@fightfortheftr states it is making the Internet more secure #ResetTheNet on June 5th.

May 29, 2014


@fightfortheftr is making the Internet more secure and I am taking part in #ResetTheNe on June 5th. Something to think about when it comes to our digital end point rights, we as innocent users of all the devices, technology and internet, never had any end point digital rights nor did we have safety and protection […]

‘Nation’ Exclusive: Edward Snowden and Laura Poitras Take on America’s Runaway Surveillance State

May 8, 2014


“The first principle of any American intelligence official is not an oath to secrecy but a duty to the public, a commitment to speak truth to power.”   On April 30, in a ceremony at the National Press Club in Washington, the Nation Institute and the Fertel Foundation awarded their annual Ridenhour Prize for Truth-Telling […]

Edward Snowden is to be awarded the Ridenhour Prize for truth-telling along with filmmaker and journalist Laura Poitras,

April 8, 2014


Since leaking sensitive documents in May 2013, Edward Snowden a former Central Intelligence Agency employee and National Security Agency contractor, has been granted temporary asylum in Russia. He is since as a hero or a traitor and if he does return back to the USA, he will face prosecution, including two espionage acts and possibility […]

#unblockturkey Fight for the future Activists speak out against “censorship & surveillance in Turkey”

March 20, 2014


Stop Spying and Censorship in Turkey message from advocacy group ‎ Help support activists in Turkey who are fighting to keep free speech alive. The government of Turkey just passed a draconian new Internet law that censors … Dear Fight for the Future member, Urgent: We need your help to fight censorship and surveillance in […]

Snowden Leak Revealed “NSA has the ability and to covertly hack potentially millions of computers”

March 12, 2014


On Monday, Edward Snowden spoke to a crowd of thousands at SXSW, and it seriously felt like he was reading our minds states on the email sent by Fight for the Future. To find out what Snowden said click on here. Snowden Leak Revealed “NSA has the ability and to covertly hack potentially millions of […]

Turkey blocks access to the Internet

February 22, 2014


Turkey’s president Abdullah Gul signed a controversial bill allowing Turkish authorities to block websites without a court order. This law enables Turkish officials to monitor telecommunications and ISPs, allowing the government to block online communication and content it thinks is illegal or to be in violation of someone’s privacy. Under the new law, ISPs must […]

#Privacy #TheDayWeFightBack against mass surveillance #NSA #CSEC

February 11, 2014


International Community Unites to Protest Mass Surveillance February 11th is The Day We All Fight Back. From Uganda to Poland, from Colombia to the Philippines, the people of the Internet have united to fight back. The Day We Fight Back’s main international action is to sign and promote the 13 Principles. The 13 Principles outline […]

Canada’s spy agency CSEC tracking airport users – Snowden leaks! welcome to Canada

February 2, 2014


Don’t you just love this….Holy Shit! people thought they had end point rights!!!Canada’s spy agency #CSEC tracked users at the airport #Snowden LEAK. The Canadian intelligence agency extended a helping hand to the NSA and helped it test a system that tracked travelers passing through one of the country’s major airports via the WiFi connection. […]

#Brazil President as she condemns #NSA spying at the #United Nations

September 29, 2013


Good for #Brazil President as she condemns #NSA spying at the #United Nations Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff decided to condemn the US spying program on her country in a speech before the United Nations. The NSA spying program on Brazil, revealed in a story for Brazilian news outlet El Globo by Glenn Greenwald, already caused […]

#humantrafficking #sextrafficking is a global issue #darksideofinternet in the digital age

July 29, 2013


FBI BUSTS NATIONWIDE CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING RING, RESCUES 105 VICTIMS IN ‘OPERATION CROSS COUNTRY’ The FBI has rescued 105 child sex-trafficking victims, FBI Assistant Director Ronald Hosko announced Monday. The youngest of the rescued children was 9 years old, according to Reuters. One underage victim told officials she became involved with prostitution when she was […]

via @Declan McCullagh “Feds tell Web firms to turn over user account passwords”

