“Behind MY MASK ” here are my SHOUTS I am creative and my drive to find #endpoint safety, protection & privacy rights solution This is my digital human journey story #womenindigital & #women4tech

Hello thank you for visiting my page  #womenindigital and women4tech this blog page is about all things digital.

This is my human digital journey, my story and why I am  driven to finding a solution for innocent end users especially innocent children, youth and women at risk, who are bridging the digital divide.I am pushing the boundaries in the digital age to find end point safety digital learning tools mainly to keep all innocent children, teenagers and women safe and protected from an end point of view.

My work is based on bringing awareness around cyber dangers and threats taking place over the web as we access the Internet.  I believe it is important for many global leaders to adopt best practice standards and adopting end point secure digital tools if they are working with children in developing countries at the same time and keep innocent humanity safe and protected in the 21st century in the digital age, this is about the human cost and not monetary cost.

Their safety and protection is critical and so is their right to privacy from an end user point of view.

I have been on a mission to find end user protected tools and this is my journey.

This page is my way and to let you know that I am a rebel and driven to accomplish this vision and mission.
I believe in team work. I have opinions, what I write on my blog are my own opinions when it comes to the next leap in the digital cyber-evolution arena. I follow a particular path in my career,I do my research & I have chosen this particular path for a reason.

Most people either like me or they don’t, most people love me for who I am and most don’t quite get me because my brain at times is racing. I should warn you that I am border line dyslexic & the link at the bottom, talks about famous people who are dyslexic. I believe Ted Turner, Richard Branson and many women in the celeb world, openly speak of this issue they have faced with. .

This blog, is about my digital journey towards building a vision I began in 2004 and I believe the future is all about cyber security when it comes to the digital age in the 21st century.

I am a technology & digital activist, visionary and digital social entrepreneur.  I am advocating for end user safety and protected tools for many INNOCENT children, women & youth, who are working in the humanitarian and social media sector as we bridge the digital divide there is a dark side of the Internet.

I utilize different digital tools to empower many youth and women within their communities and design digital learning projects, keeping many innocent children, women and youth safe during my own social new media projects.

More about my work can be viewed on my portfolio site called “http://www.agemofanidea.com” and why the drive to make an impact for innocent humanity, as I began this journey for secure digital sector.

Before I begin with my story, those of us who are working with innocent children and women at risk when it comes to the web or social media, are dealing with cyber dangers and intruders when we connect with innocent children, teenagers and women and communities of Internet be it on social networking sites or in the educational sector.

My vision was to bring a simple digital learning solutions to students in developing countries and as I began the new media projects in 2004, I had a problem of not being able to keep users safe from the cyber dangers and started working in the secure digital and new media innovation sector.

Social Innovation is a buzz word and many use this word generously, for me it was about solving a problem and I was faced with several issues in the new media sector. I wanted to adopt best practice standards tools when it came to the rights of children and women at risk over the internet as an ethical leader.
I started bringing awareness  to global leaders working with innocent children, teenagers, youth and women that there is a dark side of the Internet.

As global leaders, we must all make efforts as to how digital innovation can impact humanity in a safe and protected in the digital age, when it comes to digital innovation, we cannot compromise these innocent children’s safety, for the sake of monetary cost and forget the human cost. Protecting them should be our priority as global leaders, they must have digital rights and not push devices that don’t quite protect them either or by exposing them to many digital cyber criminals without properly addressing some of the cyber dangers that take place over many internet technology platforms.

I believe Corporate Social Responsibility is key if organizations are working directly with many innocent humanity as they connect and access via the Internet and over many social networking sites. These innocent children, teenagers and women from the developing countries must also have digital rights and be protected.

As a women, I should have my digital end point rights, one of the rights I am speaking is about the digital end user safety, protection and privacy rights and when I utilize various digital tools or devices. Many work as volunteers with International NGOs, Development Network Organizations and Foundations and these organizations
will need to adopt best practice standards and be in Integrity for their safety.

