FACEBOOK RAPIST was it true? human story innocent victims on the internet.

Posted on October 10, 2011


AFRICA  - FACEBOOK RAPIST did this take place via FACEBOOK?


FACEBOOK RAPIST is a story that took place in South Africa .

Read how it all happened and what this FACEBOOK RAPIST actually did to women.  

Facebook RAPIST was it true?  and why did I think I had been hacked on twitter and facebook or was this all part of a  bigger universal plan, in order to get the message out to tech leaders so they give us end users protected tools for their social sites and internet? 

One wonders what is truly taking place on social networking sites &  internet.

My fight for end user protection & protected tools is so we can protect ALL global innocent children and women globally on the INTERNET, internet can help us all, and if we are not well protected it can cause much dangers to those in many developing countries. I believe the United Nations has to address these issues and not blindly promote ICT as a means for education, without properly addressing end users to be protected on their devices.

ARE many technology companies and tech leaders listening to some of us? the dangers of what is happening on many social networking sites via the internet is taking place.

I have been speaking about these issues since 2004 – one would think someone would take me & take these issues seriously.

Follow my human digital stories.

I am an ethical leader working towards finding multimedia for end user protection & tools and I will not stop till I solve & find end user protected tools for my own projects I develop with change makers.

FACEBOOK RAPIST  & YES it did take place. https://mymulticast.wordpress.com/2011/08/ 

Here is an article post below and well you who are working in the humanitarina sector, decide if you want to join me in this fight to bring protected tools globally so we women leaders together can help make these issues  heard, alone I can’t and TOGETHER as women we can impact each other and solve some of these critical issues.

Everyone is on the band wagon doing social media and we as leaders in business or women and men who run large global foundations and institution, are asking people to read our messages, read our posts, read our blogs, etc and asking people to join various social sites etc etc,  so here is something you may want to rethink or at least keep in mind, if you are asking your associates, friends, followers, MEMBERS to join your social sites, or links, or your fan pages or your group pages, or post comments on your sites or join your  on social sites via a link etc and IF YOU ARE WORKING with any innocent children, youth or women, how will you protect them on these social sites,  and their devices,  do you have the ability to protect them on the internet or HOW are you protecting them on your social pages or on the internet?.

Scammers are lurking all over and some of them are  following us, each time we post a comment on facebook, twitter, linkedin or other social sites or on facebook fan pages, they are tracking us and sending malware links or using  kids pictures prending to be someone ethical and these same people are connecting with via social sites we post our information.

Men Against Men Against Prostitution and Trafficking Blog Get in The Fight.

Raymond Bechard is fighting the same fight as me to keep dangerous individuals out of FACEBOOK  – unfortunately alone we cannot fight this issue – together we can win and be heard – join the fight for end user protected tools and my work and advocacy.  YOU DECIDE the choice is yours to keep future generations SAFE on internet & social sites.

 Hard CORE facts by Raymond Bechard: 



#womenindigital - info-sec @mymulticast FACEBOOK - force Facebook to BLOCK ALL CHILD Pornography


                             why my fight, because many of these high level humanitarian organizations such as UNITED NATIONS, UNESCOs of the world, global foundations & humanitarian organizations working directly with  innocent children and women will have to start to pay attention to many of these issues  taking place on the internet, otherwise they will truly compromise innocent humanity. SOME  of us are fighting this fight – no and we DON”t get any funding – we just do the job just so we can keep innocent humanity safe as we work on our own digital projects & we need to be  heard by these global humanitarian organizations  who also have large sums of money  – so we can bring to their attention about the current dangers that are taking place globally if they are working with innocent children and women. MANY of the decision leaders within these organizations don’t quite pay attention nor do they respond back ,when we contact their staff or decision leaders.

From end user point of view, non of us have protected tools are you all listening? as end user  connect  on Facebook, on other social sites via the  internet we are all compromised.  Together we can make an impact to solve these issues – alone we can’t-This is my fight for end user protected tools for internet, so that I can keep some the  innocent youth & women groups I work, safe for some of my goodwill projects.  Ashie Hirji.