July 25, 2013


Do we really have end point safety, privacy and protection rights? in the digital information age as users of  Internet, technology networks and devices….. question I have been asking tech leaders as we use various web tools for our communication purposes,  as we access the Internet to connect over various  social networking sites. So as […]

Technology companies need to make extra efforts to protect “innocent digital users”

July 22, 2013


How the NSA threatens America’s universities Paul Woodward War in Context USA July 17, 2013 The sooner that flaws in computer code can be found, the sooner they can be fixed — these are the fixes required to reduce the vulnerability that all networks face from cyberattacks. The problem is that government agencies such as […]

Snowden may end up Nicaragua

July 6, 2013


  Former NSA  employee Edward Snowden has carried out one of the biggest leaks in US history, exposing a top-secret NSA surveillance program to the media  Nicaragua’s president says he’s willing to give Edward ‎#Snowden asylum Venezuela’s president Maduro says he has decided to offer asylum to ‎#NSA- leaker ‎#EdwardSnowden, Reuters reports. “I have decided […]

Mass survellance Edward Snowden are you pissed off catch the Fight for the Future

July 3, 2013


Fight for the Future shouts and sends another message   Our last email was long and this one is short   ” mass survellance Edward Snowden are you pissed of ?”   Tomorrow is the 4th of July. A formidable coalition of Internet Defense League members will launch the largest online protest since SOPA, to amplify the […]

Mass survellance Edward Snowden are you pissed off ? law vs humanrights

July 1, 2013


Fight for the Future sends an email out to all the members (see below) and if you are an American  you will want to follow them. “The important email we’re going to send you this month. As you know, recent leaks have revealed that the U.S. Government has turned the Internet into the most massive […]

#DolceandGabbana ethical vs unethical business practices in the fashion sector

June 19, 2013


Over all the Internet magazine sites & Twitter tweets the word spread fast of #DolceandGabbana  have been convicted. Articles started to surface all over  social media & Internet about the sentencing of Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana for tax evasion. The Italian fashion duo have been found guilty of tax evasion by Judge Antonella Brambilla […]

In the case of #prism #nsa #snowden – why is everyone surprised ? we never had any end point rights as users of communication technologies!

June 9, 2013


From  an end point of view,  innocent users of digital age do not have any end point safety & privacy  rights ….. 2013 is another defining moment in the digital information age and may be the old 20th century technologies time has come to an end? The worst fears of many Americans were confirmed when […]

In the case of cyberbulling campaign

May 27, 2013


Facebook under investigation over video after 14-year-old Italian girl leaps to her death following ‘cyber-bullying campaign’ “Carolina Picchio fell to her death form her third-floor window in January Insulting video and photographs had been circulated over the internet Italian Parent’s Association has filed a criminal complaint against Facebook. Facebook is being investigated over the death […]

Kofi Annan discusses diversity & peace lecture at Global Centre for Pluralism

May 24, 2013


John Stackhouse, Globe and Mail Editor-in-Chief, with Kofi Annan, Global Centre for Pluralism, Annual Lecture May 23rd 2013 Global Centre for Pluralism’s Annual Lecture delivered by Kofi Annan. On May 23, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations and Nobel Peace Prize winner presented his ideas on sectarian division around the world and how diversity […]

Global Centre for Pluralism

May 21, 2013


  Former Secretary-General of the United Nations and Nobel Peace Prize winner Kofi Annan to speak in Ottawa on Thursday, May 23, 2013 to Deliver Global Centre for Pluralism’s Annual Lecture .    OTTAWA, May 16, 2013 /CNW/ – Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations and Nobel Peace Prize winner will deliver the […]

Linked In changed its privacy policy!! follow why?