I speak about this particular issue mainly from an end user point of view. If you are someone who believes in safety of humanity off line why not online? Organizations who work with members globally or those who work in the educational sector, connect members within your community over social media sites, you should be starting to ask questions about their safety online also. I believe in digital human rights for equal access & digital education for all innocent children, youth & women and the priority for their digital safety and protection at all cost.

I believe in these fundamental human rights & I believe in the rights of end user protection when it comes to the Internet.

IF YOU believe in these issues, please join me and support my work, collectively we should be bringing awareness about these issues and support me in my advocacy.  Technology leaders must listen to some of our concerns.  We collectively can demand for end user safety technology tools. From an end user point of view none of us are that secure when we access the internet, when we connect on many of the Internet technology sites either. Social media is here to stay and technology companies need to be responsible and should not compromise us either. If you are working as volunteer with global NGOs, Foundations, International Development Organizations, United Nations and their agencies – would you agree? you have a right and ask them to protect you in the digital age? Technology companies don’t have your best interest – their business model is to sell your data also.

Nothing wrong with social media or making money unfortunately, there is a dark side when it comes to the internet. Together we can empower each other. I invite you to support my advocacy, as I work towards bringing awareness of cyber threats, dangers and support my work as I speak with a few technologist to help me solve these issues by asking them to provide us with a solution from an end point of view for innocent humanity who bridge the digital divide and for those of us who working in the humanitarian sector.

This is my campaign and I believe many International Developing Foundations, NGOs, technology leaders and  technology internet companies, must listen to our concerns and not turn a blind eye to some of these critical issue we face.

Cloud computing in my opinion tends to be blurred, mainly from an end user point of view as we are facing cyber intruders each day.

I have been working since 2004 to find a solution for innocent end users… and it has been a long journey.

Digitally I tend to see the world in different shades and there are many views about internet  

I am border line dyslexic and at times people have a hard time understanding me, please forgive me, I am not a savvy blogger – I write my thoughts and my digital journal here, hoping someone will get inspired to hear my story. I believe together we can truly empower each other. This is my way to voice my own digital human journey.

Did you know that “Dyslexia Makes Great Entrepreneurs” Richard Branson, Charles Schwab, Ted Turner, John Chambers are all dyslexic. ”these people more visionary, could they have seen things differently?” a question was asked by Carl Schramm  CEO of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation to advance entrepreneurship.  Read more: http://articles.businessinsider.com/2011-05-12/strategy/29976621_1_dyslexia-ewing-marion-kauffman-foundation-carl-schramm#ixzz1qUpjyIHI

THE SCREEN SHOT BELOW: shows you what I am doing in the digital learning arena.
#all things digital – me at bottom far right with Pancho Campo MW & Carlos Moro President Grupo Matarromera, during the  Marbella Climate Change Conference. The guest speaker was Kofi Annan -picture of Kofi taken by Johnny Gates more info @ “a GEM of an IDEA”.  Kofi during his speech spoke of Africa & why private sectors must get involved to solve many issues for climate change in the developing countries. Pictures of youth from Bavubuka Community in Africa  working with me &  believe in  safe digital inclusion & protection whilst we keep many innocent children and women safe on the internet. Ethical Leader 4 Change – #women4tech in the secure digital sector & inclusion globally, to keep many innocent children and women safe on the internet.

How my journey started:

In 2004, I founded Heart In Action Enterprises a goodwill new media social enterprise a division of Asita Informatica Inc.

Simple reason was: “most people ignore and avoid these topics that are associated with these words “pedophiles, rape, rapists, criminals and human trafficking” most people will stay away from this critical issues or topics and now we face malware threats and the list is long.

Well – I CANNOT stay away from these topics and issues…

I cannot stand individuals or people who violate children, women or sexually abuse innocent children & women … for me this is all about human rights issues.

These issues are important to me and seriously important to me. I have my own story, why this issue is critical to me and if I am given the opportunity to tell my story I will in a documentary form.

Back to fi for end user protected tools. I believe ethical leaders working in the humanitarian & tech sector must  start to pay attention about these critical issues as there is a dark side of Internet.