Picture shows His Highness the Agakhan founder AKDN with students in a school in Kenya. The same school I went to. in the 70's

A $50 Billion Dollar Website – The Perfect Place for Human Trafficking http://menapat.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/a-50-billion-dollar-website-the-perfect-place-for-human-trafficking/

According to  Robert Siciliano, a personal security and identity theft expert speaker and CEO of IDTheftSecurity.com, will appear in “THS Investigates: Dating Nightmares,” an episode of the series “E! True Hollywood Stories.” The episode will run on June 6. In it, Siciliano and others will share advice on how to avoid dangerous cyber relationships, Internet child predators, swindling suitors, psychopaths, stalkers, and more. Readers may view YouTube video of the show’s trailer listen to this video about devices.  http://youtu.be/ny7L41aZDdQ

More about this post can be viewed on Robert’s site. Personal Security and Identity Theft Expert Speaker to Appear on E! Network’s ‘True Hollywood Stories Investigates’ http://robertsiciliano.com/blog/2008/06/06/personal-security-and-identity-theft-expert-speaker-to-appear-on-e-networks-true-hollywood-stories-investigates/

Some hardcore facts of what is happening when it comes to internet, social sites for end users protection.  Well experts keep warning us and some of don’t do anything about HOW TO SOLVE these issues, well I am working hard to solve these fringin issues.

According to Sophos  “Christopher Chaney, the man accused of hacking into the email accounts of female celebrities, and scooping up their private messages and nude photos, has described how his curiousity became an addiction…http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2011/10/14/addiction-drove-scarlett-johansson-nude-photo-hacker/

 READ MY LIPS LIVE  is about my and our opinions, some of the VOICES that are not being heard by technology leaders and  READ MY LIPS LIVE banner is about some of my work &  campaigns I do with  global youth & women groups in developing countries. We are not rich nor are we poor, we have our own  cause driven projects for digital divide for educational projects.

DIGITAL DIVIDE a way forward towards bridging the internet for edcuational tools & working towards finding solutions for end user protected tools to keep many of us safe on the internet.

Change makers working towards bettering lives for innocent children and women in their communities & who are fighting the rights for education for all for digital learning format.

We don’t get funded by any groups, please keep this in mind, we work hard and we strive to be ethical.

Our work is diverse & we are a group of individuals, who have come together and we have our own autonomy.
This is our way of saying,  we are leading a different kind of cyber digital movement for security as end users and we have rights to be given protected tools & we  have many stories to tell about our digital movement & educational stories.

CHANGE IS VISIBLE, as we fight for end user protection & tools whilst empowering change makers to solve humanities critical digital problems.

We are a very small group of change makers & ethical leaders empowering many innocent children, youth and women within our and their communities .  A different kind of social new media movement, towards inclusion and digital security.

Concepts are all designed by me via ” a Gem of an IDEA and I am the founder.

If you truly want to impact humanity, please support my advocacy & campaign for a better and a safe cyber world.

READ MY LIPS LIVE is about igniting & empowering young change makers in the developing countries and connecting with the developed countries – we are  ALL fighting the fight for humanity & I am fighting the fight  for end user protected tools for a safe way to learn on the  internet.

Follow my digital work  #women4tech #womenindigital, and the quest towards finding  end user protected tools & protection for us mothers, women leaders, women who want to protect innocent children globally on the internet from an end user point of view, so we can have a safe cyber world for our future generations.

Follow me & for my quest to find end users protected tools and bringing awareness  to those that want to join in the fight with me around the cyber dangers on the internet this is a serious issues for us all in the social media sector. This is my digital human story.

On a final note here:

Many women lately get invited to speak at conferences, receive grand awards, many women get funded and women these days, I found only support those that belong to their elite clubs and that also goes for men.

 For me it is about a different kind of  reward, I work 24 /7 to get my message out, and  for me it is about,  how we as women leaders can together “impact humanity”.  My award is about empowering women & how they should be safe on the internet,  bringing awareness of the dangers taking place in the cyber world and so we as women can also empower each other, and we as women, can truly solve these critical issues and dangers that are taking place, for many end users, who don’t have a voice,  by speaking out together as women, and OUR voices must be heard as mothers, as women, as women in business, women in leadership and as women leaders, together and we #womenindigital  should be given the rights to keep our children safe and our future generations safe,  expecially those innocent children, youth and INNOCENT women safe, also in the developing countries.

I am not asking for much, all I am asking is for  ethical leaders and women in massive positions, who are  CEOS in VC capital funding and who  may have access to technology funds, can support and take the time to recognize,  that there are many of us women & other silent heroes each day working hard and are impacting humanity. In my opinion, there is a better way to support each other and collectively collaborate and  help silent women to also make a win, so we as women in the digital sector can collectively  find solutions together create abundance, wealth and find ways to bring sustainable models globally to support many globally to keep them safe on the internet.   ALONE I CANNOT and together we can change the course of internet history for  many who are working to keep  women, young adults and children safe globally by joining me &  advocating for end user protected tools.  

You can post a comment or if you are interested in supporting my advocacy campaign, or introduce me to funders or write about some of our work, you welcome to contact me or you can reach me via @mymulticast blog or visit www.agemofanidea.com  Thank you. Ashie Hirji