May 15, 2013


   Tweet 6 inShare 0The social job-networking website LinkedIn recently changed its privacy policy and user guidelines to include a ban on advertising prostitution-related services — even in places where prostitution is legal. The social job-networking website LinkedIn with over 200 million users,  recently changed its privacy policy and user guidelines to include a ban […]

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His Highness the Aga Khan Announces Engagement of His Eldest Son Prince Rahim Aga Khan to Ms Kendra Spears @ ismailimail

May 6, 2013


  His Highness the Aga Khan Announces Engagement of His Eldest Son Prince Rahim to Ms Kendra Spears by ismailimail Aiglemont, France, 26 April 2013 — His Highness the Aga Khan today announced the engagement of his eldest son, Prince Rahim Aga Khan, to Ms. Kendra Spears of Seattle, Washington, the United States. The Aga […]

LivingSocial Hacked #dark side of internet of things & users against #CISPA double edge sword

April 26, 2013


In the digital age end users of various technology tools and  those of us not all that technically savvy are going to experience some harsh realities………concerning cyber threats, cyber dangers & our own end user privacy rights. LivingSocial Hacked — More Than 50 Million Customer Names, Emails, Birthdates and Encrypted Passwords Accessed (Internal Memo)  LivingSocial […]

#mymulticast April 22 2013 #CISPA protest via @ Geek Republic

April 22, 2013


How to join today’s April 22 CISPA protest  #CISPA Blackout The proposed Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) heads to the Senate this week for a vote. Today April 22, has been declared a day of protest. As of this writing, around 400 websites have gone dark for the “CISPA Blackout.” #StopCISPA is trending at #7 on Twitter. […]

#CispaBlackout online protest #anonymous #activists & #advocacy groups unite digitally speaking “Internet Blackout On April 22 To Protest CISPA”

April 20, 2013


Since 2004 I have been working away to  find a solution for end point safety & privacy protection tools,  mainly for some of my own digital projects I design for the education & new media sector and the journey has not been a piece of cake….. One of the topics concerning privacy rights is taking […]

Justice for Rehtaeh

April 16, 2013


, When I received a link to sign a petition for  Rehtaeh: Demanding  an independent inquiry  Question asked on the petition site was   (why is this important to you?) You must be joking!!!asking us “Why is this important to you?” off course THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT topic that governments have to address & at the […]

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#cyber intruders Celebs & government officials compromised – the dark side of the cyber & digital landscape

March 12, 2013


Cyber Hackers expose private financial information that include Michelle Obama, officials and celebs  according to several online digital magazine sites….. real or hoax, you make the decision …knowledge & understanding about this issue is power   @mymulticast Authorities and celebrities  private information was compromised and exposed   March 11th 2013  and they were frantically wondering how to […]

Digital future trends what experts are saying cyber intruders “ransomware & mobile malware trends”

February 17, 2013


Spanish police arrested a gang of cyber criminals who were extorting as much as one million euros a year ($1.3m) using ransomware. The leader of the gang, a 27-year old Russian, was arrested while on holiday in Dubai in December. Ten other gang members six Russians, two Ukrainians and two Georgians, who were apparently responsible […]

Digital Trends .. 2013 our little devices are we all secured as we connect with each other via the Internet .

February 17, 2013


 Digitally speaking – social media and cloud from an end user point of  view — how simple malware intruders can take over our “little devices”  So  is there a solution?  talk to me if you want to know some of the technology companies I am working with are solving this critical issue, once you see […]

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Garment Industry Vs Human Rights

February 1, 2013


Garment Industry the dark side of this sector.  Seven women were killed and guess who “all women” according to the reports over 12 were injured  in a  fire. The garment factory in Mohammadpur in the western part of Dhaka City, Bangladesh reported by The Institute for Global Labour and Human Rights ( Seven Women Killed at […]

This particular “Anonymous Group” will make digital history

January 27, 2013


Anonymous makes history, I am confident these incidents will become part of  history in the “digital  library” and will be taught in many schools  as  part of the curriculum when it comes to “cyber security within the  information age” to  future generations may be at grade 4 level and I believe  cyber security will play […]


we all use skype yes? catch this information about SKYPE!!