WHY -this has been a topic for me since 2004, when I first began my work and today it is a hot topic most important issues some of us are facing in the cyber sector. Were you aware?  some of the  dangerous individuals  have been lurking on many of these social networking sites & using internet for their criminal acts & they send us bogus emails, send us malware links, and they use these sites for their own criminal acts such as, pedophiles, criminal acts & use these sites for their human trafficking business and amp; pornography, OR they connect with us via email & these same individuals; hang around on many of these social networking sites. Some of us just can’t seem to keep them away, from our group pages, as we work and amp; develop our own social media digital projects, I work with many change makers & leaders globally, I support them and I am faced with these challenges.

I first began this journey in 2004, to connect students globally and started to find secure multimedia end user educational tools for a youth group I was supporting and developing projects with them for digital education. They were based and studying in North American Universities. The students were working with students in African schools, they wanted my assistance to help develop the vision and take it forward for them. As I started this project (see link below) I wanted to make sure and understand, why students in Africa did not have access to internet in their schools and this is how my journey began. As I started researching and as time evolved, I realized after speaking with a few technology leaders that Africa did not have a solid structure and started to understood about the unprotected Internet and they also explained to me about the cyber dangers of internet   I kept testing and seeking if there were secure educational tools that had safety and protection from an end point of view? what could be done for accessibility in a safe and secure way. I started understanding about cloud computing not from a technical point mainly, from a user point of view. After understanding the world of internet I realized many of these software learning tools  I was developing and started using for digital learning projects,  pretty much did not have any end user protection, when it came to the internet and in order for me to keep many innocent children, youth and women safe who were involved with me, those depending on me and working with me… I had a responsibility for their safety and my goal was to make sure I brought some sort of protected solution for them and keep them safe as we developed our projects from  cyber dangers and for many of their their educational HIV-AIDS digital online projects and the safety for youth in Africa and other developing countries. http://www.heartinaction.com/aiding.htm

After showcasing the vision to many groups, celebs, and NGOs for several years and pretty much self funding these projects, unfortunately I could not sustain myself and many of these International Organizations, Foundations, NGOs or ethical funding groups did not see the value in what I was saying. Many of these savvy investors were not going to support this social enterprise business model either or the vision I had started.

When I first hosted this vision in Vancouver in 2004 even couple of the mainstream media told me, they would not support this project, as HIV/Aids in Africa was not a North American issue. Unfortunately we could not take the project to the next level, nor could I raise further funding in Vancouver to sustain the work and vision from the cyber security tech side and for developing a platform for “aiding youth for life”. By 2006 in spite of developing a proof of concept platform and the lack of funding I could not sustain the project financially in any way to keep their students vision alive.

As time evolved I managed to keep the vision alive by looking for other solutions and have supported many groups and organizations since 2004-present. Off course with funding anything is possible.

My goodwill work I do in this digital sector currently and more about my projects mentioned on @agemofanidea.

ALL we wanted to do, was bring a solution and support many children, women and youth in Africa and support these university students involved with “aiding youth for life” it was about how they would utilize these same secure tools to teach children, youth about the HIV/Aids educational curriculum online and my goal was to make sure they had safe multimedia tools. (see pictures no internet) and the goal was to bringing these youth safe end user protected multimedia digital learning tools.

In spite of financial challenges & lack of financial support, I never stopped,  Each day I work away towards my goal and vision…TODAY I keep supporting, many youth groups and organizations.

My reason for pushing these boundaries was simple, I did not want to give up this fight and I want to keep many of these youth, women & children safe in their communities whilst we all bridge the divide this vision is not just for Africa, this vision is for all INNOCENT children, youth & women globally.

My work is about impacting humanity and giving hope, bringing back dignity & empowerment, to those that need support in developing countries. These projects are based on the power of technology, for change makers within the digital landscape for cyber security within the digital educational sector. My other reason was to empower many NGOs and organizations that were and are working with innocent children, women & youth by bringing a protected solution for them, whilst they are working with their groups in many of the developing countries. For me, it was about creating an impact in the lives of innocent children young adults & women.

