Greene, onNetwork World

Cellphones will become a way to attack otherwise

protected devices: report

When it comes to security, mobile phones are the new thumb drive

By Tim Greene, Network World
October 11, 2011 03:50 PM ET
 Mobile phones will become an increasing menace to network security that could drop malware onto protected devices when they dock to sync or plug into USB ports to charge, security experts say in a Georgia Tech report.

Compromised phones will infect computers they may plug into for otherwise legitimate reasons, much the same way malware such as Stuxnet found its way onto laptops via thumb drives, according to the “Emerging Cyber Threats Report 2012” released at the Georgia Tech Cyber Security Summit 2011″ today. It was presented by the Georgia Tech Information Security Center and Georgia Tech Research Institute.

ONLINE SECURITY: Father of SSL says despite attacks it has lots of life left

This statement makes sense to me, mainly from a non-tech geek point of view.

Presentation Abstract: written on Infosec ISLAND

Hacker Halted: McAfee’s George Kurtz Discusses

the War on Security Tuesday, November 01, 2011

George Kurtz, McAfee’s Worldwide Chief

Technology Officer & Executive Vice President,

discusses the war on security at the Hacker Halted

Conference in Miami.

“The explosive growth of Internet and IP-enabled devices is reshaping communication, collaboration and commerce opportunities for individuals and organizations around the world. At the same time, miscreants are abusing the Internet’s open and any-to-any communication architecture for malicious purposes, leaving many users at risk and the future of a secure Internet as an aspiration rather than a reality.”

“The current cybersecurity model is reactive, disconnected and unable to keep pace with the seismic explosion in malware. Providing protection to a heterogeneous world of connected devices requires a new approach to security.”

“McAfee CTO George Kurtz will show that incremental improvements can’t bridge the opportunity gap and explain the required paradigm shift of driving security down the stack.”

Infosec Island was proud to be a media sponsor for the Hacker Halted Miami event. MORE about this article

POSTED on INFOSEC ISLAND Hacker Halted: McAfee’s George Kurtz Discusses the War on Security: http://bit.ly/uMdJjX 


check this banner below out what groups are collectively doing.


MY POINT IS ethically “at times hackers are helping GLOBALLY in an ethical way – (AND SOME ARE UNETHICAL)

Below is an article written from an Anonymous group point of view?

 3) Anonymous takes down darknet child porn site on Tor network http://arst.ch/rbr

THE above article  posted  on Anonymous takes down darknet child porn site on Tor network http://arst.ch/rbr , to  me it looks like they ARE  fighting the same fight as I AM to  keep dangerous individuals OUT.

MAY BE technology leaders need to listen to some of us, so that we can all find a solution to solve many of these critical issues, that are evolving now – HUMANITY  versus  unethical individuals and unethical technology companies, who truly don’t care about  the safety of innocent humanity – their agendas is to push their BOTTOM LINE.

IF YOU ARE open to exploring,  how we can solve these issues & you may have deep pockets – right CONTACT ME.  I will SHOW YOU HOW, we can solve some these issues – and KEEP MILLIONS OF INNOCENT WOMEN & CHILDREN, YOUTH  SAFE from an end user point of view globally. Most organizations talk about future generations – well lets start making sure we use best standards to protect them NOW!! 

All things digital & the future of digital evolution, a bit about me & my work I currently do in the digital space.


ARE you called to action & are you  inspired? would you lke to make an impact in the lives of many innocent children & women? if you say YES,  join the advocacy, support my work. I am a woman, a women in business, women of color  and as an ethical leader working with many women, youth & children globally they & I have a right for end user protected tools for education & they have a right to be safe on the internet & joining your social networking sites & profile. What we are truly  talking about is tech leaders, industry experts, governments, foundation & United Nations must make  efforts to keep innocent humanity safe by providing them with  end user protected tools for the internet. This is about end user protection human rights issue for us  on the internet , so we are  safe from these dangerous  intruders and from the current dangers that are  taking place via internet.

Here is one  technology taking a lead working towards a solution I know of and is solving some of these critical issues some of us are facing.

Remote Management as a Complement to Endpoint Security: https://www.infosecisland.com/blogview/17800-Remote-Management-as-a-Complement-to-Endpoint-Security.html#.Tq_JrtD2sLQ.

IF YOU ARE INSPIRED and called to action, and if YOU are an ethical leader, & say you believe in HUMANITY contact me – I have have many projects,  I am developing that can benefit humanity in a way for  digital learning  education projects and together we have a way to keep  innocent children, women and youth safe on the internet.