January 23, 2013


Skype Malware Campaign Grows – quotes Security Week  Shylock family of malware made headlines for its ability to spread via Skype. Shylock is a banking Trojan, targeting financial data and accounts. While Shylock has been mostly targeting users in the UK and EU, additional malware variants have been observed in the United States. On Monday, […]

Women & privacy rights in the digital age ?

January 22, 2013


A Texas attorney and at least 23 women have started a class-action suit against revenge-porn site Texxxan.com and its host, GoDaddy.com, “Revenge porn” is the most common form of “involuntary porn,” the publication of nude or sexually explicit photos without the subject’s consent or even knowledge. The photos are usually submitted by malicious ex-lovers or […]

Identity Theft & security flaw!! ” how safe is your information ? hard drive containing 583,000 student loan records is lost”

January 21, 2013


After Canada Student Loans admitted to losing a portable hard drive containing the private information of 583,000 Canadians, at least two law firms have begun class action proceedings – is your information in your hands or is it compromised? when it comes to the Internet in digital information age….unprotected device. Hard drive containing 583,000 student […]

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Data Breach 583,000 Canadian students are compromised & at RISK.

January 20, 2013


Data Breach 583,000 victims of student loan   Canadian students are compromised & at RISK  and there “Names, SIN numbers, contact info. missing Minister Diane Finley called the incident “unacceptable and avoidable.” A Federal  agency has lost a portable hard drive containing personal information about more than half a million people who took out student […]

via Mymulticast @Avaaz Community petition to members #Indiagangrape

January 4, 2013


An email was sent via Avaaz Community to sign a petition  India Gang Rape. Dear Avaaz community, A 23-year-old student has died after being gang raped on a bus for hours. This is the last straw in the global war on women. Join massive protests in India, and call on the government to strengthen laws […]

via @BBC #DelhGangRape Victim’s identity Indian rape debate!

January 3, 2013


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM  India  The father of a student in south India has complained to police after Internet users circulated a photo of his daughter on social media claiming it was the Delhi gang-rape victim according to a few posts reported by  officers last Friday. A picture tribute to the  same gangrape dead Delhi woman, who was  […]

Human rights ! hoax who to believe on social media truth, facts or hoax – the future of Internet

December 18, 2012


An alleged statement attributed to actor Morgan Freeman in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., school shooting that left 20 children and 6 adults dead has been deemed a hoax. Elite Daily first posted this statement and noticed many twitter feeds had the statement going viral on Sunday The comments — which went viral this […]

United Nations ITU – can they control the Internet the big ?

November 21, 2012


The Internet empowers users to interact, share, connect and communicate virtually with their communities of interest in various ways, this creates extraordinary value, sharing information, methods of digital learning, it gives many who have broadband access to the Internet and it puts them on the cyber  map.. today  with the click of a mouse,  key […]

@mymulticast a huge ? “Will UN Take Over the Internet?” advocacy groups “Previewing the World Conference on International Telecommunication”!!!!!!!!!!! why is “Access Now & Fight for the Future, Advocacy Groups & activists concerned about the UN & ITU!! various conversations taking place on Internet sites “regulating the Internet”.

November 19, 2012


Protect Internet image on  Access Now @mymulticast We have until Friday to tell the ITU Council Working Group to release planning documents detailing proposals that could shape our internet. You’ve signed the petition – now send an email directly to your region’s representative and demand the member states release their plans! A few weeks ago […]

Hurricane Sandy – “communication is power” in the 21st century we are truly attached to our little communication devices & to the”power on earth”

November 1, 2012


Hurricane Sandy-and her WILD dance takes down “cell sites down”  mobile, laptop, tablet and computer device users grasp to connect – the digital world of communication and we are addicted to it – “communication is power” Mainstream  media, social internet sites, tech bloggers all report the news that “connectivity is improving in the Northeast as […]

The issue with Skype when using for the purpose of education & children in developing countries

October 24, 2012


Terrible Things Are Said About You?  I get many twitter messages (DMs) lately from people saying “Hey. This person is saying terrible stuff about you here”, “Hello… somebody is posting nasty things about you”, and “Hi. This person is saying very bad stuff about you here” or hey, did you see your picture here. I am […]