Social Sustainable Model can still be a possibility:
In spite of facing obstacles and people did not quite understand the sustainable social business model, I have kept pushing these boundaries to find protected digital solutions. I keep supporting many youth and women groups globally and in developing countries.

For the last 7 years, I have had one focus, to find solutions as we bridge the digital divide in a safe way, and making sure I keep communities of interest I work with safe and this is not easy without a platform for communities of interest.

In Canada I faced some harsh realities and I witnessed…funding was only given to those within their own inner circle. No matter how hard I tried countless documents I must have sent to many organizations and groups, the door would not open although many saw the proof of concept and yet did not give me a chance to showcase the value in what I was doing and in 2009 I managed to develop another proof of concept and again a group I spoke to in my own community ignored me and I kept playing full out and I approached a few people in my community and the doors were shut for me.

What I observed was most of these groups had their own elite clubs, unless you were in that system or in their club, ONLY would THEY open the doors ….and they had the power to open these doors wide open.

In spite of all these challenges I have faced, I had to become very resourceful and very creative & find ways to bring the message out globally and the only way to keep my vision alive, was not to give up.

I further observed and watched many groups that I supported, took advantage of my kindness and generosity and some of these groups I supported took many of my concepts and ideas.

vision was first showcased in Vancouver 2004, and later I was invited to show the power of technology at the “The Human Forum” of Puerto Rico


A Glimpse of my social media projects:

A glimpse of some of my social new media projects. I have supported many organizations, some in kind donation, below video footage of my work and I provided these organizations multimedia solutions skills & co-organized many online social new media campaigns.

World Environment Day and World Ocean Day Panel with: Dr. David W. Randle, President & CEO WHALE Center, and Project Director Ed Begley Jr., Actor and Activist see: Ed Begley Jr. Dr. Noel Brown, President & CEO of Friends of the U.N. Dr Vladamir Golitsyn, Dirctor UN Division of Ocean Affairs & Law of the Seas. Dr. Frank Mueller-Karger, Director IOI USA and Professor USF College of Marine Science. Phillippe Cousteau, President & CEO Earth Echo International. Dr Paul Boyle, President & CEO The Ocean Project.


Between 2008 -2011 April, I had the opportunity to support one of my goodwill project in kind donation to Earth Charter Initiative where my ideas were used to empowering their organization and connecting youth globally by supporting youth and bringing digital multimedia tools via my platform I had developed.

This gave them the opportunity to connect and learn with youth globally. I provided my skills, knowledge and I mentored young leaders around ICT innovation, safety for end user tools and during the EC+10 -November 2010 project in India a 3 day conference, I had the opportunity to developed a full scale new media campaign with the production team and trained youth leaders in India how to develop social media campaign and during one of the youth session we hosted a live forum with EC-eGLO youth leaders and activists to join us in India.

A cool footage I capture during one the speech given by Sudarshan Iyengar he was addressing at the Earth Charter Conference in India called Ethical Framework for a Sustainable World  the conference was organized by CEE, Ahmedabad. India. http://www.earthcharterplus10.org/index.html

Sudarshan Iyengar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ovytFyJ-sY&feature=BFa&list=FLGaB76y18n4DyakZLaOqrzQ&lf=BFp

Please watch this tiny footage I captured during the main conference as I was setting everything at the back end for the main conference, this video is not shown on EC+10 site, I like the honesty of the speaker and how he puts things into prospective. Sudarshan Iyengar gives his view points & gives a strong message with a great answers to question asked by a young man from Africa to EC panelist & council members on the stage. What I enjoyed was his point on ethics and CSR sustainability, I tend to agree with his point YES he speaks the truth, power to him as he spoke for many of us. via “a GEM of an IDEA”   http://youtu.be/_BOIvw99dPU

I believe I have inspired many youth & many individuals and many have gone ahead and done some wonderful things in their careers.

I am an ethical change leader and I may have couple of negative strikes against me, 1) I am a woman 2) I am women of color 3) I am a women in business, 4) I am women working in the digital technology sector. I believe technology must be used in such a way that it helps and keeps us safe in the cyber world.