For the last few years, we applied to get funding from many of these global foundations groups -whilst giving them a full model of what I am doing and how I can solve some of their end user point issues for their digital learning projects, well these same organizations declined me. and these same organizations are also pushing members on many social sites. NOW  let’s talk about why UNITED NATIONS & UNESCO – WILL HAVE TO ALSO ADOPT end user point of view for security majors also.   THEY DO TEND TO IGNORE our cases, they tend to dismiss us… one wonders why ?  or is it their way – to keep certain disruptive technologies out of the picture??? I  believe   “end user protected tools can support them  &  – whilst the can  keep innocent children and women safe not only in the developed world and also in the developing countries.

 ONE wonders why the UNITED NATIONS is ignoring these issues especially for many innocent children, youth & women in developed and developing countries. Although UN is fighting human trafficking but do they even have any idea of the dangers that are taking place on social sites?

ACCORDING TO THIS post they have a section about “women peace security” one would wonder why they don’t take some of us seriously.


London Conference on CyberSpace: The Biggest

Cyber Attacks Of All Time

According to all the post below at the  LONDON CYBER Conference  topics revolved around Cyber Attacks

Ministers, technology gurus, global tech savvy  executives and internet activists were present all around the world online and at the conference – debates and dialogues were abound.  The citizens of the world gathered in London for a Conference on Cyberspace, to discuss how to tackle security threats and crime on the Internet without stifling economic opportunities or freedom of speech.  

London Conference on Cyberspace
“Freedom of expression cuts to the very heart of

the debate about the future of cyberspace”

 01 November 2011
Foreign Secretary William Hague spoke at the beginning of a Freedom of expression on the internet event as part of the London Conference on Cyberspace.


Foreign Secretary William Hague spoke at the beginning of a Freedom of Expression on the internet event as part of the London Conference on Cyberspace


Video: William Hague: ‘we must prevent a cyber free-for-all’ – via @Telegraph http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/8862562/William-Hague-we-must-prevent-a-cyber-free-for-all.html 

The Prime Minister has given a speech at the London Conference on Cyberspace  http://www.number10.gov.uk/news/cyberspace/

 Hague lists cyber ‘rules of the road’ Security Management  ZDNet UK
London Cyber Conference: Internet Security Expert Eugene Kaspersky Warns Of Cyber Terrorist Attack | Technology via Sky News   http://news.sky.com/home/technology/article/16101158
 In my opinion Eugene Kaspersky put things into perspective and open peoples eyes…. I LOVED WHAT he said
at the London Cyber conference & he  pretty much said what needed to be said lets “not waste time anymore”

Opinions about the INTERNET,  during the

London Cyber Conference:

UK  digital rights activist critical of domestic

Internet policy by :


 As the British foreign ministry concludes its London Conference on Cyberspace, activists say the UK’s domestic cyber policy is behind the times. Web freedom activist Peter Bradwell tells DW

follow the opinions here   http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,,15506351,00.html

Biden, Cameron Hit out at Internet Censorship, Hacking http://soc.li/Uc7OV0Z

Check what this site talks about !!!! Cyber threats to Increase in 2012: Report – The Economic Times – http://toi.in/vli3eE

  MY opinion:

What I am speaking about is mainly about the  “END USER protected tools so we can protect innocent humanity  or at least adopt a policy for utilizing best practice  END USER protected tools for digital education for internet. In my opinion has to become a critical mission from a  human rights issue for many of us  women, as well as innocent children, women & young adults  to be safe on the internet – whilst we all join and connect – and re-tweet their links…
SO HOW do we  KEEP DANGEROUS INTRUDERS OUT  & keep our kids & global future generations SAFE is the critical  question, I keep asking myself each day & this has been my fight to be heard by all these  TECHNOLOGY LEADERS, & United Nations  to  listen to some of us who concerns & why we as women NEED end user protected tools solutions, those of us who work in the  humanitarian sector and our humanitarina  projects on social sites & internet.  
If you don’t believe me – catch my other pages where I talk about porn images showing up on FACEBOOK and Twitter pages.
We are fighting a different KIND OF #cyber war, whilst we bridge the digital divide in the cyber world.

WE ARE WOMEN & we are fighting this cyber war with you all,  to keep innocent children, women and young adults SAFE in the  cyber world – and on the internet …AND MANY OF US are  fighting a different kind of war just keep “dangerous intruders out,  SUCH as pedophiles, human trafficking criminal acts and groups who keep sending us “fringin PORN LINKS or post links, that are   dangerous with CYBER MALWARE either via email, on our social sites and on social sites  etc & these same individuals, who use social sites and post their FRINGIN profiles &  links.   Face book  has done nothing about it and each day some of us women are fighting this fight,  to KEEP intruders away on our devices  – what it  FACEBOOK, educational community social sites doing about this? & and what are technology leaders going to do about these issues? how are they solving this issues? or do they have an answer from an END UNDER POINT OF VIEW for digital protected tools to keep many of us  safe on the internet.