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Google vs French Media content & advertising the money game

October 21, 2012


Internet giant Google has threatened to stop linking to French media sites to protest against a proposed French law that would force search engines to pay for content, sparking an angry reaction from the Socialist government in return. Internet technology company Google has threatened that if France goes ahead with its plans to charge the […]

Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) makes a bold move in Canada

October 18, 2012


Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission ( CRTC ) makes a bold move in Canada according to the mainstream media it has shocked some of the industry leaders, CRTC)  denied proposed Bell’s takeover over of Astral Media – holy …..  this is a pretty huge bold move and news for Canada and many who have been […]

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MySpace Rupert Murdoch paid 580million in 2005 – I am sure some of you saying I could have used these funds in 2005

August 25, 2012


Rupert Murdoch paid 580million in 2005 – I am sure some of you saying, I could have used this kind of funds and I am saying heck I could have used this kind of funds in 2005 when I first set up Asita Informatica Inc (co-founded by a few people) I constantly keep saying holy cow what if someone with that […]

The UN wants to run the INTERNET stated on @Wall Street Journal

July 19, 2012


The U.N. Wants to Run the Internet Authoritarian regimes want to prohibit anonymity on the Web, making it easier to find and arrest dissidents By: Crovitz @ WSJ.com  The U.N. Wants to Run the Internet – May 6th  2012 – Here’s a wake-up call for the world’s two billion Web users, who take for granted […]

update: WCIT conference in case of Internet & ITU as stated by: access now

July 15, 2012


ITU Governing Council to post some planning materials, rejects full open access 2:27pm | 11 July 2012, At its meeting today the ITU Governing Council rejected Secretary General Toure’s recommendation to open up access to all WCIT planning documents to the public and to create a consultation process that would give all stakeholders an opportunity […]

Pluralism is key to Peace and Development by His Highness The Agakhan

April 29, 2012


Addressing an international gathering of some 1,800 in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands, he (The Aga Khan) sounded caution about the consequences of “the present level of global cultural ignorance – particularly so in the number of functioning democracies where an informed public plays a central role.” Speech by His […]

Aga Khan Global Education and the Developing World

August 8, 2011


Speech by His Highness the Aga Khan “Global Education and the Developing World” — “The Peterson Lecture” by His Highness the Aga Khan to the International Baccalaureate 40th Annual Meeting Speech by His Highness the Aga Khan “Global Education and the Developing World” — “The Peterson Lecture” by His Highness the Aga Khan to the […]

His Highness the Aga Khan Delivers the 10th Annual LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture #pluralism

June 5, 2011


His Highness the Aga Khan Delivers the 10th Annual LaFontaine-Baldwin Lecture “What the Canadian experience suggests to me is that identity itself can be pluralistic. Honoring one’s own identity need not mean rejecting others. One can embrace an ethnic or religious heritage, while also sharing a sense of national or regional pride. To cite a […]


Annual Pluralism Lecture May 29 2014 Forced Displacement and the Promise of #Pluralism

May 29, 2014


Annual Pluralism Lecture May 29 2014 Livestream 6:30 EST presentation via the Globe and Mail António Guterres United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Forced Displacement and the Promise of #Pluralism LIVE EVENT GLOBE & MAIL LINK Pluralism Lecture May 29th

Annual Pluralism Lecture 2014 to Livestream at 6:30 EST Today

May 29, 2014


Originally posted on Ismailimail:
Join Globe and Mail & Global Centre for Pluralism today (May 29) at 6:30 Eastern Standard Time for the live stream presentation António Guterres: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Livestream link: http://tgam.ca/pluralism Global Centre for Plualism

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#unblockturkey Leaked documents purport to reveal Turkish graft allegations

March 15, 2014


A Twitter account behind a string of leaks in a Turkish corruption scandal has posted what it presented as prosecution files accusing former government ministers of involvement with an Iranian businessman in a bribery and smuggling racket. The posting late on Thursday is the latest blow to Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan in a corruption scandal […]