More about my work fighting dangerous intruders on the internet.. and I try to always work with ethics and integrity in what ever I do in my business. { ETHICAL LEADERS 4 Change Innovation for solving MAJOR critical issues for a safe and a better internet cyber world. THE FIGHT FOR END USER PROTECTION TOOLS

Posted on August 6, 2011


 My name is Ashie S. Hirji. I am a technology activist, evangelist, visionary & social entrepreneur.  I founded an organization called Heart In Action Enterprises a goodwill new media social enterprise. For the last 6 years I have been fighting the fight to finding a solution for multimedia end user protection for the digital divide and internet.

More about me, my portfolio & advocacy”a GEM of an IDEA banner ethical leaders working towards change for a safe cyber world. 

one more thing and letting you all know I am also  border line dyslexic, so please don’t shoot the messenger and realized this a few years ago.

Since 2004, I have been looking for solutions for end user protection tools – my reason was simple! I knew  in 2004 internet & social networking sites were going to explode in a massive way and along with it, will come some dangers in the cyber world over the internet, cyber threats & dangerous individuals ARE still lurking around, on many of these social networking sites.

Unfortunately many did not listen to me, especially some of the foundations, NGOs and their staff, nor were they interested to even understand why these dangers, whilst I was supporting & collaborated with them,  I was also developing my vision and provide some of these organizations, with some of the  digital learning tools. Unfortunately after developing a proof of concept, their staffs were just not interested about understanding the dangers of internet, and what I was saying. and as I was raising funds,  many investors could not grasp, what I was doing, and the investors were to hung up on the IP, rather than understanding the dangers of internet and some of these NGOs, groups & their staff were too busy re-creating the wheel themselves &  just did not take the time to understand what I was doing & why end user protection was critical.

ONE wonders at times…

ATTENTION: technology leaders, NGOs, insititutions, foundations ethical funders who are  working with  innocent children and women globally…. are you all open to LISTENING TO me and some of us?  are you listening to some of our major concerns, that are taking place on the internet and social networking sites,

OR IS everything ABOUT the bottom line?  for you all? especially those who are working with innocent children, youth and women on the internet?

We are all aware and know, digital innovation, devices, gadgets & tools are GREAT for social media and for our work, OKAY now just stay with me here for a few minutes…and please don’t get me wrong, I am a rebel so do forgive me and at times I may come across intense!!!! no matter what,  I am not educating you all, about social media, yes some of you are all experts ….:)

I do understand the sector for new media, I began my new media social enterprise vision in 2004 and I have helped many individuals since 2004 and supported them on their various projects. I have inspired many around the evolution of new media or some of you know as   “social media”.  I taught many youth, women and several  people who were on my social enterprise platform  where this sector was heading …  

Many of us today,  are utilizing these trendy gadgets, devices & tools for social media, many of us love these devices and many hate them, whilst we all connect on many of the social networking sites enjoying video post, reading comments, looking at different links and connect with each other,  I call this cyber world   “a designed chaos web” that is lacking order or predictability, the wild wild web where everything takes place so fast.

In the  last few years – social media & social networking sites have become a COOL TREND and blindly we follow each other, and people we have no idea on many of the internet social sites….and many of us are using it for our business, our careers, our events, our projects and the list goes on and on & connecting with people we know and we don’t quite KNOW who they are… stay with me here.

For the last few years, being on social networking sites, has become part of an addiction for many of us and I must say including me, and I agree we all know  the advantages of being on social networking sites.

UNFORTUNATELY if these same tools and sites, pose danger to humanity and innocent societies without much border
…..what should we do?  how do we all solve these dangers? MANY dangerous individuals are also connecting with us all on social sites (I have case studies since 2004 ) ….WE have a huge issues at the same time & dangerous activities are taking place in for these new trends…. Are tech leaders listening to some of us, who are fighting this fight to keep dangerous individuals & groups out of social networking sites? and during our social media projects & conversations?

-we need to, re think & start figuring out fast, how many of these tech leaders can keep us all  safe on social networking sites & especially KEEP innocent children and women globally safe via the internet, especially those innocent children  and women in the  developing countries, safe and not just the developed countries.

WILL the government ignore these issues, will the United Nations ignore these issues, will NGOs & Foundations also ignore these issues? put many innocent individuals at risk….

MANY dangerous criminals, unethical individuals and groups, are using these same tools & joining social networking sites, whilst they all connect with us on the internet & this is now posing great threats, for many of us globally.

Some of you all know, I faced some very hard times financially, and faced many obstacles to get this vision forward & lost pretty much everything I owned,  including my children’s albums, (more about this later and how) when I first  began this journey to find solutions for multimedia end user protection….between 2004  – 2007. At times I get this sense, I am sounding like a darn broken violin… AND fustrated that I am not getting the attention of some of the top directors who run these foundations. Anyways between 2004- 2007 I had a hard time to get ethical investors in  Vancouver Canada, I finally decided to pack up & headed to Europe to explore and arrived with couple of suitcases after I completed the Earth Hour March 2008 event that I supported a bunch of youth, and guess what even the Vancouver major did not even bother to show up or support us, figure this one out,  so I came to Europe just so I could attract funders and sustain myself & keep the vision alive.