Here is ONE OF THE GROUPS CALLED #Op SafeKids  these group is  fighting the same fight  as me, yet, when see what they doing, they still have no end user protected tools? collectively as a group we all need to WORK together to bring cyber security standards – from an end user point of view to protect ALL innocent humanity.

MY voice & fight is about solving these issues  from an end user point of view & to keep innocent children & women SAFE on the internet.

No wonder people are so fed, with some of the middle management leaders in all these  institutional organizations, that don’t quite get how serious these issues are about cyber threats.  

ACCORDING TO a post on FORBES Hackers Threaten Fox, Support Wall Street Protestors – Forbes http://onforb.es/vAs5w1   & MOBILEDIA – Hackers Threaten Fox, Support Wall Street Protestors http://www.mobiledia.com/news/114262.html

Enough is enough, although at times I am  truly exhausted, fighting this darn fight on my own  from an end user point of view, and getting technology leaders to take the time to listen to some of our concerns & give us  end user protected tools so we can filter dangerous individuals & threats on our devices whilst we connect on the internet & on social sites. Well I am not going to  give up this fight,   no matter what it takes, to bring awareness to global leaders & will keep find a solution for  my own digital social media projects I develop with many end users globally.

My final opinion on this thread, my global view related to cyber space from an end user point of view, there are no boundaries on internet & on social networking sites & as we are on the thrash hold of rapid new fast emerging digital technologies spouting each day, and  devices within our reach pulsing on our finger tips we are clicking away on clicks, educators & NGOS working with children, women & youth, will need to re think how they are going to keep their members safe & we  as globally leaders who care about future generations must also work together to  put best practice & standards from an end user point of view,

According to World Information Society Day
17 May 2006

Message by Mr Kofi A. Annan
United Nations

World Information Society Day
17 May 2006

Message by Mr Kofi A. Annan
United Nations

 The annual observance of World Telecommunication Day,marking the founding of the International Telecommunication Union on 17 May 1865, has drawn attention to the work of ITU and the broader challenges of global communication. From the days of the telegraph through space-age communication, and now in cyberspace, ITU has helped to connect the world.In recognition of this evolution, the World Summit on the Information Society, which was held in two phases (in Geneva in 2003 and in Tunis in 2005), proposed that 17 May henceforth be celebrated as World Information Society Day. The Summit’s aim was to build an open, inclusive, people-centred, knowledge-based information society that will accelerate the pace of development. This occasion now highlights the link between the great potential of information and communication technologies (ICT) and our goal of accelerating the pace of development.The Summit recognized the importance of building confidence and trust in the use of ICTs. This is reflected in the theme for this year’s observance, “promoting global cybersecurity”. In an increasingly interconnected and networked world, it has become critically important to safeguard our vital systems and infrastructures against attack by cybercriminals, while instilling confidence in online transactions in order to promote trade, commerce, banking, telemedicine, e-government and a host of other e-applications. As this depends on the security practices of each and every networked country, business and citizen, we need to develop a global culture of cybersecurity.I therefore urge all Member States and stakeholders to help increase global awareness of cybersecurity, and to develop an international network of initiatives and ICT-based countermeasures to enhance security and build trust in the use of information and communication technologies. This is essential for the continued growth and development of our economies, and especially important for developing countries.On this first World Information Society Day, let us all pledge to connect the unconnected and build a free and safe information society that will spur development for all the world’s people.Kofi A. Annan
United Nations

Accountability is what I keep questioning, as to why many of these Internation Organizations, NGOs, foundations, institutions & this includes the ITU & United Nations, within the MDGs 8th goal,  has not adopted or set industry standards for end user protected tools.  In spite of information given to many of these organizations, about my work and what I stand for in the digital landscape from an end user point of view for MDGs for ICT4d  & this  has constantly puzzled me, the lack of understanding by some of these decision makers, who  don’t take the time, to listen to some of our view points & in spite of  many letters & documents sent to many of these organizations, about the kind of work I am doing online with many youth and women globally & showcase some of the social media digital learning projects, one would wonder they would take things seriously.  

With  new emerging  crowd technologies spouting each day & again in my opinion, global leaders  must work together & give individuals like us, the opportunity to voice & collectively find secure end user protected solutions. These foundations & International Organizations, in my opinion, must adopt best practice when it comes to social media digital technologies & they must work with some of us, so we can  put standards in place mainly from an end user point of view as society leaders, we must all  take responsibilities,  if we are going to keep pushing technologies in the hands of INNOCENT humanity especially women & children, we cannot compromise their safety as end users, whilst we all bridge the wild  internet & the grand cyber world for divide digital landscape.

I am solving and working towards these critical issues within the secure digital learning & educational sector and working towards the MDGs  secure ICT4developement & digital social media from an end user point of view for protection on the internet when it comes to my own  social media projects.

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