Being women of color and women in business makes it is 10 times difficult to be heard and at times to be accepted in many business communities, it is also hard to raise funds these days… I do believe in miracles though.

WHY do women overall have a harder time to raise funds or be heard? This is a question, I have been asking myself since I start this vision and I do believe in gender equality in  business.

Interesting video to listen to.https://mymulticast.wordpress.com/2011/11/08/tina-brown-jeff-jarvis-and-andrew-sullivan-talk-privacy/

What are your opinions can women get funded? Do women support women ? Do women in power or high position support women working in the digital sector? Will they listen to some of us? Will they be open to see a different  kind of digital solution? My aim is  empowering millions if funding is given to women like us!!!! Your view point’s can be shared via @mymulticast or you can post a comment.

WHY INCLUSION for the digital divide protected tools for access.  I aim & work towards inclusion for all. Many elite organizations don’t give many of us a chance to even show them the  user tool solution. As I have been busy developing a vision  & at the same time impacting communities’ globally in small ways,  with support & funding, we can truly impact many millions globally. I am using these hashtags if you are on twitter and follow my links I post #women4Africatech, women4tech  #Youth4ICTinnov. My work is  basically about empowering individuals, groups and I am a team player,  a different kind  of secure social media inclusion vision.

Many people speak of “change & innovation”

I am a believer of being in action and inclusion, collaboration & including many who are bridging the digital divide in a safe and secured way and making sure I am protecting end users on the internet, as I develop & inspire many towards social media inclusion and digital learning projects.

”Change is visible is about youth power and their opinions.  Ethical leaders towards digital innovation for empowerment igniting change with youth in their communities and a way for many to be included in a safe environment by providing them with safe end user tools.

Young adult leaders must be taught around  best practice standard tools and this is our responsibility as ethical leaders.

Follow my work, projects  & some of the story post,  of WHY “end user protection” for innocent children, women & youth – for internet is critical.

My human story journey  @my multicast

Forward thinking the “future of digital innovation where  CHANGE IS VISIBLE impacting the future of digital learning. The human tech evolution & the future of digital cloud evolution for end user protection on the internet. We are critical thinkers & a group working towards transforming the secure digital landscape, as we utilize digital tools  and empower humanity  globally. My  goal is to keep  them ALL safe on internet mainly from an end user point of view.

We are a different kind of  cyber digital futurist &  tech leaders. Some of us are  activists. If you are a thought leader working towards change in your community  & want to understand about my work & many of my innovative  digital cyber educational forums, and how we are solving these critical issues for the future of digital innovation in secured way, mainly  from an end user view point for the digital divide inclusion & 4 end user protected tools – you are  welcome to speak with me or  contact me, @mymulticast or just post a comment.

This is my digital work & human stories working away since 2004.

Keeping an open mind for opportunity.

ARE YOU hiring? and  if YOU are hiring give me a chance and I will prove to you what I am cable of doing or please contact me.  I am currently designing & developing some of my own social sustainable digital learning projects & have a sustainable financial model built within these projects.

These are digital learning global forums and we develop these projects with women &  youth globally, and we can address many of the United Nations MDG development goals for education, empowerment and INCLUDE  cyber protection security standards or ICT for ethical cyber practice for  innovation & development.

I would appreciate if you or anyone you may know may be looking to hire a consultant to develop a social media campaign.  Virtually I can design a cool social media campaign and support your organizations vision.

I am open to working  as a consultant with global foundation or company and can provide you with my CV.

I am highly creative & I see the big picture and I can be hired as a  social media campaign manager.  *hire me for your online social new media campaign.  I have a cool sustainable model that I have designed for any organization. I apply this model for all my campaigns.  I get your team inspired & into action, I deliver a cool vision & I target key global audience & ignite the vision to get to the next level on your site. I am unique, highly skilled & talented :) If you resonate with me,  please empower our work and vision and this will give young change leaders and opportunity to flourish in their countries.

You will not be disappointed, nor will you regret having me on your team or as a BOA

I bring over 20 years of business corporate skills, promotional ideas & public relations skills & 6 years of multimedia event planning skills. It takes a visionary to keep internet a safe place for all … ethical change.