Heck it was not easy…I can name a few organizations, that have ignored me and ignored issue….(and some of them have massive huge wealth). I must have reached out to many individuals, organizations to support me, in order to further develop more secured tools for end user protection and bring a solution to their organizations…. AND in the last couple of years,  I have made some small strides and in roads, I am still raising funds, to further develop more robust secured  tools for some of my projects.

Each day I get individuals & people asking me for support  – and I work 24/7 – one would wonder, that a door may just open, well ….you figure this one out? may be it is just my darn karma as the vedic gurus say to me…… some have great luck .. others just have to work 100 times harder,  to get funds for their projects….anyways

I have NEVER stopped this fight, and I am now glad, I did not stop this intense fight for end user protection….this fight is critical for me and for you all, especially those of you, who are working with many innocent children and women as end users to have protected tools – so I/we  communicate on the internet and on social networking sites, we can work, connect in a safe way and at the same time & making sure, whilst I do my own projects, I am also taking responsibility for many  innocent children, youth and women to keep them safe globally.

Some of you reading may not care, and I DO and this is why.


Few days ago, on October 7th 2011, I got a link about FACEBOOK RAPIST,  I am not sure, how that link showed up on my twitter fb… I must have clicked on a third party app or clicked on a site or clicked a link on my mobile phone and I HAVE NO IDEA….at this moment, but some  link showed up on my twitter and showed up via my twitter account on my facebook profile….”SAYING FACEBOOK RAPIST”… of my facebook  friends  Travis Rambo,  alerted me and said I was hacked….so I  removed the link on my profiles, thinking it may be a virus link….called  “FACEBOOK RAPIST”

 I believe the link, for what ever reason was a message to me, as we all say the universe works in some mysterious divine ways & I believe some one was trying to give me a STRONG message,  how easy it is to hack  and they were alerting me with a message…about the FACEBOOK RAPIST.

THE FACEBOOK RAPIST was infact TRUE  index.php?view=missing&id=341

 YES the incident & the case was true,  FACEBOOK RAPIST took place & it all  happened also via facebook.

UPDATE: THE SHOCKING TRUTH and the human cost no one is talking about for innocent children, women and victims over the internet

Most PEOPLE tend to avoid these topics: and most companies, institutions especially non-profit foundations and NGOS working with innocent children and women tend to totally ignore these issues.

Most people ignore or may not want to be associated with these words such as “phedopiles, rape, rapist or criminal individuals who are running “human trafficking acts” within their countries, cities or towns – most people will stay away from THESE deep topics and  issues – AND especially, if organizations, individuals working with their  NGOS, foundations, business, or larger institituions, or those developing their social networking sites .. they tend to more or less ignore these dialogues with me and brush the subject off.

I guess – everythng these days is about the bottom line & this is my opinion.

I CANNOT STAY AWAY  from these strong issues and  these are important issues, within the digital social media sector. As a  women in business, #women4tech  working in the digital  sector, and I have my own reasons why, I am fighting this end user protection FIGHT, these issues are very important & as I said, I have my own core purpose in life,  why I am fighting this fight.

 We as ethical leaders, some how must take the time, to address these issues and so do many technology companies and their board & directors must be accountable when they give sell or provide us with these tools. 

ANY organizations, especially those who are working with innocent children, women & youth via the internet or on social sites, need to pay attention and this is my opinion… many truly ignore these dangerous issues.

If you are an organization reading this and working with innocent children and women … please start paying  attention to what I am saying, and as an individual, if you believe in humanity and are reading this post, and truly believe in making a better world for humanity, please pay attention and support me  in making a better cyber world  for humanity as a whole.

Facebook and technology leaders, need to pay more attention to individuals like us, who are fighting this fight & working in the digital sector &  PLEASE care about the safety of many innocent children and women globally on the internet.

 Ashie Hirji  founder of “a GEM of an IDEA” more about me follow me via twitter @mymulticast 

Follow our work ” for end user protection solution”  as I speak & work with several tech leaders to help me & solve these critical issues & keep dangerous individuals out, whilst creating some of my own digital learning projects with many innocent children, youth and ESPECIALLY women in developing countries. – SO  I can bring back diginity and hope to some of the women,  whilst empowering & keep them safe on the internet for my own projects.

Together, we can keep many innocent children and women safe as leaders for change & innovation for all things digital.

If you are reading this post & are called to action, working with any philantropic foundations, or know of any ethical investor/s – please contact me via @mymulticast –  this is my ditigal world, this message is about the safety of innocent HUMANITY and their safety, so I CAN KEEP myself, my kids and many innocent children and women safe on the internet,  whilst we all connect and develop our digital learning forums & projects on many of these social networking sites & internet.

I am a women and I have rights for end user protection on the internet.

This is my fight and my human story and why these issues need to be addressed… especially those organizations, that are working with INNOCENT children and women – please don’t ignore these issue.