If you know of any groups that fund social enterprise projects or ethical investors  looking for an opportunity to invest please contact me.

If you know of any International Development Foundations or  NGOS organizations, who may be hiring or wanting a digital secure end user tech solution for their organization and for their communities of interest, I would be very appreciative if you introduce me to them. If  know people at the top level and who have the power to  make high level decisions and/or looking for a  consultant in any Global  International Development Organization, and working towards the  United Nations MDG 8th goal or looking for a secure digital ICT cloud computing  solution and how best to implement a solution,  or a digital education secure solution,  please contact me as I am currently working with a few technology companies in the secure cloud computing sector.

If you are open to introducing me to any potential ethical  investors or  interested in supporting my work & some of my  initiatives, by way of funding  some of our  social media digital learning projects as it has a   financial sustainable model,  I would be happy to talk to you.

If you are a  inspired as a  ethical leader & working in the social media sector & would like to join the advocacy in your community or working around these critical ICT issues in your community & would like to get involved with our leadership digital projects, please contact me, here & I will include you during some of our digital forums for 2012.

My work is all based on speaking the truth,  I tend to speak my mind and I work within the  framework of ethics & best practice standards  tools, within the  “digital tech sector” my work & research is based on security for end user protected standard tools – this is my main  focus currently.

Although during my spare time I do follow fashion, prior to starting this journey, I was in the fashion & perfume sector.

My silly rant: Many people  talk about “doing good” well I don’t just talk, I just do it with or without funding.

By now you are either bored or inspired! and if you are inspired in any way and you believe in the safety of millions of innocent children on the Internet and you believe in their RIGHTS and the RIGHTS of  women and youth globally on the internet,  mainly from the current dangerous in the cyber world, to keep them all safe and  would like to contribute in making a difference in the lives of innocent humanity globally, please contact me,  together we can  be much stronger and impact humanity in a positive way.

If you are a savvy person and great in raising funds or know of potential ethical  investors, I would be open to speaking with you.  I have a business model that rock  – I believe  in what I stand for and I know for a fact there are people who can open many doors.  I will caution you,  if you are planning to send me a scam email don’t bother.

Thank you once again – Ashie Hirji  a GEM of an IDEA you can contact me directly here or via twitter @mymulticast

Famous people – Dyslexic http://www.dyslexiaonline.com/famous/famous.htm

ABOUT me and my work in the digital sector #women4tech advocating end user protection tools for the internet cyber world to keep intruders out on many social networking sites.

WOMEN4TECH – cyber world  digiinfosec  “the on going debate

about the future of digital cyberspace” and what industry experts are saying & talking about – state of  cyber security & privacy.

Don’t forget to check “my latest shouts”  when it comes to digital tech security rules about the future of cyberspace, and what industry experts are saying about the state of cyber security & privacy rights


Don’t forget to check  my latest shouts, when it comes to digital tech security & privacy rules. Do organizations and individuals follow the rules of technology? – Ethics vs. unethical   business & technology practices.

One of the topics is about how cloud can be blurred these days and pretty risky business” yet people practice their business in unethical ways. I could name a few, especially when it comes to  creative ideas, concept  & stealing  IP , lately people will  say and speak anything on social media network & privacy is thrown out…just for the mighty $$$.

As time evolves, ethical leaders will need to adopt best standard  standard tools to keep all innocent humanity safe on the internet and devices.

LOOK OUT for my upcoming 2012 digital learning projects I am designing with some  young women & young professional groups globally. Projects are based on  secure digital learning,  for ICT4d, climate change & carbon emission  project with partners in Asia, India  and an exciting project with Africa & Europe  youth groups .

Thanks for checking me out and catching some of my shouts & rants.

Have a wonderful journey & make sure you have a blast  in life and do make sure you keep yourself safe! when surfing on the social sites & internet, as I said from an end user point of view we are not all that protected from the current dangers that are taking place on the Internet and boy there are some nasty unethical individuals lurking on the internet.  BE SAFE.

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